Friday, 26 December 2008


Over three months ago I wrote a post about "how long is long enough"

Through the passing of far too many years----through a marriage each----through deaths in our families, I have waited to be with someone I believe to be my love, my soul mate, my for ever after.

I keep thinking that I have waited too long but keep finding a thread to make me wait a little longer.
A little----I have wanted to be with her for more than half of my life.

How wonderful is this electronic world of ours

Christmas day I received a text message to tell me that she still loved me.
To tell me that she was almost free
To tell me that she wanted to be with me
To tell me to wait a little longer if I could.

My reply was "I'm here----I'm on our beach-----I'll be here---XO"

Was it the best Christmas present that I have ever had ?
Or did it just tear another string?

It is a big year for me----I have time on my side
I'm here on the beach


EmmaK said...

That is so beautiful. I hope she comes through for you. I hope she appreciates how long you have waited for her. Good luck

bunny said...

How long is long enough?

Only you'll know when you've reached that point.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde: Oh sweetie, how wonderful. I don;t kow what is holding you two apart...but I wish it to go away. I want you with her. I want you to be happy.

You have many years to catch up on. When you get her in your arms...make each day count. :D

Ciao sweetie.


I'm truly pleased for you, Clyde.
As long as you don't put off living whilst you are waiting, then no amount of time is too long to wait for your 'forever.'
If she truly loves you it really won't be much longer,now.

I hope her text on Christmas reminded you that you are not so alone,after all.

Fanny F said...

Clyde, what encouraging and wonderful news. I am really happy for you. Let's hope it is not much longer now.

Clyde said...

I've waited this long---I've been this close before----maybe this will end the wait one way or another

Oh Bunny
I know I want to wait forever
But I have to have a life
I want to be with someone----I want to be with her
But what if------hmmmmm

Of course you are right
I need a life
So many things have gone from my life
How confusing is love ?

I know that you are feeling it at the moment----
What can I lose but more time
Then I could move to Sydney


Or maybe, she needs to worry she may lose you,to gain perspective?

You could give her a time limit...:)

scarlet-blue said...

Good luck and have a Happy New Year!

Clyde said...

I dont think that I need to play games----tis a silly thing we humans do.
The time will expire when it does

Thank you
And may your New Year be as happy a you want


I wasn't suggesting laying games,but letting her know you are not someone to take for granted that you will always be there- for one day,maybe you won't to the regret of both of you.


People get complacent.

You should already know I am not someone who plays games - I am way too upfront about that.

Happy New Year.

Clyde said...

All of my friends know that I'll always be there for them----but this one know that I will move on.

Yep, I have suspected that you might be upfront

Happy new year-----I hope this one is a good one


I just hope that she doesn't blow it for BOTH of your sakes. :)

I hope it's a wonderous year for you too,my friend.