Monday, 26 July 2010


How many times have your heard that---I've heard it all.
And a lot of times that you will say that in your life will be after hearing some new rule in relation to schools and / or children.

I will never agree with child abuse or with parents badly beating their children but I am afraid that I will always agree with some sort of corporal punishment administered by a fair minded parent or teacher.

The Government Child Services Departments of the world seem intent on empowering children to become self regulating and with more rights than any adult.

It is now not acceptable for parents or teachers to speak harshly to or embarrass children in front of anyone.

But what will happen when these kids grow up and get a job ?
Will they be allowed to act as they like in the work place ?

Well, they probably will because if admonished in any way, it will be against Equal Opportunity Regulations, or Workplace Relations Rules.

Don't laugh, I can see it coming---these regulations for kids are going to carry forward to adulthood.

OK, so here it is----carry this one forward

You are not going to believe it, but yes, I read it in an interstate paper.

Child psychologists and school counsellors have suggested that it is OK and indeed healthy, for year 1 and year 2 children to masturbate in class.
What the fuck ?
We are talking about 5 to 7 year old children.

Now I don't know about you, but I didn't get into tampering with myself until I was much older----at least 12 or 13..
And basically the story around at the time was that if you did it, you would go blind and end up with hair on the palms of your hands---I now wear glasses but the hands are smooth.
We were discouraged from hiding in our bedrooms or behind the shed and tampering with ourselves, now they want 5 to 7 year olds to beat one off in class and teach everyone else how it's done.
Maybe in the end they will get graded on their performance and the teachers will hand out tissues.-----hmm, maybe they will supply a little towel with their uniforms

The worrying thing is that some professional has suggested this-----
Then you have to worry that it's gonna happen----then that those 5 to 7 year olds will want to carry it on into teenage years
I can just see that----a 16 year old boy beating one off in class next to a 16 year old girl----or over a 25 year old teacher----

And then carry it forward----those 5 year olds are going to be adults working in an office---well, they let me do it at school, why cant I do it in the office---I have rights.


Friday, 16 July 2010


I cannot believe that any respected organisation in the western world is allowed to discriminate against women.
But here it is-----this week, July 2010, it was announced by one of the biggest employers in the world, that the board of directors and the chief executive officer (pictured below) have met and decided that they will not allow any woman to hold an executive position within the organisation

Indeed, the announcement from the Vatican this week is that they have decided to declare it as a SIN to ordain any woman within the Roman Catholic church.

OK, if you are at all genteel in your outlook, this is the stage you should stop reading and leave this site.

Right, now they've gone I have to say

How fucking dare they
Who the fuck do they think they are

They keep on proving to the world that they are living in the past and they are quite content to do so.
This mob, as an organisation, raises more money in charitable donations than any other charity in the world.
And compared to any other religion in the world, spend more money on their own infrastructure, executive officers and stored riches.
Admittedly, they spend plenty on charitable deeds, but when you have a look at the people on the front line performing valuable services, the majority are women.

But it doesn't matter how much work these women do under sometimes atrocious conditions, they cannot work their way up through the organisation---well maybe they can to a certain degree but now that it has been declared a sin to ordain women, they can never work their way into the inner sanctum of the executive officers.

With this edict being an unashamed public announcement from the chief executive officer, maybe it is about time that someone took this organisation to courts of equal opportunity in any western county, or maybe in every country and tested the legality of their rulings.

How can these men think that this is fair---and more than that, how the fuck can they make it a sin.
What do they think will happen if woman become priests?
Do they think that woman will not be able to resist their sexual urges and end up sinning with the choir boys ? ----oh no, we cant have any of that going on---not sex between males an females ---oh no no no, heaven forbid.

We have been breaking down the boys clubs in every industry in the world---but I'm betting that this one will never be broken

Thursday, 8 July 2010


You would have to be hiding in the wilds of Outer Mongolia not to know that the World Cup of Football / Soccer is being played in South Africa

A magnificent meeting of the countries of the world on the sporting fields of South Africa.
Of course I supported the Australian team---hey, I'm an Aussie and it was a team representing my country.
But they weren't there for too long---the world football game or soccer as we call it in Australia, is not our number one football game.----but we are improving and in 4 years time, we could be more competitive.
Once Australia was out, my allegiances changed to The Netherlands and I'm hoping they can go all the way---all the way in the World Cup to become champions of the world.

But who ever wins, they will truly be the World football Champions.

Now to all of my friends from the USA.
Your team has just competed in this world championship and have done extremely well and you should be justly proud of your players.
Hopefully, like Australia, your country will be more competitive in four years time and one day, even be world champions.

But I will never understand the mentality of a sporting nation that runs an internal competition, not playing against any other country and lays claim to it being a world series championship.
I have little doubt that if there was a true world series of baseball, open to all nations, that the USA would win more games than they would lose and that they would probably be world champions more often than not----but until you are playing against the rest of the world, how can you have a world series.

Saturday, 3 July 2010


I am the end of the line

My father was an only child but produced two sons
My brother died young without having married or produced children and you know my story---no kids, so I am the end of the line.

My father told me that he did not want to be buried when he died---he wanted to be cremated and his ashes scattered on our local beach.
My brother asked me to have him cremated and his ashes scattered at the State Athletics track----he was a coach, a national coach who had devoted his life to his sport---he had been appointed to the Olympic coaching panel about a month before his cancer was diagnosed and died before he could live his dream.
My mother decided that she wanted her ashes spread on our beach with the ashes of my old Labrador but with a smirk on her face, asked that I move them down the beach a little from where my fathers were spread.

As part of my inheritance, I gained control of my father's family burial plot at the local cemetery and thus the fate of the remains of my paternal great grandfather and all of those who followed---a total of nine.

So of course, the year after I take control, the 99 year lease on the plot expires and I am asked to renew the lease or the plot will be resumed by the cemetery trust.

Resumed, what does that mean---well they will take it back and any remains buried there will be buried deeper and the plot used by someone else.
OK, that's easy, I'll lease the plot again for another 99 year---but no----leases are now for a maximum of 25 years.
So I have this responsibility to my family and I haven't visited the grave for 10 years, so I go to see what I should do.
The headstones that were there were faded and unless you knew the history, they were unreadable-----those of a great uncle and three children were missing.

Well, my parents aren't there and my brother has his place and I can only get a 25 year lease and then what----so I decided to exhume all of the remains, have them cremated and spread them on the beach----great plan Clyde til I am told that it will cost $1500 per person to dig them up---that's nine times $1500---then each must be removed by a funeral director individually and they must be cremated individually ---got a bulk deal there---$5,000 for the lot----and I have to get a health inspector there for the day and pay his wages, get Court Orders supported by the Attorney General---do it yourself, around $2,000---
So it's going to cost me $20,000 plus and I only met two of these people and don't even remember them------that plan was dismissed, as was a new 25 year lease because there was no one to continue with it after me.

My friends / executors know that there should be a gathering at the local pub for all of those who would like a last drink and that my ashes should be on the beach with the rest of the clan---that's fine and I am content with that.
But with no monument stones at the cemetery and the rest of us being on the beach, who will ever know that we have been here---a whole family gone without a trace.
A man from Denmark took a chance on life and came to Australia alone and started his own new world legacy and no one will remember.---I can't let that happen

So that $20,000 that I can't spend now can come out of my estate and I have done a deal with the local council that they will erect two beach front seats, overlooking my beach, with all of my family's names on little brass plaques on the back of the top rail.
Maybe no one will read them but maybe someone will and remember that we were here