Friday, 16 July 2010


I cannot believe that any respected organisation in the western world is allowed to discriminate against women.
But here it is-----this week, July 2010, it was announced by one of the biggest employers in the world, that the board of directors and the chief executive officer (pictured below) have met and decided that they will not allow any woman to hold an executive position within the organisation

Indeed, the announcement from the Vatican this week is that they have decided to declare it as a SIN to ordain any woman within the Roman Catholic church.

OK, if you are at all genteel in your outlook, this is the stage you should stop reading and leave this site.

Right, now they've gone I have to say

How fucking dare they
Who the fuck do they think they are

They keep on proving to the world that they are living in the past and they are quite content to do so.
This mob, as an organisation, raises more money in charitable donations than any other charity in the world.
And compared to any other religion in the world, spend more money on their own infrastructure, executive officers and stored riches.
Admittedly, they spend plenty on charitable deeds, but when you have a look at the people on the front line performing valuable services, the majority are women.

But it doesn't matter how much work these women do under sometimes atrocious conditions, they cannot work their way up through the organisation---well maybe they can to a certain degree but now that it has been declared a sin to ordain women, they can never work their way into the inner sanctum of the executive officers.

With this edict being an unashamed public announcement from the chief executive officer, maybe it is about time that someone took this organisation to courts of equal opportunity in any western county, or maybe in every country and tested the legality of their rulings.

How can these men think that this is fair---and more than that, how the fuck can they make it a sin.
What do they think will happen if woman become priests?
Do they think that woman will not be able to resist their sexual urges and end up sinning with the choir boys ? ----oh no, we cant have any of that going on---not sex between males an females ---oh no no no, heaven forbid.

We have been breaking down the boys clubs in every industry in the world---but I'm betting that this one will never be broken


Ponita in Real Life said...

I've an aunt who is a United Church minister... had her own church and congregation for many years before retiring. She didn't need to frolic with choir boys... because she's happily married to my uncle!

It should be a sin to be celibate. If priests were allowed to have regular lives outside of the church, there really would be sooooo much less of all this sexual scandal shit going on.

Ponita in Real Life said...

That pope guy is creepy looking, isn't he...

The Invisible Seductress said...

I have a similar hat..Laughing...

Macy said...

Worrying that they are trying to set an example to others...

mapstew said...

Don't even get me started on that lot!


Clyde said...

I am still not sure on their laws of celibacy---there is a priest in Australia who is married---he was Anglican but switched---they let him in, wife and all.
But then again, be may well now be celibate.
Oh yes, he is a creepy looking guy

Clyde said...

And I'm sure that you wear that hat to impress the boys

Clyde said...


They have been a shocking example for centuries.
I can't believe that people, like sheep, keep turning up and supporting them

Clyde said...


Yes, they have done a wonderful job of spreading chritianity in your country.
They have been great teachers of tolerance and turning the cheek.
But then again, so has that mad Presbyterian

Anonymous said...

Probably... this is the beginning of the end. The end of dogmas.

Clyde said...

I cant see the dogma, the principle---they have no principles--they have their own little country, their own little laws, but the tenticles spread world wide.
It is about time that followers of the church of Rome remembered that is was the romans who killed their supposed mesiah and it is their rules killing the common decencies of society.

Sister Christian said...

That crazy old man who wears that ugly pointed hat is a disgrace to the evolving world.
As much as I love tradition and anything old school, they're still in caveman years and it's just not cool.
Being the smoking monja that I am, I just find it ridiculous that women can't move up in the Catholic Church, even after several centuries of devoted service from my sisters.
I should ask igod about this.

fingers said...

You don't see too many black popes either.
Or gay popes.
Or redheads for that matter...

Clyde said...

Sister Deb
I have no doubts that you would be a great canditate for Pope.
You can smoke like the guys, you can drink like the guys, you don't take any shit from the guys.
Yep, I think you should have strong words with iGod and if there is a real one, have a word with him

Clyde said...

I dont't think that we have had a black one yet---although there appears to have been one from the Roman African Provinces---but it looks like they have all been European barring one Englishman who gave Ireland to England.
I doubt that we can cancell out the gays with all of the approved altar boy fiddling-----
Hmm, maybe that's why Benedecit IX got the boot, then came back for 2 years, got the boot again, came back and got excommunicated

Just telling it like it is said...

That is because they are too busy molesting or covering up molestation of children...let it be known that the bible doesn't preach against marriage...most preast are up to no good...and I mean that literally

Clyde said...


Maybe I wouldn't say that most are up to no good, but I'm not sure too many of them know much about the real world.
And I am not sure how many edicts from the Church in Rome are followed---but to make it a sin--
Maybe we should have supported the Lions

Dutch donut girl said...

Yeah, world's biggest boy club.
What medieval nonsense!
Perhaps its time for them to move into modern times?
Will it happen?
HELL no.

Clyde said...


I'm betting that you're right--
Hell no, they wont let the women get the recognition they deserve.
When you look at the good work they have done around the world, it is women at the front getting their hands dirty

Pearl said...

It's not going to change because, as that mean kid in second grade used to say, "Who's going to make me?"

They hurt their own cause with their refusal to take advantage of the talent and minds of the people who want to be a part of it. No organization can afford that kind of arrogance.


Clyde said...


They have been arrogant for centuries.
Church of Rome ha.
After all, weren't they the people who killed the man they now flock to follow.
Was it just good business sense and they could see a dollar in it--and 2010 years later, they are making more money than anyone else.

rebecca said...

it's a misogynist organization, plain and simple. i stopped 'practicing' many, many years ago and no longer believe in organized you said, just another form of 'organization.'

Clyde said...


I followed a religion for many years but could never understand the edicts of the catholics----
I will never understand why people believe they should follow the rules made by men in Italy.