Thursday, 31 December 2009


I would love to write more but I am right handed and that is in a splint at the moment.
Some unkind people have suggested that it may be as a result of my frequency of wanking but my doctor says it is a long term thing finally coming to a head---oh, hang on---long term----hmmm, maybe.
But being right handed---yeh, OK, it's my wanking hand, but it is also my dominant hand-----alright, OK, it has dominated me on the odd occasion----but my typing with left only is bloody slow---so
Oh, it's a torn wrist cartilage----maybe surgery and drugs---OK, now you know---but

I couldn't let is pass----

May you all have a great celebration for the passing of the old and the coming of the new

May the New Year bring you joy
May you receive all that you may wish for
May there be peace in your life and in this world

Happy New Year

Hmm, I wonder if I can do it left handed----type, you perverts

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


It's on the way
It's nearly here
That day when most families in the world get together for varying reasons.
Those with some sort of christian belief get together to celebrate the birth of a child---those that have deviated from those beliefs use it as a holiday and get together to celebrate the holiday----and those not of a christian belief use it as a time just to get together.

So no matter what it is a family time----time when all of the sins for the year are forgiven over some sort of feast or celebration.
If we are too far from our families, we try to contact them if we can

It is Christmas

I never knew my paternal Grandparents and even though my Grandmother gave birth to more children, my Father was an only child----the family cemetery plot records a brother and a sister by name but others who died before even being named.

My maternal Grandparents lived very close---the back of their block ran into the side of ours. My Mother had two sisters and one brother.

Christmas day always brought a gathering at my grandparents house---their four children with their partners and all of their children----eleven in all at the end.
As it got bigger and my grandparents got older, the gathering shifted to our house---all of the kids would head for the beach during the preparation and while the adults rested after stuffing themselves full.
Great times

I was 17 when my grandfather died two days before Christmas----my grandmother couldn't stay in the house----we cancelled the gathering---it was a very sad year.

My Mother tried to organise the next year but some of the family members weren't interested and had another side of their families to go to.
That year Christmas dinner was our family---my parents, my brother and me.
And that is the way it was til I married and it became extended family with my wife and her daughter from a previous marriage.

After my divorce, it became four of us again----the family.
My brother died two years later and then there was three.

My brothers death broke my fathers will--- his family line was riddled with colon cancer and dad had beaten it twice----my brother didn't----he made it his fault.

My father died a broken man, withdrawn into himself and not communicating with mum or me.
And then there was two

The year that my mother died was her time----she was old, she was frail and she had fought every battle a woman should ever have to.

I didn't realise til Christmas that year what it meant.
It meant--and then there was one.

I still feel that it is the family time of the year. I can't bring myself to join in with the family of friends---it's my family day.

Please, be with your families if you can----if you cant, please contact them---tell them that you love them.

Me, OK, I'll be with mine. Their ashes are spread on my beach along with the ashes of my last dog that they all knew.
I'll be on the beach with my dog to wish them all a Merry Christmas.

May you all have a great family time.
May the love of your families warm your hearts.
May Christmas bring you all that you need.
And may the New Year bring you all that you deserve.


Wednesday, 16 December 2009


We only had one horse entered to race that night---he was a bad horse to transport so he was in a two horse float by himself and I rode in the float with him.----I had to---just to keep him occupied and stop him from scrambling and climbing the walls.

I could hear the crashing and banging before we pulled into the park ----people were yelling and a woman was running around the park wailing and screaming "Tarses is down, Tarses is down, Tarses is down".
My horse was getting stirred up by the commotion so I unloaded and got him settled in the horse stalls before thinking about what a Tarses was.
My old mate Jim said to me "I'll look after him, go and see if there is anything you can do out there---that horse has fallen in the float transport and they cant get him up or out---but watch yourself, he has kicked three blokes so far"----he was chuckling as I walked towards the park.

Well, there he was, Tarses, a big black stallion laying on his side, thrashing around and lashing out at anyone who dared come near to help.
They had tried everything, so they said---tried to pull his head up to make him get up---tried to get ropes on him but he had lashed out and kicked everyone who got near--they had tried with a neck rope and head collar but without him making any effort, they were frightened that they would damage his neck

I watched for about ten minutes and finally fronted up and said to the bloke who owned him "Have you got any water in a container?"----he looked at me like I was stupid----"well, have you got any water----has anyone here got any water or a can of drink"?-----
All of the people around just looked at me but no one came up with the water---
So I climbed in the front of the float and could basically stand out of danger with one foot either side of the hoses head-----I just looked at the people at the back of the float and said "Well, if no one has any water, would you mind getting out of the way and take any women away, I'm a little shy"

Lucky I needed a piss, so with the best aim I could in the circumstances, I pissed in Tarses ear----
Well, crash, bang, heave, and scramble, he was on his feet and half way off that float.
His trainer looked at me and said "You pissed on my horse"----I said "Well you wouldn't get me any water---and I've never known a horse yet that will lay down with an ear full of water"
There was not a word of thanks----they just couldn't believe that I had pissed in its ear.

Old Jim laughed his guts out when one of his mates told him what I'd done---and was still chuckling an hour later as we harnessed our horse for his race.
We walked up to the track as the race driver warmed the horse up in his preliminaries-----I went into the betting ring to have a few dollars on our bloke--we thought he had a good chance.----I couldn't believe it---there was Tarses in our race and still racing---surely the stewards would have scratched him on a Vets inspection----not my problem.

Our horse Bushman's Song, put up a great performance to be beaten by a nose in a photo----by, yep, you guessed it----TARSES

The owner trainer had not reported the incident in the car park and had not had the horse inspected by the Vet----a bloke told me that he hadn't even washed my piss off him.


Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I may have worked with horses for the best part of my life, but I'm not the biggest fan of a lot of Country and Western music.

There has been some very talented singers from the "Country" ranks and some very good songs that have crossed to the "Pop" charts and been applauded by all

I'm sorry but I can't handle the hokey "My best dog has just died"--"My girl left me for a rodeo clown" message songs -----but most "Country" songs seem to have some message

But those with a strong message ---a message that I would like to send myself------a message strong enough to evoke audience participation---well, I will yee ha along with the best.

I hope this guy wins an award

Thursday, 3 December 2009


Sometimes we think that life is too hard and we just cant do things

Maybe we can't but we will never know until we have a go.

But in the end there will be things that we can't do and things that we have no control over.

You can't fail unless you have a go but you can't be restricted by the fear of failure.

So if life knocks you down, just get up and have another go---bruises, breaks and scratches to body, ego or heart are just badges of honour for someone who had a go