Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I may have worked with horses for the best part of my life, but I'm not the biggest fan of a lot of Country and Western music.

There has been some very talented singers from the "Country" ranks and some very good songs that have crossed to the "Pop" charts and been applauded by all

I'm sorry but I can't handle the hokey "My best dog has just died"--"My girl left me for a rodeo clown" message songs -----but most "Country" songs seem to have some message

But those with a strong message ---a message that I would like to send myself------a message strong enough to evoke audience participation---well, I will yee ha along with the best.

I hope this guy wins an award


Ponita in Real Life said...

Yeehaw is right!

Now, we just need Faith Hill to sing a song to get the male gender to drop their drawers... :-P

Barlinnie said...

I used to enjoy Dolly Parton and her two greatest hits.

Clyde said...


Yep, I'm a fan of Faith Hill and The Dixie Chicks.
Now I doubt you will get the guys to drop their drawers---well maybe one or two for the lovely Ms Hill

Clyde said...


You're right with Dolly ---quite enjoyed her performance in a couple of movies---9 to 5 and a little know movie called Rhinestone---some great C&W, bluegrass and even got Sly Stallone to sing

mapstew said...

I get that at my gigs ALL the time!


Clyde said...

I'm thinking that you might be dreaming.
But you could learn the song for your next gig

The Peach Tart said...

I love this song....thanks for sharing.

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

Well, I do love my country ;)

Hilarious. Could I book him for my birthday? It's-my-birthday-and- I'll-show-my boobs-if-I-want-to kind of theme.

Pearl said...

Not a fan of Country, generally speaking, but when a song like this comes along? I can see crossing over. :-)


Clyde said...


Any time---I hope it inspires you

Clyde said...


Yep, he would probably come along.
Hey, and if that is your theme, can I get an invite---I'll bring a nice present

Clyde said...


Yep, it's like an anthem
Glad it makes you spring into action.
Where, when ?

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Rodney is aalways on Bob and Tom's radio show. I first heard him there. I think he's a hell of a musician, song writer and I love his voice.

So okay...I'll show them right now. here i go....

I showed them but no one was here to see them but sometimes youcan go to my blog and see them. woo!

later honey...your turn them to me. xxx

Clyde said...

Miss Jones
As usual, you are so patriotic.
Of course, you could have emailed a photo, but I'll just have to imagine----oooohhheeeee, yes, yes, yes, very nice---ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Hey, he is a good singer--off to youporn---no no, I meant youtube to see if there is more

Steph said...

I grew up being brainwashed by Patsy Cline yet I only have to hear a few bars of one of her songs and I get the loveliest memories come flooding back.

Clyde said...

Hey there is some good C&W music---Crazy is a great standard---there are a lot of songs and singers have done that cross over from Country to popular---Patsy was one of the earliest---Willie Nelson with his Julio Inglesis duet.---I do love Bluegrass banjos
Maybe there will be some Patsy at the Ho Down---you can sing along
Rodney Carrington is a comedian, but not a bad voice---and writes songs

Anonymous said...

George Strait is one of my favorites.


Clyde said...


I must go and check him out

Sister Christian said...

Heehee, this sing entertains me. It also reminds me of a high school party that I went to when I had a couple shots of vodka as soon as I sat down. This dude beside me was like, "Awesome! You can really take your vodka! Wanna take off your top?"
Oh yes. This song brings back some funny memories...

savannah said...

that was hilarious, sugar! i just might have to nick that for my blog! xoxoxo

Clyde said...

Sister Deb

Ha, I love it---"Hey, you can drink, wanna take your top off"----well, I suppose thats foreplay.
Remind me to buy you a vodka or two or three

Clyde said...


Hey, nick away---take what you like

-eve- said...

*chuckles* I love it! And cowboy hats and cowboy slang... LOL! :-)

Clyde said...


Good comedy , now show them to me