Monday, 25 October 2010


A few years ago I went to Malaysia to visit a friend of mine who was based there in the Australian Air force.
His Asian wife told him that he should take me on a tour of the "bars".
Now, I'm not naive but this is my mates wife sending us out, so I'm thinking we are out for a night of drinking----but we are in Asia, so yes you are right.

No sooner had we sat down than two girls are sitting at our table and asking us to buy them drinks. I'll buy any lady a drink so of course I bought drinks ----the conversation soon turned to sex and we are being offered everything with a very reasonable (cheap) price tag----we had a good few drinks and I realised that I was alone with this girl---my mate had disappeared with the other girl---married men.
Now I have nothing against the very honourable profession but I will never pay for sex---just something in my head----but I paid my companion, bought her another drink or two and sat there talking to her.
She told me that she got paid a very small amount for each drink that I bought and that she got half of the money that she was paid for sex (so I gave her a few dollars more for herself)----she was from a very poor family and this was the best way that she could make money for her family----her mother had been in the business before her. She introduced me to a very beautiful girl who sat down with us to talk---business was slow----but then she told me that this beauty was her brother.
Brother---no no, sister---no sir he is my brother--"show him"----and he did---he had quite substantial wedding tackle------he told me the same sort of story----that this was the best way he had to support his family----and with a very tidy body, hormone enhanced breasts--he showed me---he was earning a good living giving and taking what he could----and he told me that us Anglo Saxon people enjoy playing with lady boys.---NOT ME BUDDY, but thanks for the show.

My mate convinced his wife that he should take me down to Singapore for a week---and she agreed-----he actually needed to get away for a week because he had an STD from our visit the bars.
On our second night he took me to the Offshore Club---at least he told me that we were going to a place full of lady boys-----I admit that it was a great night and neither of us disappeared to a dark place to be tugged or swallowed by the stars of the show----but I spotted who I thought was my neighbours daughter---I walked over, tapped her on the shoulder and said "Elizabeth, what are you doing here"----the answer was in a very deep voice and after explaining myself, I had a friend for the night-----we left at 5 in the morning and my "Elizabeth" jumped in the cab with us and directed us to the best place for breakfast----her/his name was Marina---we had breakfast with the other lady boys and grabbed a cab back to the hotel---Marina came with us because she lived that way--so I paid the cabby to take her home.
Around midday, we were having breakfast/lunch and Marina turned up---this beautiful woman/man showed us around town--places my mate had never seen and the cheapest shopping ever---I tried to buy her dinner at one of the better hotels but she wouldn't come in because her sister worked there----her story was the same as those in Malaysia---this was the best way he/she could earn money to support his/her family---but he made sure that his sister followed another life. We wanted to eat there so without embarrassment to my new friend, I paid him/her for a great time, with no sex---wished her/him good luck and it was over.
Marina did tell me that they were called Shims and there was a yearly competition to find the Queen of the Shims---the winner received the option of an all expenses paid sex change operation in Denmark----ooh, what a prize---you have just won having your dick chopped off---be still my heart.

Well here I am in Asia, so my mate drove me up and across the Thailand border----no sooner are we in our hotel and the lift/elevator driver is offering us everything from his 16 year old sister to his 12 year old brother.
OK, I'm an Australian and pretty broadminded, but offering your whole family up between the ground floor and the tenth floor seemed pretty sad to me----I spoke to the lift driver later and basically, this was the only way that his family survived and they were lucky because he had his contacts in the hotel and they all got plenty of work.
I was not surprised to go to the bars and find the lady boys in action---and god some of these guys/girls are bloody stunning----and what is it about me that I end up talking to them----and would you guess---yep, same story---poor family and the best way of earning a dollar.

OK, I've finished my tour but then on line I see this thing about Futanari Dolls in Japan-----it's the same thing all over again but nothing is said about being from poor families---more it is an honourable profession---OK, I'll believe that---the families must be so proud---my son is pretty and has breasts and does things with men---oh, and with unsuspecting women.---Japanese

So this week I hear from an old work mate I haven't heard from in years---he has been running a bar in the Philippines for the past five years----his girls earn an average wage of $4 a day but get paid extra per drink bought by their customer and they pay a premium on anything that they earn by taking a customer off site---hmm, must be tour guides----he told me that his biggest earners were lady boys--and told me the same story about them---
But what he did say, that totally astounded me, was that as the girls get older, they want to get pregnant---because their children are their superanuation---those kids will play the same game and support their parents as they get older.

Lets just finish this off----I saw this documentary about six months ago about the big earners in the sex industry in India were lady boys----I think they were called Hindras----and the most beautiful could win competitions and end up with a full sex change operations----and guess what---they were from poor families and it was the best way of earning money.

I want to go to Vietnam in the near future and I have seen some of the locals portrayed as cheap sex workers---it is not my intention to look for sex workers but am I going to find lady boys working their hearts out for poorer families
I love Asia---it is great to be and see somewhere that has a completely different lifestyle to my own. Most Asians are very gentle people and very proud of their countries and way of life.
Is it sad that they find a way of life offering sexual services to Anglo tourists---is it sad that young boys become women by profession---but what would their life be if they didn't make this choice

Oh, and I have payed plenty of sex workers in Asia money but none for sex---but I have learnt a lot.

Saturday, 2 October 2010


A good friend phoned me last week in a real panic.
His young son had just been arrested and charged with having sex with his under age girlfriend-----as young couples are inclined to do.

Now my friend called me because I have worked in the law all of my life. He wanted to know what he should do---which lawyer he should go to----would his son go to gaol---would a conviction be on his record for the rest of his life.

I laughed at him, told him to keep his head, not to get angry with his son and that I would be at his home in an hour.
My first question to his son was "How did the Police get involved--who told them ?."
It was the girls Father who had caught them in the act---embarrassing to have a parent wander in while you are nuts deep in their daughter----ah, but I didn't say that.
Second question was "How old is your girlfriend ?"-----Just turned 16----And "How old are you ?"----come on Uncle Clyde, you know I'm 16, you were at my birthday party.
Now for the big question---"Did you force her or did she want to do it ?"----It was her idea--she wanted to try it and so did I.

Now the age of consent in my State is 17-----very confusing country---the laws are mainly State Laws---other States have an age of consent of 16---one State has 16 but you have to be 18 to try anal sex---now that's confusing----and there is one State that we all joke about saying it's OK at any age as long as it's your sister and you have tried it with a sheep first----
OK, back to the serious story.

So with all of the information that I needed, I phoned the arresting officer---I know him---He said "Clyde, you know I cant talk to you about this.---the father has complained to us, we have a statement from the girl, your mate's son has admitted it, so we had to charge him"-----Yep, that's fine--you have a statement from the girl, you have a statement from the boy, so have you arrested and charged the girl?.

There was a strange silence on the phone then a "What do you mean--the girl---why"
Well, the boy is under the age of consent, you have these statements, so she is as guilty as he is, you have the same evidence against her, why isn't she arrested and charged ?
He laughed--but realised that I was right---"What are we going to do with this Clyde--what do you suggest ?".
Well I would suggest that you go and tell her father what you have now discovered and that the boys father is happy that no charges be laid against his daughter if he reconsiders the charges against his son.

It was all a done deal within an hour and all charges were dropped---but my mates son is not allowed to see his girlfriend anymore---well not officially.

But it got me thinking---what is an appropriate age of consent---is it 16 or 17 or maybe some other age.

OK, so I checked on the Web----just to see what was the go in other countries.
Scandinavian countries are quite famously liberal in their views yet they varied from 15 to 18.
American States are as bad as Australia---a variety of ages
Yet sneak across the boarder to Mexico and its 14
India intrigued me---it's 14 if your married and it can be lowered, but 16 if you are not married----married at 14 or younger---come on.

It was an interesting list---there was even provisions in some countries that are the targets of sex tourists that the age alters if there is money involved or there is coercion by a much older adult.

BUT here it is---yes it was on the list---look it up if you like---
Through all of Europe, the youngest age of consent was 15 except for--
Oh, I don't believe it
No wonder we have trouble all around the world from people associated with this State

The lowest age of consent in the world is 12---yes, 12 years old and it is The VATICAN STATE----yes, look it up
No wonder the Pope doesn't want to get involved with Priests having sex with children---it's OK in the VATICAN