Sunday, 28 February 2010


OK, I'm gonna use a four letter word or two, so if you are so sweet and innocent that it may offend you----fuck off, cos it's my blog and I'm gonna do it.

I cannot fucking believe the laws of this bloody country

But then again there are probably not too many of you would know more about the law than me.
There are so many rules and regulations hidden from us that we don't know anything about them til we actually run in to them.

Alrighty, we have established that I am a fairly knowledgeable bastard when it comes to the laws of this country---OK, you are just gonna have to believe me.

So my last post was about organ donations and me being a donor and why aren't you.
All pretty simple shit and who needs the bits when the day has come.

According to my drivers licence, I am a donor
According to all of my friends (cos I don't have any family), I am a donor because I have told them, and they have to deal with it.
According to me, I am a donor and have been for a lot of years.

According to the Donor Register, I am not a donor.----I don't fucking believe this.

OK, here is how it fucking works in this stupid, over governed country.

I get a renewal notice for my drivers licence.
There it is----do you want to be an ORGAN DONOR----tick here.
So you tick----and when your licence is produced, there it is---in bold letters---ORGAN DONOR----and that is my State Government issued licence.

So here it is, organ donors week, so I go on line to check out all about it and find a Commonwealth Government donor registration form.
OK, just to be sure, and there could be two donor lists, I fill out the form.
The system tells me that I have already registered my intention to donate and that I should phone this donor line number.

OK, so I'm already registered----my State Government registration on my drivers licence gets registered on the Commonwealth Government list----that's fine----why phone ?.
But of course, being a nosey prick, I phone.
The guy on the phone started work there yesterday and keeps getting information from other people----that's fine, but I'm not liking this information----it's late and he asks if someone can phone me back the next day.
Sure----someone from the Government phone you back----ha.

Alright, I shouldn't say that----I worked for the State Government and was very anal about returning calls and keeping people informed----and, yes they phoned me back.

So here's the deal----my drivers licence tick and the on line form are just registering an intent to donate-----but until you actually turn up at a Medicare (Government Health Insurance) office and sign a form, your intention cannot be acted upon.
Oh, and when you tick your licence renewal form or fill out the form on line, you do not get told that you are only registering an intention and have to go and sign this form.
Fucking wonderful

But now, here it is-----between the State Government and Commonwealth Government rules, regulation, laws----you have registered your intention, your wishes, your will but some member of your family can at that last minute, object and by the time their objection goes to court, your organs are not viable.

What a fucking joke

So if you live in this fucking country, go to Medicare and sign your form and tell your relatives and friends that if they object, you will haunt their arses for eternity

Now, you are a donor
And here it is----

Monday, 15 February 2010


This week in Australia is Organ Donor Awareness Week.

Now I'm not exactly sure what this means but we have a week of it.

My drivers licence is marked DONOR----so if I get killed in a road accident, there is a record ready for the hospital to allow them to harvest any organs they think viable.
I love that word harvest.
What are they going to do----lay me down in front of a tractor and combine harvester and drive over the top of me.

My will makes it clear that they can have what they want and my executors are clear that it is my wish to donate.

So yes, I will be a donor----not quite yet I hope, but I am still trying to work out why we are having an awareness week

Should I run around with a sign on me "I'm One"
Or should I offer an organ to any young lady passing by---hmm, maybe not, but then again, you never know what works.

Are you a donor?
You've never thought about it
Well don't think---do it
It could be the greatest gift you will ever give