Sunday, 28 February 2010


OK, I'm gonna use a four letter word or two, so if you are so sweet and innocent that it may offend you----fuck off, cos it's my blog and I'm gonna do it.

I cannot fucking believe the laws of this bloody country

But then again there are probably not too many of you would know more about the law than me.
There are so many rules and regulations hidden from us that we don't know anything about them til we actually run in to them.

Alrighty, we have established that I am a fairly knowledgeable bastard when it comes to the laws of this country---OK, you are just gonna have to believe me.

So my last post was about organ donations and me being a donor and why aren't you.
All pretty simple shit and who needs the bits when the day has come.

According to my drivers licence, I am a donor
According to all of my friends (cos I don't have any family), I am a donor because I have told them, and they have to deal with it.
According to me, I am a donor and have been for a lot of years.

According to the Donor Register, I am not a donor.----I don't fucking believe this.

OK, here is how it fucking works in this stupid, over governed country.

I get a renewal notice for my drivers licence.
There it is----do you want to be an ORGAN DONOR----tick here.
So you tick----and when your licence is produced, there it is---in bold letters---ORGAN DONOR----and that is my State Government issued licence.

So here it is, organ donors week, so I go on line to check out all about it and find a Commonwealth Government donor registration form.
OK, just to be sure, and there could be two donor lists, I fill out the form.
The system tells me that I have already registered my intention to donate and that I should phone this donor line number.

OK, so I'm already registered----my State Government registration on my drivers licence gets registered on the Commonwealth Government list----that's fine----why phone ?.
But of course, being a nosey prick, I phone.
The guy on the phone started work there yesterday and keeps getting information from other people----that's fine, but I'm not liking this information----it's late and he asks if someone can phone me back the next day.
Sure----someone from the Government phone you back----ha.

Alright, I shouldn't say that----I worked for the State Government and was very anal about returning calls and keeping people informed----and, yes they phoned me back.

So here's the deal----my drivers licence tick and the on line form are just registering an intent to donate-----but until you actually turn up at a Medicare (Government Health Insurance) office and sign a form, your intention cannot be acted upon.
Oh, and when you tick your licence renewal form or fill out the form on line, you do not get told that you are only registering an intention and have to go and sign this form.
Fucking wonderful

But now, here it is-----between the State Government and Commonwealth Government rules, regulation, laws----you have registered your intention, your wishes, your will but some member of your family can at that last minute, object and by the time their objection goes to court, your organs are not viable.

What a fucking joke

So if you live in this fucking country, go to Medicare and sign your form and tell your relatives and friends that if they object, you will haunt their arses for eternity

Now, you are a donor
And here it is----


savannah said...

yikes, sugar! i'll have to check here in the states to make sure there isn't some sort of catch like that here. thanks for the reminder never to assume when it comes to any government! xoxoxo

Clyde said...


I just cant believe between two Government organisations we are not informed and it is not simple

Ponita in Real Life said...

Okay, now you've got me thinking about the Canadian rules too, Clyde! I've signed my donor card with my license for years. And I work in dialysis with people who have kidney failure... I know a lot about donations and how hard it is to find donors.

I don't know about down there, but here, if someone needs a kidney and is on the transplant list to get one from a cadaver (not a living donation from a relative or friend), it is at least a 7 year wait. Most of them die before they get to the top of the list.

I'm going online to check... now. Thanks for the heads up, honey!

mapstew said...

And I'll do the same here pal, we never really know what these Gov types are doing!

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

Wow, words fail me. Laws of bureaucracy are a bitch.

Have you calmed down yet?
Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it and then blow it out steadily and forcefully.

I will fuck off now. Not because I'm sweet and innocent, but because I need to go to bed :)

Sister Christian said...

I completely understand what you mean 'cause it turns out in Canada it's basically the same bullshit. Even when you sign off that stuff, family members can override your intent of organ donation at time of death.
I have yet to find out if I have to get a doctor's check-up 'cause I'm waiting for the card and information in the mail.
But seriously, it's a lot of bullshit that seems to get in the way of doing something as kind as donating your organs.

Clyde said...


I'm not sure on how long the waiting list is but I am sure that there are plenty of people out there who think that they are donors and they are not.

Clyde said...


It is unbelievable that you can tick a form or fill out an on line form, thinking that you are doing the right thing and no one tells you that you have not completed the process

Clyde said...


Hey, I've calmed down to the extent of I will now chase my Local, State and Commonwealth Politcians and make it a real issue to see if it can be fixed quickly.
And I know that you are sweet and innocent----but you do what you want in bed

Clyde said...

Sister Deb

They will take your organs.
You are so right----it is bullshit---
Why cant I give you my organs---I'm an adult, they are mine---if I want to give them to you then I should be able to----I can give you my car or my house but not my organs unless everyone else in the world is OK with it

Macy said...

This is spooky! So your family can apply any weird religious beliefs THEY might have come up with to
argue that they can ignore your wishes.

Couldn't do it if you were alive.

Equality for cadavers. That should be the next T shirt.

Steph said...

You're joking! What a debacle! No wonder we have such poor donation rates in this country, maybe people who thought they had actually listed themselves as donors are in the same boat as you, as me, as probably thousands of others!

Memphis said...

I would have to travel a long, long way to donate my organ in Australia. But I guess if enough women want it I'll make that sacrifice.

Clyde said...


Great idea for a T shirt.
I'm ok cos I have no family but it is crazy that some mad relative could get the final say on someone's organs

Clyde said...


There is no doubt that this is the reason that the donation rates are so low---
And I'm not just blogging about it--my local Federal MP is already involved in a revamp but could not believe that neither intention registrations alerted you to a further requirement.
I'm now out of the boat, cos I've been to Medicare to sign my form.

Now how do we tell the thousands of others ?

Clyde said...


I have doubts that anyone would want your organs after all of the abuse that you have put them through

fingers said...

Fuck me,'s a lot worse than that.
I've just made a few calls and apparently you need to be dead as well.
Could the c*nts make it any harder to qualify...

Clyde said...

Ha, ha, ha.
Fingers, even you got the wrong information.
You can actually give a living donation
Surely you've got some bits that you're not using