Monday, 15 February 2010


This week in Australia is Organ Donor Awareness Week.

Now I'm not exactly sure what this means but we have a week of it.

My drivers licence is marked DONOR----so if I get killed in a road accident, there is a record ready for the hospital to allow them to harvest any organs they think viable.
I love that word harvest.
What are they going to do----lay me down in front of a tractor and combine harvester and drive over the top of me.

My will makes it clear that they can have what they want and my executors are clear that it is my wish to donate.

So yes, I will be a donor----not quite yet I hope, but I am still trying to work out why we are having an awareness week

Should I run around with a sign on me "I'm One"
Or should I offer an organ to any young lady passing by---hmm, maybe not, but then again, you never know what works.

Are you a donor?
You've never thought about it
Well don't think---do it
It could be the greatest gift you will ever give


Ponita in Real Life said...

You bet I'm a donor!

I work with people with kidney failure and it is always amazing to see someone come back for a visit after a transplant. They actually look healthy and feel wonderful!

Give the gift of life...

mapstew said...

Count me in.

Sister Christian said...

People who put themselves down as donors are very admirable. I've been thinking about it for a while, but I have this odd fear that when the time comes they will discover my organs ain't so useful. Being 21, a drinker since age 17, a smoker since age 14 and taking meds since I was 16, I don't think my organs will help much.
It's pretty much a miracle that I'm able to function right now when you think about it.

Venom said...

Oh Clyde, you nasty boy!

Come to think of it though, offering up your organ could work pretty well on some chicks. You might want to carefully assess their level of inebriation before you make the offer though...

I'll eventually be a donor also.

*And to Sister ChristianL worried about having ravaged your body but still want to help the living after your passing? Donate your body to science - corpses are key teaching tools.

Ponita in Real Life said...

And even if your organs are shot, they can still use your corneas, your skin, your bones.... and the rest for science... nothing goes to waste!

Barlinnie said...

Yeah, I'm a donor... but the liver I feel.. may well be shot.

Clyde said...


It is wonderful to see someone have a life---short or long, just because someone else remembered to register as a donor----
My Mum died at 93 but still wanted to donate

Clyde said...


I knew you would be there---big family and children----you cant help but be a donor

Clyde said...

Sister Deb

There are plenty of good bits left---so you smoke---your lungs are young and strong----you drink---sweets, wait til you've had 40years of it.
You function fine
So tell me when you have registered---we need that young Latina blood

Clyde said...


I knew it would be you---my heart sweets, my heart

A friend of mine has no family so even at 85 she thinks she should donate the whole lot to medical science----
Hey, its a cheap way of not having a funeral
I might just do that
Hmm, some cute young medical student checking out my bits when I'm gone----the legend lives

Clyde said...


Like making sausages----nothing is wasted

Clyde said...


I have a mate who works in a crematorium----they were cremating the remains of a homeless alcoholic---
He said the fire did not want to go out----
Til it fails on you, any organ may be useful to someone

savannah said...

i've been a donor since i was 21...and that was a hellva long time ago, sugar! xoxox ;~D

Clyde said...


10 years, yep, me too----

Sister Christian said...

I will let you know when I become an organ donor as I'm sure everyone will want a piece of my young flesh...that is if I die young which I'm kinda hopin' won't happen.
Then again I could donate to science. No. They'll probably cryogenically freeze me and then revive me centuries later to find out what life was like in "olden" times.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi honey. I think it's awesome to be a donor. i wouldn't mind being a donor...but I haven't looked into it. I don't think they would want any partof me...I'm a diabetic. It runs in the family from mom's side. :(


Macy said...

Still snickering at the idea of a T Shirt with "I'm One" written on it.
And "Ask Me About My Organ" on the back???

Anyhoots, I'm one. Just waiting on the T Shirt.

Clyde said...

Sister Deb

I have no doubts that there is plenty of people out there who want a piece of your pretty young flesh, but we will settle for you nominating yourself as an organ donor.
They don't want them now and I hope they wont get a chance to harvest them for another 60 or so years

Clyde said...

You have to love the Koreans---here we are talking about organs and we get a half baked Korean smut site commenting----
Well, I guess it has something to do with organs

Clyde said...

Miss Jones

Sweet, you may be a diabetic, but I have no doubt that you have got some good bits that would be most acceptable.
Hey, if they dont want them, can I have them----the good bits

Clyde said...


We want photos
And I'm sure you will get a lot of offers
As a matter of fact, can I------no, ok, well, maybe

Steph said...

Course I'm a donor, you don't need that shit when you die!
It's very important to let your loved ones know because family do have the final say.

Clyde said...


If you are registered as a donor with Medicare, the decission is all yours---but, I agree, you should tell your family, friends and any person who may have conduct of your estate.
Indeed, when you tell them, encourage them to join you.
Hmm, will your liver be worth having ?

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

I think it's a tragedy that people have to die because not enough organs are available. I've let my next of kin know that, in the case of death, I would like my organs donated. I'm not yet an organ donor, though.

Have a nice weekend!

Clyde said...


Yes, too much of a tragedy---and the percentages of donors in our population is far below the percentages of those requiring organs.

fingers said...

I tried leaving my body to medical science...but they contested the will...

Clyde said...


Have no doubt that they will take it---
Organ donation is a little more complicated----you think you are a donor by completing an on line form or ticking a box on your drivers licence, but you are not---you have only completed an intention to donate----you have to go to a Medicare office in person and sign a consent form----even then your family can object


That's wonderful of you, Clyde.

Clyde said...

Uber, you're not dead----
Ok, give her the organs back----
Hey, it's no deal
They will take them when I have used them----fine