Saturday, 30 January 2010


I was 12 going on 13 and off to the big school----girls were still icky and not to be spoken to.
But it was different---they were so much older there----most of them had breasts or were very quickly developing them and suddenly became interesting.
Even the girls that went to the same lower school were sprouting noticeable chest flesh.

My brother was a year ahead of me and was not impressed that his little brother was now hanging around-----we had made this agreement that I wouldn't hang around him at school but his girlfriend from the lower school days had developed into a beautiful 14 year old and her friends were the popular girls.

One in particular, Mary, just seemed a class above every other girl at that school. She was beautiful, athletic, outgoing, popular and had this wonderful personality that drew everyone to her. She knew who I was and would always smile when she caught me staring at her but never spoke.
She really was my first crush but I have always been realistic and considered her out of my league.

Mary was there for 4 out 5 of my years at that school and for those 4 years I had the pain of a schoolboy crush and then a year of school with no Mary.

Fast forward 4 years and I was working and being the typical young guy, spending my money at the bar as often as I could.
I struck up a friendship with a scruffy looking lad who was one of two "bikers" in the area. I could never understand how he had the best looking girlfriend in the district. She was still a school girl and her parents did not approve of John and she was forbidden from seeing him---but she would sneak out on a regular basis.

I had just broken up with my girlfriend when John asked me if I would take him to the drive in movies.----"It's like this mate, I don't have a car and my girlfriends sister doesn't mind me, so she is going to bring her to the drive in and give us some time together"
What the hell---he was a good guy and I could get a few vodka mix cans and have them while he was off with the girlfriend.

No sooner did I park the car and he was off looking for their car.
I'd just settled in with a cigarette and a vodka can when the passenger door opened and in jumped Mary----my heart skipped so many beats as she smiled at me.
"Long time Clyde"----"Hey, she is my little sister and when he told me who had brought him, I wasn't going to sit there and watch those two, so if you don't mind, I thought I'd join you."

We didn't see much of the two movie program but for no other reason than we talked and laughed for the three hours plus.
We talked about school days and me staring at her---about what we had both done since those days and the school mate we would still see or keep in touch with.
Mary had rebelled against her parents and had moved interstate---she was home for a month to patch things up.

The night ended all too soon and she leaned across the car a kissed me on the cheek----I laughed and said "Well that started it over again---you caused me pain at school and now you are off into the night"----she laughed and said those cutting words---"You are a good guy Clyde"

Two weeks later I was at a local Pub Disco with a few friends when Mary walked in.
She smiled at me and joined a group at another table. I noticed her a few times during the night but she was with friends and I still thought that she was well out of my league so I didn't approach her.
It was an hour before closing time when she walked over to our table. My back was to her and she tapped me on the shoulder and said "Well are you ever going to dance with me"---my mates faces dropped---the best looking girl in the place is asking Clyde to dance.
The music slowed and Mary spent the next hour in my arms---I was in heaven---we talked, we laughed, we looked deep into each others eyes, we kissed---the pain was gone.
She asked if I could take her home----I had been drinking but would have risked driving for her but she said walk---she said "When I walk out of places like this alone, I get followed and pestered".
We didn't go straight home---we walked to the end of the fishing jetty---we talked, we kissed, we laughed, we held each other tight and made promises with all good intentions. We walked barefoot along the beach to the top of her street, we stood before a glowing moon and held on forever.
She laughed as I brushed her feet and fitted her shoes---there was a "Cinderella" reference as I took her hand and we walked to her door
She was like that little schoolgirl again as she giggled---we shared that long last kiss and she was gone.

I have never seen Mary since that night.
I had all of my fantasy with my fantasy girl----I wanted no more


Sister Christian said...

Mary sounds like a one of a kind mystery woman. Who knows? She may suddenly appear as quickly and as unexpectedly as before.
And at least you got to hang out and kiss and dance with your first crush. A lot of us go through life without that privilege.

Scarlet Blue said...

You soppy romantic thing! A lovely tale.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Some things are best left as they are remembered.

If you came across her again today, it may very well chattered those lovely memories... Cherish what you have.

And I agree with Scarlet... you are a soppy romantic thing! xoxo

Dutch donut girl said...

Aw, what a sweet memory. Everyone should have a night like that with their fantasy girl/boy. No more, no less.
Well, maybe some fantasies are only supposed to live in our dreams.

Clyde said...

Sister Deb

She was never a mystery, just a fantasy
A night with her was a dream
A dream that came true
I never wan't to see her again---it would ruin the memory

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet

It was a young man's romatic fantasy.
The dream never involved sex---it was just being with her---and I was

Clyde said...


I never wanted to see her again.
We had what I dreamed of.
It is a great memory

Clyde said...


There are dreams and fantasies--it was good to live one.
Now I have this other one about a girl in the Netherlands

Clyde said...


Hmm, Ok, whatever----
I hope your fantasy come true---although, I think you might be living it

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde: Be the bad boy and you get her back...into your arms. You can't just hold out your heart and not make her your fantasy.

Rip and tear that long ago fantasy. Make it real. Make it a love affair...let her be your lover, let her be your wonder drug...make love on a tiger skin more fantasies.
I wished some of those boys in high school that thought I was out of their league had asked me out...they would had been surprised, I would have said yes...

How many smiles and hints did I have to give.

*sigh and pout*

later honey.

Clyde said...

Miss Jones

I didn't want her back
She was a dream who came to life
I had all of my dream
She was still out of my league but I had my night.

Give me a hint

Spiky Zora Jones said...

*wink....and seductive smile*

I'll be at the Dairy Queen having french fries and a Diet Coke.

come on by...

Clyde said...

And we will walk the sands in bare feet and talk of truths and love.
We will hold each other and want for no more
The sun will set yet we are yet to begin
It will be a memory that we will dream of often

Clyde said...


I think you are doing it too often
Try once a day and you should be okay

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