Monday, 4 January 2010


Here we are writing blogs in countries all over the world.
The chances of us meeting up are pretty remote, so we can write what we like.

The truth is that I am a 16yo black girl living in Indonesia.
I sit naked in front of my computer playing with my ample breasts while reading your posts.

I have no idea how accurate your persona's are

Jimmy Bastard could be a 25yo gay florist from London
Mapstew is actually my dream girl playing in an Irish family band.
Sister Deb is actually a 6'9" male basketballer from Detroit
Scarlet is a redheaded 84 yo grandmother with chin hair
Donut Girl is really a 16yo school boy virgin---so I could be in love because he lives next door
Of course Spiky is real---no one could make up that life
And of course, Steph is real---no one else could have a shoe collection like that and not be exactly Steph

Me. OK, I am who I say I am
If I was gonna make it up, I would be younger, better looking, have a lot more money and have a much more interesting life to tell you about.

No I am not a 16yo big breasted girl from Indonesia, but I could be

You would never know

Jimmy a florist---yer, right---ha ha ha

Yes, I typed it left handed


Ms Scarlet said...

Truth is stranger than fiction...

Ponita in Real Life said...

And that's what makes real life more interesting than fiction.

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet
Aint that the truth----who could make up your life---and with a Smeg

Clyde said...


Ah, yes we are all more interesting to someone we dont know

savannah said...

you mean that isn't you on the sidebar, sugar? *sigh* ;~D xoxoxox

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

Haha! Oh my, maybe I am a boy living in a women's body? I know I act like a 16 year old sometimes (on my blog anyway) but I'm waaaay older :) I'm turning 28 next month!

But you are right. Blog posts are just little glimpses of everyday life. You don't get the whole story. Or it could all be fabricated. Who knows? But I am who I say I am :) An idiot, but I'm a nice idiot.

You can only get to know a person when you google their name, then look up their court records, follow them home from the mall (at a safe distance of course), "borrow" some mail from their mailbox.....oh, perhaps you weren't referring to stalking? Just kidding ;) couldn't resist.

p.s. We are not going to meet? :( How come? Is it because I'm a virgin? Teehee...

Sister Christian said...

I would love to be a super tall basketball player from Detroit, but seeing as the states doesn't have universal health thanks.
I've always wondered if maybe blog people are the complete opposite of who they claim to be, but it really doesn't make a difference. When you get down to it, we're all people reaching out for a pair of eyes to read our thoughts, or someone to connect to.
...A big breasted girl from Indonesia...of all the things...

white rabbit said...

'Jimmy Bastard could be a 25yo gay florist from London'

Could be?




Macy said...

And yet even if we are all being extra economical with the truth, and telling all made up stories, and hiding behind fake identities, there's still some or each writer's personality which keeps on coming through, non?

mapstew said...

You got me Clyde!

Lots of Love,

Sharon Corr.


Clyde said...


Well it's close to me
I'm a guy, I wear jeans and I spend a lot of time in the sun on the beach

Clyde said...


28, my god, you are getting old---too old to be a virgin.
It would be great to meet all of you
I'm aiming at Ireland and Scotland in the next couple of years, maybe I can sail across the ditch for a muffin or two.
So you hade better start googling and stalking--I could be there

Clyde said...

Sister Deb

I think you can get the feel of a person by reading about them for some time
I can see you
Pretty down to earth girl with ambitions not beyond your reach.
You just need a nice guy with ambition who you can support and who will support you----unfortunately, you need to wait for one to grow up

Clyde said...


One thing I know---Jimmy is not English.
And I have grave doubts about him having dainty hands to do floral arrangements

A good man, but not an English Florist

Clyde said...


You are a Border Collie owner---a very truthful person.
A wonderful lady starting on a new adventure in life

Clyde said...


I knew it----I think I always knew it--
Well I wished it
No, a good drinking mate is worth 3 Sharons----ha, I would leave you in the bar in a blink

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde: baby, I think you are real good looking. Grrrr! A handsome man like you is able to get all the girls because you are mature.
I love how you write and I think you are interesting. So who ever you are...I like you lots and lots. You're heart you can't hide.

And as for steph. I want to be her everytime I walk into my closet for heels. What would steph wear with this skirt...or this evening dress? And I think I need more steph. hehehe.

You know fingers said I could be a 16 year old girl. I responded with. "You wish, you pervert. :)

ciao honey. (((MWUAH)))

Clyde said...

Miss Jones

You always make me feel like dancing----you are the sweetest lady
Good reply to Fingers
He is all bluff and bluster---haven't jousted with him for a month----he doesn't want to friend me on facebook, snif

Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny.

Clyde said...


And true
Of course you dont look like a guy, so I'm trusting you


And I am all of those things[except the virgin][but I could be lying]. :)

Clyde said...


A redheaded, grandmother, florist and a born again virgin----great combination

Steph said...

I'm a man named kevin who hacks people's blogs. Didn't you get the memo?

Clyde said...


I didn't want to mention it again, but Kev mate, you have the smallest dick I have ever seen---you must sit down to piss