Thursday, 31 December 2009


I would love to write more but I am right handed and that is in a splint at the moment.
Some unkind people have suggested that it may be as a result of my frequency of wanking but my doctor says it is a long term thing finally coming to a head---oh, hang on---long term----hmmm, maybe.
But being right handed---yeh, OK, it's my wanking hand, but it is also my dominant hand-----alright, OK, it has dominated me on the odd occasion----but my typing with left only is bloody slow---so
Oh, it's a torn wrist cartilage----maybe surgery and drugs---OK, now you know---but

I couldn't let is pass----

May you all have a great celebration for the passing of the old and the coming of the new

May the New Year bring you joy
May you receive all that you may wish for
May there be peace in your life and in this world

Happy New Year

Hmm, I wonder if I can do it left handed----type, you perverts


savannah said...

happy new year, sugar! and here's to a speedy recovery! xoxoxoxoxo

Scarlet Blue said...

Happy New Year!!! I hope your fingers are better soon.

St Jude said...

Don't overdo it on the, ah hem, typing front hun. May the New year bring all that you want and I hope that your wrist is better soon.

Macy said...

Hope the drugs are good ones.. none of this antibiotics with no alcohol nonsense! At least you can easily raise a glass with your left hand!

mapstew said...

You know you can pay people to do that now! (Typing!!!)

Happy New Year pal.
I wish you happiness and good health.


Dutch donut girl said...

Aww, your poor hand. I hope it heals soon, especially since you will need it to... TYPE!

May your wishes come true too.
Have a very happy and healthy 2010.

Shelly Rayedeane said...

Happy New Years Clyde!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde; have an Owwie. And you still posted for us.

You do love us...don't you, baby?

I think you can do anything you want left handed. but you don't have just lay back and relax...Oh my.

I said relax. :)

Happy New Year oney. XXX

Sister Christian said...

Sorry to hear about the hand. Hope it gets better.
Have a Happy New Year!!!

Ponita in Real Life said...

Happy New Year, Clyde... hope your wrist heals well and soon. Doing without one hand is a bugger. Been there myself (had surgery - work related) so I can sympathize completely!

Well... except for the wanking part... I have... oh, never mind!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too (:

The Crow said...

Wanking is natural.
I wank sometimes.
Funny how it carries with it the spectre of guilt.
Like anything else: moderation is advisable.
The only real advantage to wanking is that in so doing, you know what it is, and that being so, when the opportunity arises, you can call someone you are not keen on: a "Wanker!"

your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

before both my hands were fucked up by my ex husband, i hurt one hand, my right, by trying to get my dog off of my sisters leg. i am right handed and i was pissed...

anyway, i decided to bowl with my left hand since my right was far from usable for quite some time. so, i did. and you know what!?!? i totally rocked!!

my point is wank with your left and you may find you are even better at it coming from the other side!

Clyde said...

Ok, left hand is getting better at things---well, some of them.
I do drink well left handed but couldn't screw the cork out of the New Year champagne----so there is a few cold beers being consumed.
My typing and my "typing" are not so good.
Emily---you are right
Crow---What's this moderation shit ?
Debs--you are my hope for the year--go girl---get em
Ponita---it is a strange feeling doing things with the other hand
Elroy---thanks---I think
Quixotica---I hope this is your escape year
Miss Jones---How can I help but love you---you are the light
Shelly--and to you
Donuts--Yep, I might have to keep the 'Typing' to a minimum
Stew--Hmm, paying a typist---now there's a though
Macy--far too smart for that---refused 3 medications before I settled on one---the Doctor even had to read up on one before he agreed with me
St June---Thanks---I'm rationing my activities
Miss Scarlet--the swelling has gone down--in the fingers that is
Hope yours is a great year
Savannah---thank you sweet lady--I hope it's a great year for you


Happy healing and Happy Anniversary,Clyde.