Wednesday, 23 December 2009


It's on the way
It's nearly here
That day when most families in the world get together for varying reasons.
Those with some sort of christian belief get together to celebrate the birth of a child---those that have deviated from those beliefs use it as a holiday and get together to celebrate the holiday----and those not of a christian belief use it as a time just to get together.

So no matter what it is a family time----time when all of the sins for the year are forgiven over some sort of feast or celebration.
If we are too far from our families, we try to contact them if we can

It is Christmas

I never knew my paternal Grandparents and even though my Grandmother gave birth to more children, my Father was an only child----the family cemetery plot records a brother and a sister by name but others who died before even being named.

My maternal Grandparents lived very close---the back of their block ran into the side of ours. My Mother had two sisters and one brother.

Christmas day always brought a gathering at my grandparents house---their four children with their partners and all of their children----eleven in all at the end.
As it got bigger and my grandparents got older, the gathering shifted to our house---all of the kids would head for the beach during the preparation and while the adults rested after stuffing themselves full.
Great times

I was 17 when my grandfather died two days before Christmas----my grandmother couldn't stay in the house----we cancelled the gathering---it was a very sad year.

My Mother tried to organise the next year but some of the family members weren't interested and had another side of their families to go to.
That year Christmas dinner was our family---my parents, my brother and me.
And that is the way it was til I married and it became extended family with my wife and her daughter from a previous marriage.

After my divorce, it became four of us again----the family.
My brother died two years later and then there was three.

My brothers death broke my fathers will--- his family line was riddled with colon cancer and dad had beaten it twice----my brother didn't----he made it his fault.

My father died a broken man, withdrawn into himself and not communicating with mum or me.
And then there was two

The year that my mother died was her time----she was old, she was frail and she had fought every battle a woman should ever have to.

I didn't realise til Christmas that year what it meant.
It meant--and then there was one.

I still feel that it is the family time of the year. I can't bring myself to join in with the family of friends---it's my family day.

Please, be with your families if you can----if you cant, please contact them---tell them that you love them.

Me, OK, I'll be with mine. Their ashes are spread on my beach along with the ashes of my last dog that they all knew.
I'll be on the beach with my dog to wish them all a Merry Christmas.

May you all have a great family time.
May the love of your families warm your hearts.
May Christmas bring you all that you need.
And may the New Year bring you all that you deserve.



Scarlet Blue said...

Yep, I will be with my family this Christmas.
I will be raising a glass to all my blogging friends. Take care.

savannah said...

Here's to you, sugar! Peace xooxox

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your good wishes, and I hope it's a great holiday season for you and your family too.


mapstew said...

Thank you pal.
And a happy holiday to you.
Looking forward to one day walking your beach and being introduced.


Macy said...

Merry Christmas Clyde! I'm sure every one of your blog pals will be thinking of you too.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde: Hello my friend. sweetheart if you are offered an invite from family or friends go honey. Your family will still be you as they are all year around.

i'll raise my wine glas and i'll wish you a Merry Christmas my wonderful friend. Wish you were her...I'd make you (I know people in law inforcement)come to my Christmas Eve party. It'll be fun and I'm sure one of my cousins or friends will take a fancy to you...
that Aussie accent would make their knickers drop to the floor, I'm sure.

Be well my friend. xxx

Sister Christian said...

Aw, Clyde, I'll eat an extra helping of turkey and pour another glass of wine in honour of you and your family. The wine may make me into more of a bitch, but the gifts have already been wrapped, so they have no need to complain.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dutch donut girl said...

Words to live by.

May you have peace in your heart on your family day and a lovely Christmas.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Clyde, I totally understand where you're coming from. I've lost both parents and my oldest sister, plus all grandparents, and several cousins and friends. The ones who live close by are coming to my house for Christmas dinner.

Peace to you, my friend, and may the love that your family had for you surround you as you wander the beach with them. They are always there around you, watching over you, still loving you. xoxoxo

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet

If that is an individual glass to each of your friends, it could be a big day. You will have to stock up the Smeg
Enjoy your family time.
I hope it adds to your good memories

Clyde said...


And to you---
Enjoy the season

Clyde said...


Not too much turkey now---leave room for desert

Clyde said...

And to you and your wonderful family
Glad it was only the empties that burt in the Guinness fire---it could have been a sad Christmas

Clyde said...


I will think of everyone from bloggywood
I hope you have bought Ned a present.
Merry Xmas---you had better enjoy it now because you will be back at work in the new year

Clyde said...

Miss Jones

I used to go to a friends place but he has moved to another State--I don't like that feeling of being a spare with another family.
Enjoy your family Christmas and party hard.
Hey, I dont have an accent--you do---
Hmm, knickers on the floor, hmmm, ok, hello, Qantas, can you get me to Miss Jones place by Christmas

Clyde said...

Sister Deb

That's very kind of you to have that turkey for me---come on sweet Deb, you are no bitch---
Have a great Xmas with your family and friends
I hope Santa is kind to you---he knows that you've been good

Clyde said...


Thank you sweets---enjoy your day with the family.
Party hard
I'm sure Santa will find you---you have been good again
You will have to learn how to be naughty in the New Year

Clyde said...


I am sure that my beautiful dog and I will feel the comforts of Christmas walking on the beach--there will be beef roasting in the oven for a doggy dinner.
Enjoy your day
Cherish your family


'And then there was one.'That is so sad, Clyde. Big hug and a kiss for you at Christmastime. xo

Clyde said...


But at least there is one---oh, plus a beautiful dog

Thank you
Have a great Christmas

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde: I have an accent when I'm there...and you have an accent whne you're here...hehehe.

I had a hell of a time understanding a few peeps there in's th words they use. I have to say they giggled at some of my use of words...I didn't know fanny, you know. And some accents were so heavy...but I guess it's almost like being in the Bronx or Brooklyn.

When you get to Simone Cowells house...go four more house and knock on the door...You'll recognize me and my smile.

Merry Christmas darling.

Clyde said...

Sweet Miss Jones

Merry Christmas to you and your family

It is amazing to think that we do speak the one language with so many accents---where did they come from

Shelly Rayedeane said...

There is never one Clyde as long as you have faith in God.

I have no doubt in my heart your family was with you this Christmas.

And yes, I called my family and told them I loved them this Christmas.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year!