Wednesday, 20 August 2008


The shame of Australia in earlier years was the "White Australia Policy"
Yes, we would only accept migrants who were white

The majority of our migrants came from Britain, Italy and Greece
But even then, things weren't equal.
While all of the others were paying full fares and arranging their own passages, our wonderful government were sponsoring the British migrants who were affectionately known as 10 pound Pomes
Now, come on I do know how to spell it-----one explanation for the name was "Prisoners of mother England"----so yes, there is a fucking E in it.

Of course, it didn't take long to drop the 10 pound bit and call them the "Whinging Pomes"----basically because they did fucking whinge a lot and tell everyone how much better off they where in England------
So fucking go back was the cry----but the poor fuckers had to pay full fares to go back.------so in the end, we called them 10 pound tourists

Now all of these "Pomes" seem to want to stick together and establish "English" clubs and all live next door to each other------partially our fault cos the public housing was basically whole fucking suburbs and they really didn't want to mix with people calling them whinging Pome pricks---there was another word but this is a classy blog so I aint saying cunts.
Geez in SA, we even built them a suburb and named it after their fucking Queen---oh, she is ours too----oh, ok, but she lives over there.

So all of this time that we are dealing with the whingers, the Greeks and Italians, not so affectionately known as "Wogs"----"Workers of the Government"----are out there taking every job that a non English speaking person can get or, if they had a quid (money, morons)--they were buying up land and establishing farms and market gardens and generally working their guts out to get on in this new country.
But, they like the Pomes, stuck together----so we had the Greek clubs, Italian clubs and they established their own enclaves, living together in big groups

So you get the picture now----we have these Pome bastards----hey, we had changed their name by then----and these wogs and spics all living as groups and not assimilating with us Aussies----well, they didn't want to or we didn't want them to---hmmm, great question.

Now post WW11, we did get an influx of Yanks, but nobody liked them cos they had been here on R&R during the war and were fucking our sheilas----bastards

Now we got to the 60s & 70s and we were taking a lot of Vietnamese migrants who were escaping the oppression of the Communist North after the conflict that those stupid fucking Yanks got us involved in----look, I'm sorry here to any American readers, but your mob seem to want to go into other countries to be heroes to the underdog and drag the rest of the Allies with you----fucking weapons of mass destruction---yeh, come on George, you cant even fucking say it

Oh, ok---so we get all of these Vietnamese here and they want to live in their own little enclaves and don't want to socialise with the rest of us---oh, unless you want to buy drugs, have a need for the sex industry or need a stand over merchant who uses a machete.

Ok, time to finish this and answer the question

We now have big Lebanese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Russian, Serb, Afghan communities along with many others----they are all welcome----it is a great country----but if you want to tell us how much better off you were in your homeland and you want to live in enclaves and not assimilate with the rest of us, then yes, we are racist----racist, because we are proud of our race proud of our own country
Live with us, not next door to us
And don't try to jam your religion up our noses.
Have your beliefs, but don't tell me that they are better than mine
Be my brother and don't get shitty when I want to go out with your sister
Don't be part of a minority group----be part of the whole group----

Yes, I'm racist because you as a race dont appreciate our country and dont like me.


Somebody get me a Curry Kebab with lemongrass and tabbouleh----oh, and a Scotch or Bourbon

Thursday, 7 August 2008


Fashion changes over the years
Some things just seem to go out of fashion or different generations don't see any value in carrying on things done by the generations gone before.

From talking to friends of varying generations and from a few posts that I have read, it seems as though flowers have hit the fashion dust bin.

Ok, guys will think about flowers on Valentines Day and maybe a birthday or two, but what ever happened to sending flowers as a message.

You don't have to send a card with them because they can speak for themselves.

"Hey, Mum, you deserve these just because its today and you are my Mum"

"You're my wife and you put up with all of my shit."

"I know that you are having a bad day so just smile."

"I love you and I want everyone to know it"

There are all sorts of messages and all sorts of reasons, so why wait til the commercially expected days----just send them.

I remember riding 15 miles on a train, a little worse for wear, swinging onto two bunches of gladiolas, just because I saw them at the station and thought that my wife deserved them for me coming home pissed.
How right I was
I was two hours late for a dinner for her family but she took the flowers in the intended spirit and wrapped them round my bloody head-----oh well, I tried and we laughed about it later----well, she did.

I had sent her flowers many times before we were married but the first bunch that I sent after the nuptials resulted in some suspicion-----"what have you done now"
But in the end, she just loved to get them for no reason.

I still send flowers to a long term friend in another State, just because she is alone and working a long way from family and friends. It makes her smile and realise that someone is at least thinking of her

So guys, just do it
I don't know a lady who doesn't like to get flowers occasionally-----and if you don't send a message, they will work it out.

There are all sorts of messages