Wednesday, 20 August 2008


The shame of Australia in earlier years was the "White Australia Policy"
Yes, we would only accept migrants who were white

The majority of our migrants came from Britain, Italy and Greece
But even then, things weren't equal.
While all of the others were paying full fares and arranging their own passages, our wonderful government were sponsoring the British migrants who were affectionately known as 10 pound Pomes
Now, come on I do know how to spell it-----one explanation for the name was "Prisoners of mother England"----so yes, there is a fucking E in it.

Of course, it didn't take long to drop the 10 pound bit and call them the "Whinging Pomes"----basically because they did fucking whinge a lot and tell everyone how much better off they where in England------
So fucking go back was the cry----but the poor fuckers had to pay full fares to go back.------so in the end, we called them 10 pound tourists

Now all of these "Pomes" seem to want to stick together and establish "English" clubs and all live next door to each other------partially our fault cos the public housing was basically whole fucking suburbs and they really didn't want to mix with people calling them whinging Pome pricks---there was another word but this is a classy blog so I aint saying cunts.
Geez in SA, we even built them a suburb and named it after their fucking Queen---oh, she is ours too----oh, ok, but she lives over there.

So all of this time that we are dealing with the whingers, the Greeks and Italians, not so affectionately known as "Wogs"----"Workers of the Government"----are out there taking every job that a non English speaking person can get or, if they had a quid (money, morons)--they were buying up land and establishing farms and market gardens and generally working their guts out to get on in this new country.
But, they like the Pomes, stuck together----so we had the Greek clubs, Italian clubs and they established their own enclaves, living together in big groups

So you get the picture now----we have these Pome bastards----hey, we had changed their name by then----and these wogs and spics all living as groups and not assimilating with us Aussies----well, they didn't want to or we didn't want them to---hmmm, great question.

Now post WW11, we did get an influx of Yanks, but nobody liked them cos they had been here on R&R during the war and were fucking our sheilas----bastards

Now we got to the 60s & 70s and we were taking a lot of Vietnamese migrants who were escaping the oppression of the Communist North after the conflict that those stupid fucking Yanks got us involved in----look, I'm sorry here to any American readers, but your mob seem to want to go into other countries to be heroes to the underdog and drag the rest of the Allies with you----fucking weapons of mass destruction---yeh, come on George, you cant even fucking say it

Oh, ok---so we get all of these Vietnamese here and they want to live in their own little enclaves and don't want to socialise with the rest of us---oh, unless you want to buy drugs, have a need for the sex industry or need a stand over merchant who uses a machete.

Ok, time to finish this and answer the question

We now have big Lebanese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Russian, Serb, Afghan communities along with many others----they are all welcome----it is a great country----but if you want to tell us how much better off you were in your homeland and you want to live in enclaves and not assimilate with the rest of us, then yes, we are racist----racist, because we are proud of our race proud of our own country
Live with us, not next door to us
And don't try to jam your religion up our noses.
Have your beliefs, but don't tell me that they are better than mine
Be my brother and don't get shitty when I want to go out with your sister
Don't be part of a minority group----be part of the whole group----

Yes, I'm racist because you as a race dont appreciate our country and dont like me.


Somebody get me a Curry Kebab with lemongrass and tabbouleh----oh, and a Scotch or Bourbon


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Boy, do I ever have an e-mail for you! Just got it the other day...I'll send it to you.

Clyde said...

Sounds interesting
I'll check it out

MommyHeadache said...

I say, if you didn't have all those immigrants you wouldn't have all that yummy immigrant food ...and you'd be stuck with those meat pies that lurk in a warmer in every shop and which I got the runs from several times while I was down under.

bunny said...

It's the same everywhere you go. The Americans bring their religion and shove it down your throat, they live in little Mormon communes and generally don't mix with anyone else.

The Asians with Asians, Chinese with Chinese etc etc Understandable really, people will always gravitate to what they know and what they are comfortable with.

But I don't think things are half as 'bad' as they used to be.

Fanny said...

I would be interested to know what sparked this story.

Spiky Zora Jones said... the YANKS hadn't had cut off the Japanese in WWII you would have been occupied by them. It twuuuu. Oz didn't have the fire power to beat them back. American was ready to fight for you and took some islands for possition. It was very near happening. Japan was afraid to expand to far seeing Americans were in posssition to strike. yep we were ready to TORA TORA back on them, so they backed off that plan. I'm a history nut! Not many books mention that.

It's a great burden to have on your one of the leaders of the free world. We don't have time to do shrimps on the barbie...we have to go off to war because some lunatic thinks he can kill and torture his own citzens and invade other countries. I'm saying in the Gulf War we should have taken that country...and take that ruler out of office despite other Arab country cries to get out. Saddam should had stood trial for crimes against humanity back then. The second war would not have occured and maybe Iraq would not be in the state it is war. I have many friends and family members in harms way too and I do feel for the mothers of that country. They have lost many sons and daughters to war. I don't agree that American should have gone there.

Vietnam was totally wrong...and if President Kennedy had lived it would have ended quickly.

Like in the jungles...apes hang with apes, monkeys with monkeys. Here is something the movie Planet of the Apes, actors stayed in their make up and costumes because it took hours to to put on. During lunch and breaks...they hung out in groups unintentionally with the group they were in the same make up with...apes with apes, orangutans with orangutans, chimps with chimps. Hum, humans are not so different...are they?

To be free means to be free...don't say who I can hang with. I think in the 60's the right wing's cry was it or leave it. Just because a person voices an opinion. A country changes and it must bend wwith the wind to survive...the people of the country is what makes that country great. I feel that those new to your country have stengthen it. You will learn from them and they will learn from you.

As for one can make you be a Catholic or Morman. BTW, Mormans are wonderful caring people. I don't believe in their religion but I like that they are genuinely kind to others humans.

Now if Australia is their new adopted country...isn't it as much theres as it is yours, or are they only renter?

Clyde...I think I just did a post within a post. Your post was wonderful and I loved expressing my views as well. I hope you were not offended.

Ciao baby.

Clyde said...

I totally agree with you
But I just cant understand why the races dont mix and want to call me a white trash racist.
Oh, in Adelaide, we have pie floaters---a plate of mushy blue boiler peas, meat pie turned upside down and tomato sauce---OOOHHEEEE----that will make you fart

Clyde said...

But why cant we just mix and be a great cosmopolitan society.
I dont want to call them names or be superior to them---I want them as my neighbour and to teach me something about their tradition----not sit back and snipe at me

Clyde said...

I work in a legal area and I'm sick of seeing the waring racial factions before our criminal courts.
They live in enclaves and treat them like fortresses----intergrate

Clyde said...

If the Japanese had not bombed Pearl Harbour, basically baiting the US, I am not sure of what support we would have got.
But Australia seems to be obliged to join the US in every conlict---
Vietnam was a mistake---Iraq was attacked on a false pretext---I'm not saying that it was wrong, but it was after 9/11 and the US people were looking for answers.
No, Australia does not belog to me or the white race---it is everyones country, but too many of the newer Australians want to hold their old identity and not mix---and not live by the rules of their new country

ghetto princess said...

I agree about the Americans. Did anyone watch the basketball game US vs. Oz. When an american fell down an australian player gave him his arm to help him up. While the american players pushed the australians down on the ground, even though the ozzies got a foul out of it. Thei ratitude can beunbelivable. I don't want to offend any americans out there as I have nothing against americans or anyone else, but that was a bit uncalled for.

Steph said...

All I can say is it's a shame the Aboriginals didn't have the word power OR fire power back in the day or you wouldn't be whinging right now.

Lets not forget Australia was "settled" ie invaded and taken over by immigrants. Why should anything change now?

Clyde said...

Sportsmen from every country show a testosterone fueled arrogance
Americans show an exuberance which is expected in their own arenas but disliked on the world stage

Clyde said...

Oh, you are so right---and we miss you---
But history shows that they are visitors also. But they got here a lot earlier than us white trash.
But it is still a shame on their heritage that the Urban Aborigonal with one tenth of the blood, only wants to claim their heritage to gain an advantage----
Hey, beat your chest about your heritage but live next door to me and drink my beer and be my mate--we are all Australians and dont need to call each other names or be segregated in our own little enclaves

Anonymous said...

As a result of the Bread Riots,many of the English participants[protesting a better wage to be able to buy bread] were shipped off the OZ, the express intention being them dying due to the harsh lifestyle.
These were the original fore -fathers of all white Austalians.

They did not assimiliate with the Aboriginals, but took over their lands and persecuted them.
So, as you can see even white Austalians did not assimilate, mainly because we , as a species, are programmed for the sake of our survival, to stick together.

Most countries now are mutlicultural, but the human nature is still to stick by customs and peoples that are as close to our own as we can get, especially when we are made to feel outsiders who need the protection of our own to safe guard us from hosts who do not want us assimilating.

I thyink we freely assimilate only when we are not made to feel excluded, except in cases lik the early setllers just exploiting the Aboriginals.
I would suspect when newer immigrants saw how poorly white Austalians treated their natives peoples , they did not expect any better treatment- especially the non- whites.

I think this post topic is very interesting Clyde, and I get the points you are trying to make behind soem pretty racist commentary,although knowing you as well as I do- it was unintentional, as you are not aqctually racist, and your post was more about peoples not accepting everybody.
I think ,sadly,your true point may have got lost in your own vented disgust at truer racism. :0

Steph said...

There is no such thing as one tenth Aboriginal. What do you think they do when you donate blood? Measure it in litres according to what genetic makeup you are?
"Ok, stick the needle in but we're only taking the one fifth part of his blood that is Scottish".

I get very emotional about this topic so I'm sorry if I offend you but the post seemed straight up racist to me.

Clyde said...

You cant offend me on this topic.
I spend plenty of time in the north of South Australia with Aborigonal people----they are wonderful, caring, sharing, quiet, almost shy people who accept me anytime.
What I cant accept is walking outside my building in Adelaide next to an International Hotel to drunken screaming urban Aborigonals, portraying themselves as our typical native Australians, claiming everyone who objects to their behaviour to be racist.
Sorry sweetheart, but there is such a thing as a one tenth Aborigonal----as much as I am one half Scottish and the other half Danish/English/Irish.
There were plenty of Aborigonal women who married or at least had children with the Afghan camaliers, and those children bred on with a hugh Scottish work force who went north and so on down the line-----but if they have one ounce of Aborigonal heritage and can prove it,they are entitled to any advantage given to Aborigonal persons-----my care factor there is zero except they dont acknowlege their Aborigonality in any other arena except to gain the advantage----that is the annoying factor.
But I dont care what your heritage is---you are my neighbour and we are all Australians----if I have a problem with you, it has nothing to do with race or religion----it is your anti social behaviour---so dont call me racist.
Ask your cousins---they will agree

Clyde said...

You are right
I hate that we cant all mingle---
I had inlaws who were totally anti Asian because of some anti Japanese feelings from WW11----there was no way I could convince those cretins that Chinese were not Japanese.
A very good friend of mine told me not to bring a girlfiend to his home anymore because she was half Japanese----his brother was a Japanese prisoner of war----but he soon changed his mind when he found out that her father was an Australian Army Officer in the occupational forces, who married a Japanese girl-----shit, that made a difference----how sad

phishez said...

Those different cultures have bought over some fantastic traditions. And foods.

I think its great. But like all hell I wish they'd learn our langauge. Not just so we can talk to them, but so they can read the fucking road signs. I don't get how people can drive if they can't understand the instructions!

Integrate or fuck off!

Clyde said...

I dont have a great problem with their language as long as they, like me, are will ing to try to communicate
I dont want them to go home---I just want us all to mix

Steph said...

There is NO such thing as one tenth, one quater or one fifth. I'm talking about your BLOOD, that stuff that runs in your veins, and it pisses me off no end when people say that.

You either are or you are not Aboriginal, Scottish, Australian, whatever! You can be Australian with Scottish heritage, but you are not one third or one bloody tenth of anything!!

As for urban Aboriginals, they are fucking displaced! What would you like them to do? Set up a tent in the middle of the CBD and have a coroboree?

As for people who say, "Oh I've lived amongst them so it's alright to say that", bullshit!
If you've lived amongst them and still hold the views that you do, then you've learned nothing from the experience.

I'm really shocked Clyde. It's this kind of racism dressed up in "I'm not racist I just want everybody to get along, but speak the fucking language, take your scarf off or put your lap lap back on" that really pisses me off.
It's shit!

Clyde said...

You are fighting for the same cause.
Ok, I cant dispute that a person who has a heritage has the right to claim that heritage.
What annoys me is that they will not claim or admit to that heritage til their is an advantage to do so.
How can you say urban Aboriginals are displaced.
Every Australian has the right to live where ever they like
Oh, and we are not talking blood---we are talking heritage---lineage------so if you Great Grand Mother was Aboriginal and your Great Grand Father was Afghani---and your Grand Mother married a Scotsman and your Mother married an Englishman whos father was Jamacian and whos mother was Irish, what is your heritage?
You are Australian---and what right do you have to claim any advantage especially set up for Aboriginal people.
Hey---I never said that everyone should speak the language

Steph said...

To understand what I mean about being displaced you'd have to understand about the stolen generation, and the constant racism that they still face in their own country. I can't go into it here, it would take too long.

As for lineage you can be Australian but still claim your roots, and if there is even one skerrick of advantage to be gained from claiming your Aboriginality then fucking claim it!!

At least they're not asking for back rent!
My point is, even if those that only claim ownership of their heritage do so to gain advantage, maybe they make up for all of those that DON'T because they either don't know about it, or can't be arsed dealing with Govt beurocrats, and before you roll your eyes, those people DO exist.

I'm over this whole debate, it makes makes me too furious.

Clyde said...

I am truly sorry for the stolen generation and ashamed of a Government that couldnt say sorry.
It is probably the greatest injustice done to any race without a conflict.
But they are not the only urban people---there are plenty who chose to move to the towns.
I love your passion


Being an Ubermouth, I have to comment here about genetics.
Actually, one can be 1/4 - 1/10th of any given race, ecetera.
All genetics work on a percentage basis,which is how we ascertain heritage or even likelihood of a predisposition to particular genetic illness.
IE On average, a person with epilepsy will pass on the recessive gene to ALL children but only 1/4 will carry the dominant gene for this illness(carry the gene and actively have the illness).
The same can be said about eye colour, hair colour, and race.

If a child is born of one black parent and one white then that child is 50% of each equally. As the generations dilute one race or another the orginal 50% of one race is diluted.

I think Clyde's post was actually OBJECTING to racism by people who both actively engage in racism and simultaneously engage in reverse racism.

Barbie I have a brother who is 50% black so I know the score on racism .He has a child who is 1/4 black( as she carries 50% of his 50%-1/4) and 50 Caucasion from Mother,which means 75% of her genetic racial make-up is indeed white.

I think people with almost no genetic claim to Aboriginal roots( say 10%) are indeed jumping on the band wagon to expressly exploit the very valid claims/heritage of REAL Aboriginals for finacial gain.

This, in fact, denegrates the true claimants sufferings which gave rise to this claim and dimiminshes the pay out to people whom this scheme was intended to compensate, for they have to pay ppl who suffered not at all due to the Lost Generation.

I think it sad that Clyde's actual ANTI racist viewpoint was lost, which was a valid one although , inadvertantly, badly worded.


BTW To claim to be British, Australian, Jamacian is only to identify one's self as a citizen of a particular country,even if by birth. It's a nationality not a racial heritage.

I knew of a certain woman who denied/denounced her 10% Aboriginal roots until 'the year of the aboriginal' and compensation schemes /apologies were being bandied about and then suddenly she re-invented herself as 50% Aboriginal.

THESE people make me sick;likely the ones who will put in for a claim , reducing the pay outs for the ones who really suffered.

I don't see how they make up for the Aboriginals who don't simply reduces the kitty for the ones who do(assuming there is a certain amount set aside for a collective claim).

I wonder how many of the 'white' social workers who kidnapped/stole the children during the Lost Generation were part Aboriginal themselves(but denouncing and denying their 'diluted'heritage to benefit in the white man's Oz) who will now claim for the very injustices they were guilty of perpetuating, so that thye can equally benefit in the Aboriginal's Oz???

Spiky Zora Jones said...

ghetto princess: I saw the game and saw a very well played and agressive game by both countries.

I played some basketball (point guard) in high school. It's and emotionl and physical game with lots of bumping and holding. I follow the WNBA somewhat and saw a few in the Australian team. I really wished both teams could have won.

Oh and the reason some players don't help the opposing team up takes enery to get up and the more tired your opponant is the better. Some coaches in high school and college will scold you if you help an opponant up.

I guess I never expected anyone to help me up if I was layed out flat on the court. Anyway...that's why sometimes a player doesn't help another up.

Ciao ghetto princess

Clyde: As for Australia coming along with each venture...I salute that. We as friendly nations in alliance must hold together, though questioning 'why' is a question I always encourage.

sweetie...I guess I was just trying to say to you...It's okay to feel what you feel, though I can't imagine what rules you are refering to....that are not followed.'s okay for those new or old to Oz to feel what they feel too. If they aren't ready...they aren't ready. it's okay.

It's okay to let that group of new or old country men and women :) know you hold your hand out in friendship not just as a fellow Australian but as a fellow human. Color, religion, prior nationality, and different basketball jerseys...don't matter.
we are all different but the same.

Like a quilt...differnt patterns and colors sewn together to make one big beautiful country.

Do you know what I mean?

Ciao clyde.

Clyde said...

It's kind of sad what we can claim because of a long lost heritage.
We all should be proud of our heritage----it is what makes us---and it can make us a better and stronger person.
I am entitled to a British passport because my Mother was a Scot----but to do that and travel as a Brit would be to deny who I am.
A proud Australian.
Steph is a proud Australian and proud of her relatives---and so she should be.

Clyde said...

You have just said it---
It is like a big quilt---I just want all of the pieces to fit together

unique_stephen said...

I refuse to be labeled a raciest, nor do I accept that anyone else has a stronger connection to this continent than I.
I'm a geologist by trade, and Australian to the 5th generation. Like my fathers great grandfather before me I eat food grown here, breath the air and drink the water. I am made of this place. For nearly 15 years I earned my living through my knowledge of how this continent was made. My intimacy with its very bones is what feed me. If that's not knowledge of country then what is?

Australia is not institutionally racist like the Japanese - want to go and try and get a job or buy a block of land over there. Or the Chinese - hay - they are from the middle kingdom, halfway between earth and heaven. What does Gwylo mean any way?

Racism make me feel sick

Clyde said...

I'm not sure that the Japanese are so much racist as egotist.
They are quite a respectful people---oh, except for their weird sexual practices.
Yeh, I want to live this country, but I suppose I expect too much to want my neighbours to want to live it too.

phishez said...

I don't want them to go home either. What I want is the chance to be able to walk past a group of young guys of certain races, without the hair on the back of my neck prickling.

The fact remains that there are certain groups that I am hesistant to trust. And they are the ones that have a bad track record with womens rights. I appreciate that that is their culture. But its not something that I want to adhere to, or be forced to adhere to.

And before anyone says it - yes, I do give individuals of those races/religions the opportunity to prove themselves to me.

I like the reaction you've got in the comments thread. But I have to ask - are you the kind of guy who throws rocks at bee hives?

kiki said...

my understanding of WOG was "Western Oriental Gentleman"

Australia is a country built from migrants. We need them. It's our fault we don't assimilate them better

imagine if you went to some country where you didn't speak the language. no doubt you try and find other westerners and stay close to them

Australia has never done much to help immigrants man. When Greeks and Italians and easter Europeans came out after WW2 they had a really hard time fitting in. it's only a generation later that we accept them
so in another generation i'm sure you'll find new immigrants, such as Africans etc, fitting in much better

as for yanks? they're all fucked.

Clyde said...

I guess my post started off because I am so pissed at this "Gang Mentality" that seems to have developed over the past 20 years.
It could well be that we are at fault for not mixing with the English, Italian and Greek migrants of the 40s, 50s & 60s, so they stuck together as "family" groups.
But now we seem to have the gangs of ethnic groups who want to intimidate people and fight for their own patch

Clyde said...

You are probably right----it was straight after a war and people were just getting back on their feet, so they probably made no effort to mix---very sad.
The migrant groups formed their communities and social clubs and stuck together----but today it seems that they younger migrant groups are joined by a gang mentality and violence.
Maybe it is our fault

kiki said...

regardless of who's fault it is, i think it's hard for someone like me (and, i'm guessing, you) to whack labels on them without experiencing whatever it is they have experienced where they (or their parents) have come from

Clyde said...

I want to wack a label on them----