Thursday, 7 August 2008


Fashion changes over the years
Some things just seem to go out of fashion or different generations don't see any value in carrying on things done by the generations gone before.

From talking to friends of varying generations and from a few posts that I have read, it seems as though flowers have hit the fashion dust bin.

Ok, guys will think about flowers on Valentines Day and maybe a birthday or two, but what ever happened to sending flowers as a message.

You don't have to send a card with them because they can speak for themselves.

"Hey, Mum, you deserve these just because its today and you are my Mum"

"You're my wife and you put up with all of my shit."

"I know that you are having a bad day so just smile."

"I love you and I want everyone to know it"

There are all sorts of messages and all sorts of reasons, so why wait til the commercially expected days----just send them.

I remember riding 15 miles on a train, a little worse for wear, swinging onto two bunches of gladiolas, just because I saw them at the station and thought that my wife deserved them for me coming home pissed.
How right I was
I was two hours late for a dinner for her family but she took the flowers in the intended spirit and wrapped them round my bloody head-----oh well, I tried and we laughed about it later----well, she did.

I had sent her flowers many times before we were married but the first bunch that I sent after the nuptials resulted in some suspicion-----"what have you done now"
But in the end, she just loved to get them for no reason.

I still send flowers to a long term friend in another State, just because she is alone and working a long way from family and friends. It makes her smile and realise that someone is at least thinking of her

So guys, just do it
I don't know a lady who doesn't like to get flowers occasionally-----and if you don't send a message, they will work it out.

There are all sorts of messages


Harley said...

The cartoon made me laugh! I've never got flowers before in my life. Guys are just not into that whole thing anymore. Gentlemanliness is out, Douchebaggery is in...

bunny said...

Douchebaggery is indeed in....I may steal that word actually....

I love getting flowers but the only time I get them is if I buy them for myself. So perhaps I should correct and say I would love to get them.

Fanny said...

Romance is not dead! I received a lovely bunch of tulips a couple of weeks ago with a card. He wrote:

Aren't little surprises a welcome diversion. Loverboy.

I never expect stuff like that and it made my week!

Clyde said...


Guys are not into a lot of things anymore---like courting, waiting and manners.
They have no idea of how good it feels to walk hand in hand along a beach.
Geez, over 17 and never had flowers.


I'm still guessing its a generation thing----or maybe its a not spending money on a girl kinda thing, unless its booze to get her pissed so you can get into her pants.
Sad-----hmm, between you and Kali, I might have to open an interflora account.


Of course you would get flowers.
And I still think that the flowers for no reason are just that bit more special than the Valentines or Birthday flowers.

I do like to send them every now and then with no message--then its up to the receivers imagination

bunny said...

You could be right there Clyde.

It's a very sad state of affairs when a guy will put more effort in when he's trying to get his leg over than he does trying to make you smile.

When really, if he conquers the latter, the former becomes all the more likely.

People go about things all backwards these days. Is it too much to romanced a little bit first?

Clyde said...


Guess I'm kinda backwards then---
I like the romancing bit, even if I dont win the race-----competing is great fun

bunny said...

No, I think you have things just about the right way around Clyde.

Fanny said...

"When really, if he conquers the latter, the former becomes all the more likely." You are so right, Oestrebunny. are not all backwards. It's the others that have it all wrong.

Clyde said...

Geez, Im looking good for a 3 some----sending flowers that is

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

You couldn't be more right.

Can I print this out and give it to The PK? We've been married going on 16 years and I've gotten a dozen roses once in all that time.

Honest to God, I think I married the most un-romantic man on the planet. GAH!!!!

Clyde said...


Geez, what have I done.
I think I've just canned half the guys in the world, and the other half are still living with their mothers and think that girls have germs

MommyHeadache said...

You have to be careful what you say with flowers. Cheap flowers just look like crap. But even expensive flowers can be bad if all the colors clash. It's best to let a poncy florist pick out a variety of blooms in one shade of say, blue, with maybe one other color thrown wilting flowers bought at a gas station deserve to be shoved up the guy's rectum IMHO

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I love to give flowers and receive them too. I've given many and received many. I've received more from women though.

Guys just don't think about it...well if they want to be shagging later on in the night, flowers is a must. hehehe.

I would have used that word (Douchebaggery)from kali but oestrebunny stole it. DANG!

ciao clyde...have a fab weekend.

Clyde said...

But who would even think about sending or personally giving flower, and then cheap out----
Come on----cheap wilting flower are a sign of a cheap wilting friendship / relationship.
And you dont need a poncy florist---you need to know your target---you---ok, I would suggest pink roses, but not pale, or very bright gerberas

Clyde said...


You are so brilliant and vibrant in personality, that I could send you anything and you would outshine it.
I would go with Gerberas and mainly red or the dark pink---your roses, more the red or orangy colours---maybe a bright yellow

Spiky Zora Jones said... Finally a man that knows, damn! I want you! GRRR. :P

phishez said...

*stares at naked ring finger*

Wish I had a guy who'd buy me flowers for no reason.


Clyde said...


Oooohhhaaaaahh, now dont grip so tight---be gentle

Clyde said...


And why shouldnt you
Dont worry about the naked ring finger just yet

But I guess there is always a reason---just saying Hi, remember me

Anonymous said...

I love to receive flowers[and jewellery].
I also enjoy sending men flowers sometimes and have noticed that they love it , just like women do.
Women should send men flowers more often.

Clyde said...

Of course you love flowers---just dont like blogging---lazy bitch.

Hey, any you are right----I was very chuffed when I got my first flowers

villageidiot said...

What?? Guys suck where you live, ladies - sorry. This is crazy - wifey gets flowers 2 or 3 times a month 'just because'. Valentines day, B-days and anniversaries too, of course, but thats so expected that is almost gets you no points.

Another hint for any guys reading: send them to her work, so she gets to flaunt it in front of her friends = major points!

It is a bit embarassing, and rare, when I get flowers (as a dude). But sexy as hell....

Clyde said...

Now that is Australia---
And that is some guys---and a lot more in the younger generations.
But I'm guessing that is exactly the same all around the world.
Guys are too busy looking for a quick root to actually think about romance

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO@lazy bitch not liking blogging.
So that's my new name , Clyde?

Unknown said...

I agree, I love love love getting flowers. I am always buying them for others, and sometimes people buy them for me.

I also buy them for my house, I just think they are gorgeous!!

Clyde said...

I've worked near a market for years and can pick up a great variety flowers any time---
I always got my mother and my wife fresh flowers for the house on fridays