Sunday, 27 July 2008


Guys are very bad at taking care of their own health.

Those lucky enough to have a partner are usually healthier because they get nagged into having check-ups.

One of the biggies is having a prostate check.

You can actually have a blood test without getting the doctors finger in the arse----and guys really do have a fear of the doctor digitalizing the fluffer valve.

Well guys, here it is----how to make sure that it doesn't happen to you.
Ladies, be kind and pass it on---very valuable information.


oestrebunny said...

Well that was....interesting.

Fanny F said...

I saw that coming.

Clyde said...

I had nothing---but had the video in a folder---so---a post

Clyde said...

And he didn't

Anonymous said...

A tomato a day can save your boys turning black and the size of melons .

Clyde said...

And it looks like it can be a pain in the arse

Kali said...


What a cheery way to start a Monday!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde: hehehehe. I say bend over and take it like the big, I mean, the big man, you really are. :)

I've studied the Asstecs and Incass, oh did they have a way with vegitables. My favorite was the cutecumber.

Ciao babes.

Clyde said...

I dont think it would be a great start to my day.

Now how did I know that you would have some knowledge of vegetables.

Oh, I will bend over and take my medicine when required---but only for medical reasons

( . )( . ) said...

I feel like tomato soup now...

Clyde said...

Good for you----the guy in the video can probably heat you up a batch.
I'm kind of steering clear of tomatoes right now

Fanny F said...

Is a carrot a good substitute, or does it have to be a tomato?

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde: ha hehehe. I'm laughing at fanny's comment.

So, will you be doing any research to answer fanny's question. it for medical reasons.

Come on antipodean minds want to know. :D

Ciao babes

Clyde said...

I'm not sure about that---but I can tell you that I aint bending over and taking it for King and Country

Clyde said...

Babe, I aint taking it for anyone.

I've suddenly gone off fruit and vegetables---
Oh, except salty bananas

ghetto princess said...

Haha. Interesting stuff. Just wanted to say hi. Interesting blog. Gotta love those public health announcements.

Clyde said...

Hi, drop by any time.
I do try to be helpful----between work and walks on the beach

EmmaK said...

there are times when I do feel sorry for men, like for example, to be tested for chlamydia I believe you have to get a rod stuck up your urethra? That's gotta be a tight sqeeze?? ;)

Clyde said...

Come on, ---you really dont feel sorry for us---all the poking and prodding that women go through---its called revenge.
Ok, you did make my eyes water

phishez_rule said...

I think its about time guys started shoving items up their butts.

Then maybe they'd have a little more respect when they ask us for anal sex!

Clyde said...

But shouldnt guys have respect for you if they are holding your hand, kissing you, having 5 ways of vaginal sex and checking to see if the back door is open?

Anonymous said...

Time fro another post,Mister!

Clyde said...

Geez, you quit and I have to keep on working
Working away from home at the moment-----maybe when I get back

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Not back yet, I take it?

phishez said...

Only 5 ways vaginal sex? Jeez, there's no respect there. Guy's gotta have at least a dozen ways before we get bored and try something different.

Clyde said...


Ah come on---
I was just saying, dont try for the tradesmans entrance until you have made a satisfactory entrance through the front door---including licking the front doorstep clean

Anonymous said...
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