Thursday, 3 July 2008


There is a saying of "What you see is what you get"

But what about what you dont see

Did you ever wonder -- what was her secret?

Victoria's Secret

Now that could frighten you on a dark night


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde...funny. I had a friend who went to Mexico and had a wild evening till he took the little enchilada he met at the bar to the motel. There he passionately kissed her...on the bed she lay. He hovered above her kissing her hungrily, his hand going under her skirt, sliding from her stomach lower, under her panties his fingers went and...what! WHAT THE F@CK!

Randle runs out tripping over his pants that were to his ankles...

He recounts that evening to me. "Spiky...her dick was bigger than mine." My retort. "Randle, that's not a great feat."

TRUE story Clyde and my friend's name is really Randle. Do I still tease him though it's been 10years since then...OH HELL betcha! :D

bunny said...

I reckon it'd probably scare you on a not so dark night too...

Bag said...

Many many years ago, one of my pals came back from holiday and was a bit subdued. After a while we got the story. It seems that after the best blow job he had ever had he discovered it was a bloke dressed up as a woman. How we laughed.

He never told us how the story ended though. :) It just stops at the '...and then I felt this thing. I nearly fainted. But it was the best blow job I ever had.' and then he goes all misty eyed.

Clyde said...

Had a mate in Army Reserves a good few years back who had a similar experience.
He had been drinking for a fair part of the day.

We asked him what happened---and he finally admitted that he turner him/her over and just went for it.

And we still remind him about it---best part is that he is the biggest homophobe around

Clyde said...

Yep, it wouldnt really matter what time of the day it was---the extra bits just arent wanted

Clyde said...

I spent a bit of time in Singapore with an Airforce buddy.
My first night in Boogie Street was an education----extremely beautiful women with dicks---and there were a few blokes going down back allies for a quick blowie

Hey, I think the rule is---if you didnt know at the time, it still has to be ok---if you knew---well, its up to you
Personally, I gave it a miss

Harley said...

Holy Baloney, that'd be quite the surprise!!!

Clyde said...

They say that life is full of surprises

Steph said...

I dunno, it's kinda horny! I mean a hot chick AND a dick? What's not to like about that???

Clyde said...

That's OK for you but when a guy is looking for a sweet musky little crevice, another dick just wont do---no, no, it's frightening.
It seems that more girls are into the bisexual variety than guys.
The Shims in Boogie street were gorgeous, butseeing a dick hanging below the hem line was a real bummer


Clyde- except for the woman parts, that's pretty hot!!!

Clyde said...

Ya got that wrong
Except for the dangly bit, that is prety hot

phishez said...

Someone get 'her' some Hollywood tape.


Clyde said...

It kinda looks like 'she' likes to hang lose