Friday, 5 September 2008


So how long have you been in love with someone?

So she was 17 and I was 24 but she was everything that I ever wanted in my life.
She came to work in my office and she lived in my area
I gave her a ride to work nearly every day----she was refreshingly honest
Seven years wasn't a great gap but she called me old man
We had everything in common----food, music, love of animals, music, love of the beach, support of a football team
We could say anything to each other----she had braces and hated them---I teased her and called her lead mouth.
Her parents liked me----even her little sister
But---she had a boyfriend

Her parents didn't like him
I'm sure it pushed them closer together
She left our office----she wanted to nurse----she still played netball for the works netball team
Of course I was at every game---we would talk for hours unless her boyfriend was there----and of course she couldn't acknowledge me

I went to a country branch for a month and house sat the boss's house
Her Mother paid an airfare for her and her sister to come and stay with me----her boyfriend thought she was interstate on holiday
I wrote her poetry----I told her that I loved her
Her holiday was over ----two weeks later I got home----she was engaged---I was shattered

She invited me to her engagement party and set me up with her girlfriend----she knew we wouldn't hit it off
A wedding, and I was invited-----I couldn't see it happen----I waited outside the church---he was inside-----she arrived----her Mother wouldn't go---her father was on her arm----she steered him over to me-----I wished her all of the luck in the world and left.

I married----I divorced

I didn't see her for years----my brother was dying----she was in charge of a wonderful little local hospital----she held a sea view room for him----he was only there for four days-----she phoned me and cried with me-----I didn't know that her Father had died the same day.------I went to his funeral----I stood back from the gathering----she was the only one to see me there

She was gone----out of my life----she and her husband sold up and went sailing around the coast.
Her Mother died----she didn't see me at that funeral----I didn't want her to

The phone call came----he had left her----she was 2000 miles away----he had tied up her bank account and was about to take the lot-----she knew I could do it.
The account was dry before he could touch it---she had the best of lawyers before he could breath-----he got his share but not a penny more---I had found every hidden asset and his superannuation account---I found his renamed boat----my god, he squealed.

She came home to her Mothers old house-----her sister had arranged a house sitter---he had nowhere else to go-----he took over her life----
She stayed with me for days----we talked all night but she went back to her house.

She talks to me when she can----my number is in her phone under another name
I cant get her out of there

Will this go on for the rest of my life-----
Her sister phoned last night-----apparently he makes threats against me to her-----she wont come to me and she wont let me come to her

I guess I'll wait some more-------- I should go back to the beach but I'll still wait

Stupid ?----Na, She is the one. I may never be with her but I have to hope


MommyHeadache said...

Oh God, that is so beautiful and so patient...she will be yours eventually.

Often when I am in love it is more like a sickness. I was in love with a guy for maybe five years in my mid-twenties who loved me but could not commit to me, we were sleeping together even when he was living with a girlfriend. It was totally fucked up. Actually the only way I could get him out of my system was to move to the USA.

bunny said...

What a beautifully sad tale.

Sometimes it doesn't matter how long you wait, it'll never be enough.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

God, what is WRONG with that woman! If you know she's the one, she'll be well worth the wait....and just think, when it DOES eventually happen, it'll be that much sweeter...;)

(And hell, seven years between your ages is NOTHING, especially now. There's 14 years between me and The PK.)

Clyde said...

She may never be with me
She knows when I walk my dog and appears with her dog and we walk and talk like it is happening every day.
She even takes an out of town casual relieving job in a town that I visit for work but we have never been in town at the same time.
I'll never move because I need her to know where I am

Clyde said...

I've got that feeling that it will be never but I have to take that chance

Clyde said...

Seven years was a lot when she was 17
It's not a lot any more
I can live on maybes for her

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh sweetie, my heart goes to you.

we sat in my car, my things were all packed and the place i was going really wasn't that far. I asked that she come with be together...she said no. She was getting married one was expected.
i said, you know you are my destiny and i'm yours. It's something you can't let go. She said 'no' though it was through tears...she said no.

Months later...I said yes to a my new b/f...he asked me to marry him. I did love him very much...more than

One morning she was there...before she is there every morning.

I hope your love story is like that...with her there bfore you...every morning.

Ciao my friend. Be well.

Clyde said...

Life will go on and I'm not sure if she will ever be there.
It's the thing that sweet dreams are made of
But I know I am there for her
Just when I think that there is no hope, I get a message through her sister that she is riding across the US on a Harley with the guy who took over her life but wants to know what I want her to bring me home

Fanny said...

Clyde, you have made me cry.

Clyde said...

Why would you cry?
I am there for her and she is there for me.
We just cant get the timing of all of this together and be together forever

Fanny said...

Clyde. Why? Why can't you get the timing right? Surely there is a way to organise your lives so that you can be together.

Clyde said...

Just maybe this is the way it is supposed to be

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde...What! She's off with another person on a bike?

Screw that...sweetie, it's time to say...ciao baby. Live your life like it is your last. No waiting.

I she comes back and said I'm ready to be yours after so long a period. Don't you wonder if it's like dating a girl for a long time and she finally said...ok to sex. And it really wasn't worth the wait.

Maybe I don't know all of your situation...but maybe she knows you will wait...and that keeps her going away. After all you will be there when she decides to come back.


Then never mind. hehehe

Ciao babes.

Clyde said...

That all sounds so simple
I wish it was
It would be easier to walk away

But do I want easy

Dear Jane... said...

if you believe in past/future lives, etc...

perhaps you will meet again
and the timing will be right that time and you can be together.


What an incredible post{except where she could not acknowledge you in his presence)....that should have told her he was not the one that made her feel she had to do that.

God you are such a romantic, too. Does she know that you feel this way still?

Is she still with him after all that?

Clyde said...

I love the advice of everyone but I know what I'll do
And there she is on the phone tonight
She knows that she shouldnt be where she is
She is working away in a town I visit for business---she was hoping that I was there

Clyde said...

She is there because she owns half the house and her bloody sister sold her half to him.
But she knows
And she wants out of where she is
Her job might just give her the way out