Saturday, 20 September 2008


Men are so misunderstood

You call us names----like pervert and sleaze but you just don't understand

Really, we are just so caring, we cant help ourselves

You should appreciate our efforts


bunny said...

:) What would we do without you men looking out for our general health and well being?

Clyde said...

As long as you appreciate our efforts

Fanny said...

I keep forgetting to perform a breast self examination once a month. Maybe you could provide that service as part of your caring and sharing?

Clyde said...

I really care and could do it on a twice daily basis

Wait. What? said...

Ooh lovely to know - interesting it comes on the heels of national talk like a pirate week or something like that! Cat

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I know men care and some women too. Like when I cross my legs at work.I am reminded that I forgot to wear any panties that day. I get it...when they call me Britney. hehehe.

See, they are just looking out for me. That way maybe I don't catch a cold and today is the first day of autumn. Aren't they wonderful.

Thank god for men keeping an eye out for us. :D

Clyde said...

Maybe we could combine the two--
Wear a patch over one eye while conducting our inspection

Clyde said...

I am sure that I wouldn't miss you crossing your legs on a no knickers day----you are a very healthy girl---allowing the air to circulate prevents all sorts of fungal outbreaks.
And you are always fresh just incase you need to let someone use it.
Hmm---why do I have this image of legs wrapped aound my neck

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Honestly? I kinda like it when men stare at my long as they don't try to carry on a conversation with me while they're staring and talking to the girls, you know what I mean? That just makes me embarrassed.

I had to laugh at a cashier the other day when I stopped in at the grocery store right after work. He handed me my change and as I looked up at him, his eyes were checking out my clevage. He turned three shades of red when he realized he'd been caught. I thought it was cute...;)

MommyHeadache said...

I know you guys care, and that your constant desire to fondle breasts is because breast massage is a preventative against breast cancer

fuckin hell, there's actually a job that has you massaging tits for a living. Although I'm pretty sure they probably don't employ men. That's sexism.

Clyde said...

If your a guy or a girl, it is nice to have some one check you out.
But you are right, it is nice to have them talk to the face

Clyde said...

You really do understand that its a caring thing
Hey, where can I get an application for that job---and I'm prepared to take them on in equal opportunities

Keshi said...

care abt how they hang? lol!


Clyde said...

I'll always be a supporter

Doo Dah said...

Last lump I didnt find - Elmer did.

Thank GOD for men touchin the boobers.

Memphis said...

So true! I do more to help check women for breast cancer than any doctor ever did. They should be paying me for all the checking I do.


If I die of breast cancer, Iam suing Steve. Welcome to the medical world , Steve!
Love the cartoon Clyde.

Clyde said...

See how useful we are

Clyde said...

What, you're not getting paid ?

Geez, I'm registered to take the bulk billing Goverment medical card--I'm getting cheques every week

Clyde said...

So you are upright again
I knew your sex life was keeping you away from the keyboard
Geez, Rod must be good.

See Uber, I can be nice---I didn't say that you had to have breasts to get breast cancer---no, no, no, I wouldn't say that


Sweetheart, I make Dolly Parton look flat chested! :)

Clyde said...

Geez, no wonder Rod gets lost