Sunday, 28 September 2008


OK, I'm a guy, so I'm stupid
We are born this way---we have that other brain---you know---led by the dick
Well I'm starting to think that way

The longer I live, the more I get confirmation of it. There is no such thing as give and take


I am gonna learn one day

So the latest episode

I met her at work---she was temping for us for a couple of months
I could see that she had problems---she was quite private about most of her life--she was really struggling with her finances---she had the education (three degrees) and background to be anything she wanted to be and she was chasing it.
I thought that if she wasn't paying rent, she would have more freedom to have a life and fulfill her dreams.
OK, so I offer her free rent in my house---her own bedroom, bathroom and toilet and no strings attached.
She left our office but two weeks later came in to see if the offer was still there---she just needed it for two weeks.----of course I said yes

She left last night after being here for 11 weeks.

For that 11 weeks, she had no job, paid no rent, bought no food, cooked for me once, smoked 4 packets of my cigarettes per week, borrowed my car for an average 150 ks per week, did no housework and ignored my dog.
She didn't want to talk so she would head for her bedroom after I had fed her unless she had commandeered my pay TV for the night.
She would let me know when her toilet was out of paper and she had run out of toothpaste or soap. She wouldn't answer the phone yet I had to keep asking for the cordless handset from her bedroom.
She wouldn't use the clothes line and her washing was hung in my games room on airers or she used the dryer
It wasn't the warmest of weather so she would run the gas heater all day and eat the nuts and cheese I bought from the market---I guess I didn't need any.

Funny, she had no money but she drank health food power powdered drinks every morning and the rubbish she left behind included containers for another three powdered supplements--over $30.00 each and fat burner tablets (she was built like a greyhound)and three other tablets from health food shops----
Geez, she must have had some money for her own cigarettes

The grand finale came last night when I took her to the airport for her to head home to her parents---she found money for an airfare----but her luggage was 20 kilos over weight----she stood there---she looked at me----she said I guess you'll just have to take it home and freight it up to me-----so OK, I paid the $160.00 excess baggage.

So there we were----11 weeks of paying out for someone to have free rent in my house and I've just paid out $160.00 to get her belongings home with her and she turns to me and says----------

"I should never have come to this State----there is nothing here for me---I'm never coming back to this town"
And she turned and walked off.


bunny said...

Oh dear.

You're clearly too nice for your own good Clyde. I would have booted her out long before that.

But it's a lesson learned, even if it was the hard way.

Fanny F said...

What can I say, Clyde?

Hey, since I'm selling my house and these is a severe rental property shortage here in Sydney, there's a chance we will have nowhere to live. Would you mind if I, the 2 offspring and my 2 dogs moved in for a while? I promise I would not smoke your cigarettes.

Clyde said...

I dont think that you can be too nice
The poblem with booting her out was she could not afford rent and would have lived on the streets.
I would feel worse

Clyde said...

I have no doubt that I would do it again
So why not you---well actually, that's a definite yes for you.
You might not smoke my cigarettes but I can see my wine cellar being depleted
Oh, I only have three bedrooms, so I guess someone will have to share

bunny said...

You can be too nice, and that's when people start taking advantage.

You needn't have felt bad. Girls like her always land on their feet one way or another.

Clyde said...

I guess I just need to be assured that they will be ok.
I feel like I've taken on a responsibility and have to see it through


But what goes around comes around- when you come to Scotland you can stay with us, and that will help restore your faith. Just pack light, Mister! :)

You are a kind soul and her a fool!
You meet a lot of foolish women, don't you? :)


I would not have ignored your dog- I have Diamond KT's as my wall paper.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Ubermouth said it best...."You are a kind soul and her a fool!"

You're NOT stupid...just kind and caring....maybe sometimes TOO kind and caring.

But I are so right when you say the more you're prepared to give, the more someone will take. I live with a man like that. Part of that is my fault...because I give and give and give when I should stand my ground and NOT give.

Honestly, I think some people are born givers and some are born's hard to find a balance sometimes.

Clyde said...

I know you couldn't ignore my pooch----and I worry about anyone who can ignore a smiling face with a wagging tail

Clyde said...

It is not that I want to receive.
And I'm quite happy to give---but when someone takes and takes some more and keeps on taking and shows no appreciation, it saddens me

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

But You SHOULD should always be a give and take deal. And even if it's never an equal 50/50 deal (which it usually isn't), you deserve to receive every once in a while, dammit.

Takers sadden me too.....they even sometimes really piss me off.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Come stay with me and no strings attached...what? Oh hell no, I would have insisted that I pay for food, lodging, drinks, cigs...and sex. Yeah...and I don't smoke. much babes...because i'm going there next week and I hate huge hotel rooms. I don't like to sleep by myself either. :(

Really...sweetie, that sucks. You're a nice guy and some gals just don't have feeling...they are dead inside.

It's like some mutts, you can't help them. You can clean them up and take good care of them and you can love them but...bottom line, when the front gate swings open they will run and not look back.

My advice is...don't do that again, okay? And if you are complelled to do that again...I'll give you my telephone number...have her call me. I want to talk with her first. I promise I will not threaten her...well, not too much.

Ciao babe...chin up, you were being a good human being. Some don't people don't have hearts like you...she surely doesn't.

Ciao babes. xoxox

Clyde said...

The door is open for you

I have no doubt that I'll do it again----I just cant see people in pain

Hey, as far as dogs are concerned---I've never met one that I couldnt work with---my current big girl was dumped, taken by a friend of mine from the pound and pushed on to me as totally unruly----the gate is open and she isn't going anywhere

phishez said...

The word 'Bitch' springs to mind.

Can I come over? I don't need anywhere to stay but I'd like to play with your pooch. Unless you feel I'm taking advantage.

But sometimes a poor, apartment-dwelling poochless gal needs a little extra in her life.

Clyde said...

If you will play with the pooch, walk on the beach and not smoke all of my cigarettes, you are welcome----and even welcome to stay.
The back end of the house has its own 3 way bathroom

phishez said...

Lol. 'Back end' and '3 way' in the one sentence. You're such a tease!

Clyde said...

Well the bath is a two person spa and the headrest could be a chin rest

phishez said...

I think I've seen that in a movie once!

Clyde said...

And I have a camera

Cat said...

Now that is a slap in the face!