Saturday, 2 October 2010


A good friend phoned me last week in a real panic.
His young son had just been arrested and charged with having sex with his under age girlfriend-----as young couples are inclined to do.

Now my friend called me because I have worked in the law all of my life. He wanted to know what he should do---which lawyer he should go to----would his son go to gaol---would a conviction be on his record for the rest of his life.

I laughed at him, told him to keep his head, not to get angry with his son and that I would be at his home in an hour.
My first question to his son was "How did the Police get involved--who told them ?."
It was the girls Father who had caught them in the act---embarrassing to have a parent wander in while you are nuts deep in their daughter----ah, but I didn't say that.
Second question was "How old is your girlfriend ?"-----Just turned 16----And "How old are you ?"----come on Uncle Clyde, you know I'm 16, you were at my birthday party.
Now for the big question---"Did you force her or did she want to do it ?"----It was her idea--she wanted to try it and so did I.

Now the age of consent in my State is 17-----very confusing country---the laws are mainly State Laws---other States have an age of consent of 16---one State has 16 but you have to be 18 to try anal sex---now that's confusing----and there is one State that we all joke about saying it's OK at any age as long as it's your sister and you have tried it with a sheep first----
OK, back to the serious story.

So with all of the information that I needed, I phoned the arresting officer---I know him---He said "Clyde, you know I cant talk to you about this.---the father has complained to us, we have a statement from the girl, your mate's son has admitted it, so we had to charge him"-----Yep, that's fine--you have a statement from the girl, you have a statement from the boy, so have you arrested and charged the girl?.

There was a strange silence on the phone then a "What do you mean--the girl---why"
Well, the boy is under the age of consent, you have these statements, so she is as guilty as he is, you have the same evidence against her, why isn't she arrested and charged ?
He laughed--but realised that I was right---"What are we going to do with this Clyde--what do you suggest ?".
Well I would suggest that you go and tell her father what you have now discovered and that the boys father is happy that no charges be laid against his daughter if he reconsiders the charges against his son.

It was all a done deal within an hour and all charges were dropped---but my mates son is not allowed to see his girlfriend anymore---well not officially.

But it got me thinking---what is an appropriate age of consent---is it 16 or 17 or maybe some other age.

OK, so I checked on the Web----just to see what was the go in other countries.
Scandinavian countries are quite famously liberal in their views yet they varied from 15 to 18.
American States are as bad as Australia---a variety of ages
Yet sneak across the boarder to Mexico and its 14
India intrigued me---it's 14 if your married and it can be lowered, but 16 if you are not married----married at 14 or younger---come on.

It was an interesting list---there was even provisions in some countries that are the targets of sex tourists that the age alters if there is money involved or there is coercion by a much older adult.

BUT here it is---yes it was on the list---look it up if you like---
Through all of Europe, the youngest age of consent was 15 except for--
Oh, I don't believe it
No wonder we have trouble all around the world from people associated with this State

The lowest age of consent in the world is 12---yes, 12 years old and it is The VATICAN STATE----yes, look it up
No wonder the Pope doesn't want to get involved with Priests having sex with children---it's OK in the VATICAN


Marnie said...

I'll bet your friend was relieved when you made the discovery that if his son was charged, then the girl could be too. Yes the girl's father was smart to drop the charges. I live in Canada and I'm not too sure what the age of consent is here. I am actually startled that it's 12 at the Vatican. about being in the dark ages.

Clyde said...


Yes, there was a bit of relief all around. Even the Police were pleased with the outcome.
It's funny that you don't know what the age is in Canada--even one of the young guys in our office didn't know---he is 17 and his girlfriend is 16 and by his reaction, they are committing a criminal act on a regular basis.

Anonymous said... are one hell of a good law man!

No reason a girl shouldn't be charged as well as a boy.

Nice work~

Marnie said...

Well I'm 40 and have been married for many My husband doesn't mind if I take advantage of him as he's 42. However it will be an issue of concern when my little one becomes a teenager.I'm not looking forward. Have a great weekend! xo

Clyde said...


I really didn't think anyone should be charged even though it is the law---
I think consent ages are there to prevent older people trying to take advantage of those so young

Clyde said...


40---that must be an old photo.
I hope that you take full adavantage of your husband and I have no doubt that he takes regular advantage of you.
There are always concerns with teenager---best to educate them when they are young and prey that they have got the message---or lock them up for 5 or 6 years


Loved this post,Clyde.
Imagine the Vatican.What an eyeopener.

Good on you for thinking that angl about the girl.

Ag of consent in Canada has been dropped from 16-14 but with a caveat-the man must not be more than 2 yrs older than th girl.

Venom said...

What's good for the goose....

Macy said...

Age of consent is 12 in the Vatican??? Still puzzled.. I thought they didn't have women in the vatican..
Get it now....

Clyde said...


Not sure that the legislators meant the law to work that way, but hey, it supposed to be fairness for all.
Yep, read that about Canada, but I think 14 is a little young--but what else can you do in the winter.

Clyde said...


Yep, all about goosing

Clyde said...


I think there are plenty of women in the Vatican State---but you're right---but I aint going there

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde...I couoldn't see your blog..til I hi-lited it. I was wondering why I wasn't able to comment on previous posts.

when you I read they were the ame age I also thought why she wasn't charged as well and why the officers didn't realize it.

I'm glad you fixed things...

getting caught by parents doing it...Yikes!

fab post clyde.
ciao xxx

Memphis said...

The world could use more friends like you. That boy owes you his life.

Clyde said...

Miss Jones

Since when did the Police look at both sides of the story---they get told one, investigate it and charge people----
Yep, don't relly like someone walking in on me but parets---yikes---instant soft-on

Clyde said...


That boy owes me nothing---I really don't handle people in the Law who cant think outside the square---and I don't have a degree---The Chief Justice of this State said to me---"You know the Law should be logical, how come the legislators framing these laws dont ?"-=-----it is sad that you have to read into the legislation what you think they may have thought or what they should have thought of

Sister Christian said...


Speaking of holy, Vatican says 12 is good for sexy time? Ridiculous! So ridiculous that it is in fact ridonculous.

There's no logic in sex laws, my friend EXCEPT when it bars youngsters who think Justin Bieber is the cat's pyjamas. In fact, that should be the law around the world: If thou thinkest Justin Bieber is great, you know the lyrics to any one of his songs nad have yet to bleed between your legs, chances are you're too young to fuck.

Also, this post reminds me of the song "Sexx Laws" by Beck.

Clyde said...

Sister Deb

What, you don't like my new template ? It will grow on you.

I think you are right that there is no logic in sex laws--but I suppose you have to draw a line somewhere--but age doesn't take maturity into account.----I am sure that there has to be an age to protect youth from the predatory older adults.
I'm still not offended by a former 16yo class mate having sex with his 13yo sister---but if it carried on later in life, it would be offensive and is unlawful.
AND yes, I agree with you on the Bieber fans and Bieber---should not be allowed to breed

fingers said...

I bet they were all fucking up a storm right under your nose at that 16th birthday party, Columbo...

Clyde said...


And your point is ?
I think a lot of that goes on---and good luck to them---
I see you're getting plenty

SB said...

"India intrigued me---it's 14 if your married and it can be lowered, but 16 if you are not married----married at 14 or younger"

---This is weird since I'm from India and they dont allow girls to get married until they are 21.

The only reason a girl would be married at 14 is because either she is from an extremely orthodox Muslim family in India... or she was " promised" to a son of another family ALSO from a very orthodox Hindu family... usually in a very remote village way out of the government's reach.

With all the female infanticide in India, girls are being protected in more ways than one, far as i know, when i was growing up, there were strict laws on how old a girl needed to be before her family gave her away in marriage.

oh, and.. i love your blog!!!

Clyde said...

Lyrical Lady

The list I read was wikipedia--I think---
And it may well be State laws in India as well as in Australia.
I have had it explained to me by a beautiul young Indian lady about the "Orthodox" people---can be very strict and usually marry their girls off--and usually fairly young.---actually, she has been in Australia for 4 years and wants to get her citizenship before she goes home for her father to find her a husband. I find that concept very hard to understand---but she is happy with that.
A lot of people here are Punjabi and seem much more liberal than others.---very interesting country--must go and visit.
Thanks---just found your blog and I'm reading your life story

SB said...

Oh yeah, your friend is doing good to stay away before she gets handcuffed by the wedding police!!
LOL. most times ( for NonResident Indians) thats the best and least 'disrespectful' way to buy some time!!

Clyde said...

Lyrical Lady
It's funny, but she really doesn't see it that way----and I think that she is free to marry whoever she likes
But to her it seems right that she should marry an Indian----and it almost seems to be a safety net that her father should select her husband.
She is very strict Hindu---vegetarian and no sex before marriage--yet doesn't go out with Indian boys here because they all want sex----hmm, does the Hindu faith say no for the girls but yes for the boys ???? Must read up on that

Anonymous said...

Just passing by. By the way, I really like the new background. :)

Clyde said...


Good to see you passing by

SB said...

Its sad you know... because even though most wont admit it. The Hindu culture is quite unfair and hypocritical towards girls. The boys are preferred as soon as they are born. The play the field all they want but when it comes time to marry ( and if they are from an arranged marriage kinda household) then they want virgins. LOL!!!

Your friend is from a conservative family i assume.She's smart. LOL Indian guys in the US know how to keep their pasts well hidden! And im saying that from experience!

My family , (like your friend's)also is broadminded enough to let me pick whoever the damn i want to marry, BUT the pickings are SLIM i tell ya!