Monday, 26 July 2010


How many times have your heard that---I've heard it all.
And a lot of times that you will say that in your life will be after hearing some new rule in relation to schools and / or children.

I will never agree with child abuse or with parents badly beating their children but I am afraid that I will always agree with some sort of corporal punishment administered by a fair minded parent or teacher.

The Government Child Services Departments of the world seem intent on empowering children to become self regulating and with more rights than any adult.

It is now not acceptable for parents or teachers to speak harshly to or embarrass children in front of anyone.

But what will happen when these kids grow up and get a job ?
Will they be allowed to act as they like in the work place ?

Well, they probably will because if admonished in any way, it will be against Equal Opportunity Regulations, or Workplace Relations Rules.

Don't laugh, I can see it coming---these regulations for kids are going to carry forward to adulthood.

OK, so here it is----carry this one forward

You are not going to believe it, but yes, I read it in an interstate paper.

Child psychologists and school counsellors have suggested that it is OK and indeed healthy, for year 1 and year 2 children to masturbate in class.
What the fuck ?
We are talking about 5 to 7 year old children.

Now I don't know about you, but I didn't get into tampering with myself until I was much older----at least 12 or 13..
And basically the story around at the time was that if you did it, you would go blind and end up with hair on the palms of your hands---I now wear glasses but the hands are smooth.
We were discouraged from hiding in our bedrooms or behind the shed and tampering with ourselves, now they want 5 to 7 year olds to beat one off in class and teach everyone else how it's done.
Maybe in the end they will get graded on their performance and the teachers will hand out tissues.-----hmm, maybe they will supply a little towel with their uniforms

The worrying thing is that some professional has suggested this-----
Then you have to worry that it's gonna happen----then that those 5 to 7 year olds will want to carry it on into teenage years
I can just see that----a 16 year old boy beating one off in class next to a 16 year old girl----or over a 25 year old teacher----

And then carry it forward----those 5 year olds are going to be adults working in an office---well, they let me do it at school, why cant I do it in the office---I have rights.



The Invisible Seductress said...

WTF!!! Are you serious!! Homeschooling anyone??? Criminey. Now I am scared.. Will the girls be able to bring toys? I don't get the rationality behind this..Again.. are you serious??

Dutch donut girl said...


What in the world is going on with these people?

These children will eventually leave their little world and go out into the real word where their behavior will not be tolerated and then what?

Jailtime for indecent exposure??

We live in an amazing, amazing world. And I don't mean that in a good way.


Are you kidding me, Clyde?

My God.

Clyde said...


Oh, I'm serious.
I picked up a great friend from the airport last week and he gave me the paper---and there it was--we both laughed at it but then realised how serious this was that someone had suggested it

Clyde said...


The problem is that we have now become tolerant of antisocial behaviour learnt at school and are allowing it in the workplace--they have rights---ha.
So will this be another tolerated behaviour--and a publically tolerated behaviour.
Will there be classes for those who aren't sure how to do it---what will sex education look like in 20 years.
You live in a sexually liberated country but I'm sure that it is not going to be suggested there--well, unless you spread the word

Clyde said...


I wish I was.
You know only too well how these well educated idiots have led the world in thinking over the past 20 years---why not, what's next.
Maybe it will be compulsary

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit.

My words cannot express my horror.


Clyde said...


Yep, that's about right---Holy Shit--
I wonder where these well educated idiots come up with their ideas

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde: maybe it's time for home schooling.

Better yet...make all like private Catholic schools.


Clyde said...

Miss Jones

Yep that sounds good---Catholic schools, like Catholic churches--you cant do it to yourself but we will do it to you---Hmmmm---
I think the people who dreamed this up need some good old home schooling---in reality

fingers said...

Oh what a load of tosh !!!
Some rag finds two morons in the field to blather this tripe and that entitles them to print 'some child psychologists and school counsellors have suggested...'

This crap gets media-space every day now...'some scientists think...certain doctors suspect...a growing number of people believe...'

Clyde said...


Hey, it would not surprise you that it was in the Courier Mail.
But even if it was two people, there is two people with some credibility making this suggestion---and, I totally agree, the media jumps in to make it a story.
Personally, I stick to behind closed doors----but I do have some concern for where youth of today are heading---or more, being allowed or encouraged to head

Macy said...

As long as they don't give thenm homework....

Clyde said...


Ha ha ha---I think the better idea is that they keep it as homework and not do it at school

Sister Christian said...

When I was learning about early childhood education, they actually told us that it was against the law to talk to children in any way that would embarass them. It's a form of child abuse is what they told us.
As for the masturbation thing, yes, apparently children at that age can become familiar with themselves in that sense. And the professors told us that it's completely normal.
Personally, I see early childhood masturbation as a sign that sexual abuse has taken place.
As for not talking to children in a way that can embarass them...come on! Children are far more resilient than we give them credit for. How else are they going to learn to suck it up and move on?

Clyde said...

Sister Deb

We wouldn't want to embarass the poor little children---let them play with themselves---
I'm not sure that it's a sign of any abuse, and I'm fairly sure that it's normal---as sure as I am that we should tell them it is not something to do out in public--
Like as in, don't pick your nose, cover your mouth when you cough, wash your hands after you've been to the toilet and dont play with you dick in class

Pat said...

Sometimes I think I have been on this earth too long.
BTW I saw your comment at Charlie's: someone close to me is due to have a colonoscopy - sedated I think, and I wonder if it is painful?

Clyde said...

I keep wodering if we have been here too long with some of the so called advances-----
Colonoscopies are performed under full anesthetic----for 24 to 36 hours before, the colon has to be cleaned right out---that is a little draining and uncomfortable---after may be a little uncomfortable because they may pump air into the colon for access.
Not painful in the least---
If the patient has stomach problems like severe ulcers, they cannot evacuate the colon over the 24 hour period without causing stomach problems---you should advise the surgeon

Pat said...

Thanks for that.