Thursday, 8 July 2010


You would have to be hiding in the wilds of Outer Mongolia not to know that the World Cup of Football / Soccer is being played in South Africa

A magnificent meeting of the countries of the world on the sporting fields of South Africa.
Of course I supported the Australian team---hey, I'm an Aussie and it was a team representing my country.
But they weren't there for too long---the world football game or soccer as we call it in Australia, is not our number one football game.----but we are improving and in 4 years time, we could be more competitive.
Once Australia was out, my allegiances changed to The Netherlands and I'm hoping they can go all the way---all the way in the World Cup to become champions of the world.

But who ever wins, they will truly be the World football Champions.

Now to all of my friends from the USA.
Your team has just competed in this world championship and have done extremely well and you should be justly proud of your players.
Hopefully, like Australia, your country will be more competitive in four years time and one day, even be world champions.

But I will never understand the mentality of a sporting nation that runs an internal competition, not playing against any other country and lays claim to it being a world series championship.
I have little doubt that if there was a true world series of baseball, open to all nations, that the USA would win more games than they would lose and that they would probably be world champions more often than not----but until you are playing against the rest of the world, how can you have a world series.


Ponita in Real Life said...

I've always asked that question too. Although Canada is at times involved, and the Toronto Blue Jays have won it in the past. Does that make it 'international' enough???

Probably not. That's just North America....

Clyde said...

And there was nearly a national day of mourning when the Blue Jays won----
But I think it needs to be a competition open to any country in the world, before it can be called a world series.
At least it is a world game---unlike football in the US and Australia

Macy said...

Yeay! Holland are so going to win and I've had a tenner on them at 11 to one since the group rounds!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh USA haters...I totally understand though. la-di-dah...most powerful nations in the world and stuff.

We do say those things because we can. It was called a world series way before other countries heard of it. Why change it? It only matters what we in the USA think. we really don;t give a sewcond thought to what Oz or Europ thinks of our sports.

think of it like this...It's like cutting through the red tape...we know the other countries don't even play baseball except for a few and that's where our old washed up players go when they can't hack it in the USA.

And as for basketball...ditto. those that don't get drafted in US teams go elsewhere in the world.

I will give this to aussies...they say the word cunt better then any other country in the world...that makes you all world champs.

later haters...

Ponita in Real Life said...

@ Spikey... Where did the 'hate the USA' thing come from? No one said that... We've just been questioning the accuracy of the title "world series" when it is only the two North American countries involved. Not exactly the world, now is it...

@ Clyde... Didn't the Jays do a 'threepeat' in the early 90's??? I was working in Texas at that time in a hospital that employed lots of Canadian nurses and we were going wild watching it on the patients' tvs!

Clyde said...


Hope you collect---it would be great to see them win

Clyde said...

Ah Miss Jones

No one here is a USA hater
I just cant understand that you play a sport internally within a country and claim the winner to be a world champion.
Really it is like saying that the USA is the world and the rest of us should bow down in awe of your might.
I would have thought that you for one would understand the anomaly.

Oh, by the way---when the US did play in a true world competition at the Olympic Games in 2008, they did not win the gold medal---it was South Korea.
The foreign players only come to play sport in the US for the money---and the US is the world leader with money---they just lead us all into a recession.
Hey, we have a football code in Australia callede Aussie Rules--and the winner at the end of the seasion is the premier--it's not played in great numbers around the world but we don't call ourselves world beaters

Clyde said...


Hey, although it's rammed down our thoats on cable TV, I don't watch a lot of US sport and don't know a lot of the history---but you have given me a team to follow


I stopped watching when England lost.
I find the refs a disgrace to the profession.

Clyde said...


Very little doubt that there has been some very bad decissions
But good luck to the Dutch---they have played well and deserve to be there

Scarlet Blue said...

I'm waiting for the tiddly-winks world championships to be televised. I tired of minority sports being marginalised.

Scarlet Blue said...


Spiky Zora Jones said...

"Hey, we have a football code in Australia callede Aussie Rules--and the winner at the end of the seasion is the premier--it's not played in great numbers around the world but we don't call ourselves world beaters."

great...oh my...that makes you Aussies better than Americans.


I'll have to run off and write all the newspapers in the USA and tell them The Aussies don't like it when we Americans call ourselves world champions in our sports...and we should change it.

Do you think they care what Oz thinks? No...they won't call you cunts but they will tell you fuck off and that's if they think you're worthy of a responce.

And BTW...the best players don't bother playing for nothing. But some will play but let me tell you...they value an NBA or Base ball "World" Chamopionship a thousand times more than an Olympic gold in basketball...etc.

Everyone wants to play here...It's where the best play and compete. It's where althetes from the world come to our colleges and train with our coaches. It's where the best coaches in the world come to coach.

also tell me why would Americans trust foreign umpires and refs? As has been desplayed over and over in international competition.

Scarlet Blue said...

Anyone for tiddly-winks??

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet
Maybe if it's a world competition, it will be on TV---
I guess it's a little like darts

Clyde said...

Ah Miss Jones

The Aussie rules premiers not being called world champions doesn't make us better than any one else---it just says that we wone the competition in our own country and against teams from our own country, so we can't claim to be any better than any other country.
Put properly to any reasonable American, I am sure that they would see the point---and no, it's not the Aussies having a go---it's me, Clyde.

Oh yes, the best do come to your colleges to train and play because they are headhunted and given scholarships---and I think that is a wonderful oportunity to any sprortsman / woman.
And yes, your basketball leagues are probably the best in the world---and your baseball league---but if you dont include teams from all over the world to play in them, then you cannot claim that the team winning at the end of the season is the world champions---champions of the US or North Amaerica, yes, but the world, no.

Yes, you do have the best training facilities in the world for athletes and debatedly the best coaches but you still don't win every competition in the world---except for Marion Jones.

Ah, who cares---
Funny, I thought you for one, would see the anomaly, but I guess I had you on too higher pedestal

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet

Yes set them up---und a nice strong cup of tea

Just telling it like it is said...

I just like the hot sweaty shirtless guys! Oh yeah!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Don't put me high, I will only disappoint you. Plus the fall so high hurts like hell.

when words like "we" are used they indicate more than one and in this case Americans and Aussies were in focus.

"Now don't get your panties in a bunch" is what you should have said to me. I of course would have replied with a retort something like..."I'm not wearing panties." and we could have had a right good laugh.

if friends can't have heated, I mean heated discussions (I'm right) with each other who can we? If we did this with strangers...there could be a homicide.

so...babe. 'don't get your panties in a bunch."

later I'm gonna go see if scarlet blue wants to play for the tiddly-winks world championships.
m the ocus but I see you now bring

Clyde said...

Yep, I'll agree with that except I'm watching the cheerleaders and the woman hockey players---and I do like the womans high jump---ya do have to love a girl who can throw her leg over a bar.

Clyde said...

Miss Jones
I like to see you when you are heated.
A little national passion---and you know I love passion

Just telling it like it is said...

clyde: More importantly are they wearing panties?

Clyde said...

Hmm, that's important ?

Culture Served Raw said...

Great point! I did an article on this recently about sport and national identity, it was very interesting to see why the USA is so attached to the game of baseball while the rest of the world go crazy over soccer

Clyde said...

Soccer is called the world gave but I guess it is more a professional sport in Europe, Asia and South America.
Of course, if there is a national team playing in a world wide competition, the national spirit swells----
Look at Australia---not great supporters of soccer but we were behind our team.
To the credit of the USA, they went crazy over their national team in the world cup---
The world series---I will never see it, til other countries are invited into the competition