Tuesday, 23 December 2008


May this season bring you joy

May you feel the warmth of family and friends

May this season bring you love

May you have peace and contentment

May you see the innocence in the faces of children

May you extend a hand to those in need

May the next year bring you all that you may wish for

Stay safe
Have a great Xmas


Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde baby...Merry Christmas to you honey. have a wonderful New Year too.

Thanks for the Christmas wish...and thank you for being you. I wish we could be partying together safe and take care.

Ciao sweetie.

EmmaK said...

yeah yeah, have a great christmas drinking cocktails on the beach wearing a sarong while I freeze the female equivalent of my nuts off. Nah I'm not jealous...not much

Clyde said...

Miss Jones
I would love to see the joy on your children's faces ------that is partying at Xmas
But the champagne is on ice for New Year

Clyde said...

I am the one who should be jealous.
Xmas is a time for families and I dont have one.
Yes, I'll be on the beach with my dog but I'll be alone.
Enjoy the warmth of your family

bunny said...

Merry Christmas Clyde xx


Merry Christmas, Clyde and Clyde's dog. :)
I shall be thinking of you.

Clyde said...

Merry Christmas sweet Bunny
I hope the season brings you plenty of joy xx

Clyde said...

Thank you Uber
May the season bring you joy and peace.xx
The pooch and I have just had a nice hour on the beach
Now to cook the roast---sigh

phishez said...

May you see the innocence in the faces of children

What? On Chirstmas day? They're not bloody innocent. They're always under the damned tree, trying to sneak in an open their presents and guess what they have before you get up.

And then screaming at someone when a sibling wants to play with what they got. And don't even get me started on what happens when it gets broken...

Clyde said...

That is innocence
They dont know any better because they haven't been taught

Hey, I bet you gave a yelp when you got home with your new toy and found out that batteries weren't included