Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Once you really look at it, we have a pretty good public health system in Australia.

A free Medicare card issued to residents, allows you treatment at a local doctor for $10 or $20 or even in some cases, no cost at all.
The same card gives you most procedures in a public hospital at no cost to you---but there is a waiting list.
The governments Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme allows you to purchase prescribed listed medications for a minimal fee------if your Doctor believes that you really need something that is not on the "allowed" list, they can make an application for a Commonwealth exemption for you and you can get that medication at the same minimal fee.
Pensioners receive all medications at a vastly reduced rate.
Wheelchairs, walking frames and other aids to assist in daily living can be supplied free under a Commonwealth scheme.

Private health insurance is not very expensive ----within the reach of the average family.

That all seemed pretty reasonable to me.

But then I read this article from the US
Wow, what progressive thinking

US gun company will market a pistol to elderly Americans that will be subsidised by the government in the same way as a wheelchair or walking frame. The company, Constitution Arms, claims its gun, called a Palm Pistol, has won approval as a medical device for people with arthritis or other disabling conditions who have trouble squeezing the trigger on a normal firearm. Under the deal, seniors who buy the $US300 9mm handgun will be reimbursed by the federal government. Matthew Carmel, president of Constitution Arms in Maplewood, New Jersey, said the gun was "something that they need to assist them in daily living". -- AAP

What next ?
Something for the front yard ?


bunny said...

That's exactly what I look for in my medical benefits.

Clyde said...

Yep, a hand gun or a cannon could really come in handy to improve or stabilize your health


Yeah,but half will forget their 'packing'and the rest will be too rheumy eyed to see that they are pointing it in the wrong direction. Hopefully. You know how crotchety old ppl are? They'd shoot you for nothing!

Karen ^..^ said...

Isn't that absolutely retarded??? Are they hoping the population gets thinned out a bit? I live in the US, and I've never heard of this. But then again, being someone who has never had health benefits, and who doesn't go to the doctor, and I mean EVER, I can't very well relate to this.


Clyde said...

I've never been a gun person---and I dont understant this "right to be armed"
In the end, someone will shoot.
Guess it thins out the nursing home residents.

I couldnt believe it---but then again, I cant understand the US gun laws.
And your Government bodies wont vote against guns cos the National Rifle Association will rally and take their votes away.
Me--make love not war

EmmaK said...

God bless the 2nd amendment... that's what makes the USA so great... in this great nation of ours there exists the absolute right for every retard/person in Depends/psychopath to bear arms!

I also think that it is great that people are firing guns in Toys R Us - its one way of teaching kids about this great free democracy

EmmaK said...


i should just add that i was being sarcastic

Clyde said...

You, sarcastic---never
At least we have laws that guns must be locked in a safe area and should not be kept loaded.
It appears in the US that kids are taking dad's gun, fully loaded, to school----because they were not locked away

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I can tell you've never been in the states.

In the neighborhood where I grew up. You had to have a weapon. It was part of everyday living or it was part of everyday dying. The more people have guns the safer you are.

If i'm in a store and someone tries to rob it and me...I pull mine out and shoot. No prison time for him...just bury him. It saves tax payers money. I get a notch on my holdster. Sometimes it's high noon and it's you and them.

my fave line to entice fear and make them shake in their boots is...get to living or get to's your choice. you can walk away.

hehehe...the thing about guns from a holdster is you shoot from the hip...really. Quick and fast.

I don't know why there are so many guns. I know people that own 10-14 guns, rifles, shot guns, pistols. Hell I own two...but they are put away and locked up. And unable to be fired.

I don't know why...but there is always some stupid shit doing stuoit shit. Mathew that stupid shit.

I've partially witnessesd a gun fight. An old man in his late 60s pulled out a gun on a kid on a bicycle that was maybe 12 years old. I heard about 7 -8 shots fired. the kid jumped on his bike and sped off the old man walked back into the house.

The old man didn't like people walking on his side of the street sidewalk.


Oh my...indeed.

People...are kind of disappointing sometimes huh?

kiki said...


Clyde said...

Ah, Miss Jones
There is a reason that the US is very low on my list of places to visit.
I cant understand he mentality of "if everyone has a gun, then no one will get shot"
And any one can have a gun---mental condition not a factor. So I have a gun, my mental condition deteriates with age -----my son or grandson knows where my gun is---
My God, I'm a loony woth a gun, my son is a wild drunk with access to a gun not registered to him, and my drugged out grandson with no frieds, has grabbed my gun to talk to his headmaster----
And you told me the story about the old guy who doesnt like kids---geez, next time he shoots one just to teach the rest a lesson.
Oh, and then there is Miss Jones---well there is a reason to put the US back high on the list of places to visit

Clyde said...

A rare visit
But in one word---YES

EmmaK said...

The guy who manufactures this gun also tried to get it covered by Medicare as a medical device or "daily activity assist device." Thank God Medicare told him to fuck off. There might otherwise have been a spate of shootings from crazed seniors on motorized scooters. And could you really penalize some half blind old person whose finger accidentally slipped onto the trigger of her Palm Pistol?? I only wish this was Science Fiction.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde...i didn;t mention that the kid on the bike also had a pistol and shot back. I was suprised no one got hurt...tis took place almost across the street from my parents house I was maybe 11 years old.
i dodn't find it odd that the kid had a pistol. As I grew older to age 16 I knew guys that had pistols. yes guns are dangerous and I don;t agree with them. I know how to use them...but they sstill scare me...the damage they can do. And truth be told if I had one back then...maybe 4 boys would be dead now.

A guy on the next block...his name was "One Nut Eddie." because he and a friend made a gun...yep home made pistol and they loaded it and then wrestled to see who would shoot it first. It went off and...Eddie went to...One Nut Eddie. He was 15 years old. Nice Italian boy.

Guns...oy. Where are the parents in all of this? My lord they are responsible for their children.

My two my 9mm and 44 pistols are locked up and they are unable to be fired...unless I put it together. My eldest doesn't even know I own them.

I am glad you would come to the US...for me. :D I have found out though that most people that visit from the UK and oz want to move here.

Ciao made me laugh. :D