Sunday, 25 May 2008


I live on the same block of land that I was born on.
I knocked my parents house down a few years back and built a new house.
Sure, it's newer, sure it's bigger and it now has three toilets and two bathrooms but the biggest difference between the two houses is that I have roller shutters protecting the front windows, security doors and dead locks protecting the entrance doors, padlocks on the side gates and keyed window locks on all of the windows.

How sad is it that my parents wouldn't even lock the back door of their house and the side gate was only closed to keep the dog in and they were never burgled in the 45 years that they were here----yet I've already, with all of that security, been broken into once.
There is no longer any respect by people for another persons property.

God, my parents used to leave money out with the milk bottles and have milk delivered every morning---do that now and your money has gone, the bottles have been smashed in your driveway and your garden gnomes (ok, I haven't got any ) have been kidnapped.
A friend of mine paid over $4000.00 to have his front yard landscaped---six months later, he woke up one morning to find 6 pencil pine trees had been stolen---two months later, he returned from holidays to find three half ton moss rocks had been taken.

As teenagers, my friends and I had great respect for the local community police officer---he would give you a kick in the arse and tell you to go home----
You wouldn't tell you parents because you would get another kick in the arse at home and grounded for a month for coming to the attention of the police.
If a police officer did that today, a parent would have him before the courts or a disciplinary tribunal and he would be on the unemployment line quicker than he could draw his truncheon.

As a child, I knew better than to throw a tantrum in a shop, because I would get the whack on the arse that I deserved and every adult in the shop would applaud-----do that today and the parent is charged with assault and the child put in the care of some strange family who will no doubt sexually assault them.

And for God sake, don't show too much public affection towards your child because you will offend someone and they will report you to some Families Department and you will be forever labeled as a sexual predator.

Now, when your house gets broken into or someone steals your car and it is a juvenile apprehended for the crime, don't expect to see them serving time in a Juvenile Facility-----no, no, expect to receive a Court ordered letter of apology from the offender written just before he breaks into your neighbours house----and when he gets caught for that one, you and your neighbour can compare letters
Gone are the days when that same Juvenile will serve time in a Facility because we shouldn't do that to children because it is not their fault----its likely to be their parents fault because they cant keep them home at night----and they cant keep them home at night because if they try, then the child will report them to some Families Department and the parents will be prosecuted and the children installed in some foster facility that will let them go out at night to break into houses----or the children will hit the streets and the Government will give them money to live away from home.

Of course these kids will grow up and finish up in the adult courts and eventually be sent to gaol----a little too late----
Now we cant sentence prisoners to hard labour any more, so while they are in gaol, we cant make them do anything towards their own rehabilitation-----so they just associate with hardened older offenders and learn all of the tricks of the trade for re offending upon release----or if they are a little on the weak side, they can become a cell bitch for some big guy who isn't getting out for some time.

Ok, we have come a long way in other areas.
You live next door to me and you worship what you like with whoever you like whenever you like with the freedoms you should never have had to wait for.
Your daughter will take my managerial job one day and I will be as proud of her as you are.
My pale colour and round eyes are no longer an issue to you

Thank your God that we have come a long way----but are you sure that we should have come this way ?


Fanny said...

A couple of years ago, I woke up in the night to see an intruder in my bedroom. Scared the cr*p out of me. The police told me that it would have been to do with drugs, and most burglaries are to get money to fuel drug habits.

Harley said...


Clyde said...

Very scary, but after you sobered up, you realised that you had brought him home ?

No, a very scary thing.
I didnt have pooch when I got broken in to----the police said that I had every other precaution but a pooch was a great deterrent

Clyde said...

Sad we have got it wrong----and I dont think that there is a way back.
I just hope we dont get to the stage of arming ourselves to protect our homes.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Well put, Clyde....I think that's a HUGE part of what's wrong iwth society today. A lot of kids get away with anything and everything and they have no respect or fear of ANYONE. It's like "You can't TOUCH me!"

My Dad used to spank me with a razor strap when the need called for it. It made me respect him and fear him and it kept my ass on the straight and narrow.

Makes me a tad bit glad I DON'T have kids....I am a firm believer in spankings when it's called I know I'd end up in a lot of trouble with DCF.


Bag said...

When we are young we have to be taught everything. Being smacked is one way of doing that and when it became passe to smack your kids many kids learnt the lesson in that which was there is no punishment for crime. Not everyone needs smacked though and, evil person that I am, I smacked my kids and don't think I had too after they were 7 or 8. They have, fingers crossed, grown up reasonably well and when I see others out of control I see an entire generation who have been educated into the belief that they can not be punished.

It's a handful of do gooders with the ears of the politicians who screw it up for the rest of us. Forcing their pious sanctimony on us all.

Where we are is fine but if we had taken different paths we could be in a much better place. It seems to me that every decision a politician makes is the wrong one. We should let them chose and then go the opposite. Useless scumbags that they are.

Clyde said...

Unfortunately I think our attitudes of today have come from your father.
His use of a strap was excesive---so thats why the do gooders and law makers got together to make it a crime to beat children---but the new rules took a hand on the arse into account and banned the lot
Spanking yes---beating no---and the law can differentuate.
No wonder our gaols are full

Clyde said...

I think the world put itself on a merry go round too many years ago.
The law said you cant spank them---then the law said that the police couldnt grab them or give them a severe talking to.---then the courts couldnt deal with them---they went to Family Conferencing teams where they had to write a letter and say they were sorry---then you tried to buy back into it at home, so the child went to the Family Department and they left your home.
Yes, between the political whisperers who have never had children of their own and the politicians our children are no longer on our merry go round---they are on a spiral---a downward spiral---supported by the government

Spiky Zora Jones said...

oh's funny what I knew and know and I still go on pretending we will see that happy ending.

Here it grew up there and it was nice and Wally and the Beaver were really swell guys.

Well not in my neighborhood. You better carry a switchblade...and I did.

Oh...clyde, emotion is makes people act...sometimes to the bad. I can't say I have seen a change. Am I jaded?

fab post made me think back to those spacific moments. I never used that swith blade...but pulling it saved me a few times. I looked innocent, but I could take care of myself most times.

I could share some stories Clyde, but then you would not get any sleep for a while. Psst, get a big mean looking dog. I do...I call him Cujo. Nicest dog I've ever had but he sure looks like hell's hound.

Academia saved me.

Ciao babes.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde...most break ins are people you know or those in your neighborhood.

Damn...just noticed kali's avatar...oh, very hot.

Ciao babes.

Keshi said...

The problem is with the current SYSTEM. These days anyone can get away with even murder! And the fact that anything is 'sueable' makes me wanna puke.

Its so sad.

*HUGZ* Clyde!


Clyde said...

We may well be from different backgrounds and come from two different starting points, but the results are still the same.
The social working do gooders, although doing a great job in most instances, think that everyone in the world is good and should not suffer the punishments that most of society demands---and they are getting their way.
They demand that we raise our children their way---and when people grow up knowing that there are no recriminations for their anti social actions, their offending will increase in volume and severity.

Clyde said...

We havent quite got to the point of letting murderers walk away---if there is the evidence, we can convict anyone of their offending---but our punishments for repeat offending youths are pitiful which in the end lowers the punishment for older offenders
The scales of Justice are tilting too far

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I don't think anyone believes in "Spare the rod, spoil the child" anymore. I know I got a good spanking when I deserved it!

Clyde said...

And you still enjoy a good spanking