Monday, 19 May 2008


Come on, you are reading blog posts---you have to believe in fantasy
Although I must admit to sticking to the facts recently and I'm going to again.
This is almost a Ha, got ya Clyde.

So guys, come on, admit it---you all have these sexual fantasies
They might involve female bloggers---and hello to Kylie, Fanny, Keshi, Uber, Steph, Stacy, Ann, Deborah, Pri, Eve, Kali-----come on---no stones here----I'll admit to being a tart.
But back to it----the fantasies

Now guys, you might like a little dressing up, or a little pain, or little outdoor activity but in the end it comes back to the big two----no, not a nice pair of mammary glands----although, if you are Japanese, you want to add in Bukake--look it up folks.
So the big two are a threesome or a Mother and Daughter duo.

Now I have to admit about fantasising about both of the big two but I have to admit that I have been given the oportunity of the threesome and bailed out.
It's a great dream but who wants to share with another guy and who needs two lovely ladies giving you a critique on your performance----hey and most guys I know are the same.
Besides all of that, I would rather concentrate on one special lady.

Ok, here it comes.

So last year and early this year, I had a relationship with a wonderful young lady a fair bit my junior----hey come on---she picked me up---no stones to be thrown here.
It lasted just on four months and ended on very friedly terms------hey, it was never gonna last but was fun for both of us.

Last week she phoned me-----first contact for four months----we had this great conversation til she said to me "Do you know CB"-----
I though and said that I didnt remember the name---she said "What about CT"----I still didnt remember or couldnt relate til she said "Check you school year book for this year".
Well then it came back-----of course I remember----yes we went out a few times (I wasnt going to mention the very enjoyable under aged sex) in high school.
OK---punch line folks.
She said, "Glad you remember her, she's my Mum"

Fark, I wish people would label their fucking children.
Of course I didn't tell her that mummy and I had played under aged tonsil hockey and hide the sausage
And of course I didn't tell her that she was better that her mother----
So it was an "Ah, yes, we were in the same class"----which was followed by her giggle and a request not to tell her mother that we had been playing hide the sausage for a few months.

Hey, I dont want to tell her mother-----who wants to get involved with those old folks.

OOOHEEEEEE-----Mummy and daughter------shit, Mummy was younger than the daughter when we played------but the fantasy fulfilled---

OK, it was unintentional---so no burn in hell for me


Fanny said...

Well Clyde, you lucky bugger. What a funny situation!

Clyde said...

The phone call had me thinking for a while.
Geez Mothers, brand your children

Allie-gator said...

Wow, just wow!!

I like to think you look like Justin Timberlake...hope you don't mind.

Oh and I totally dig older men! I wish people weren't so surprised by a 24 yr old hitting on a 40 yr old. Wait I was 23 when I did that. ;-)

Clyde said...

No surprise at all
Age is only numbers---and as long as its legal and no one is harmed, then go for it

ann said...

I have always dated older men or someone a few months from my age. I think older men are more mature and alot less selfish,for the most part. I agree with Allie, I picture you looking just like Justin too.

Clyde said...

Geez Ann, Ive got a lot to live up to.
Lets say I'm male, so thats Justin and me---yep----and ok, if you go somewhere between Justin and my Avatar, thats me
Hey, guys take a while to grow up---remember that you are taking them away from their mothers

Keshi said...

omg that was like u had the chicken and her egg too! LOL Clyde!


Keshi said...

hang on a sec...u fantasise abt me? ooh lala ;-)


Clyde said...

And why wouldn't I
Check those photos every night

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh I'd have LOVED to see the look on your face when she told you that! What a shock...albeit a pleasant little shock, right? ;)

I've always had a thing for older guys...hell, I've been married to one for over 15 years now...;) I hadn't yet turned 21 when we first started dating and he was 35.

Age really IS just a number.

And you BET we all have fantasies...anyone who says they don't is lying. I started a blog that was going to be my "dark" blog...and that's where I was going to post some of that "naughty" stuff. But I haven't gotten around to posting anything there yet.

Clyde said...

I'm sure she knows that her mother and I played but she didnt ask and I wouldnt tell----
Just like I would never tell her mother about us
Not a great shock but a pleasant surprise
Oh, and dont forget the link if you start that blog

Harley said...

Ha ha ha ha that's hilarious! Lucky you!

What a coincidence.. the world really is a small place...

Clyde said...

Ah Kali
The world is but a village

Lauren Elizabeth said...

My cousin married a man my mom dated in college. The first couple of family events were kind of weird, but they've been married for a while now so no one thinks twice.

You must be attracted to their "type" to hook with both the mom and the daughter!

Keshi said...

which ones? :):)


Clyde said...

You are right---I am attracted to their type---they are both female.


The photos of Keshi

Spiky Zora Jones said... dog. I love it. Hey, how about sisters? Ah yes...I crossed that off my list of who to do before I die. hehehe.

Come on three somes are so f@cking awesome. And quite a work out. Ahem...sorry I was walking back in memory lane. Um, not doing them since the old ball and chain, you know. NO stones...right.

Hey that was quite a twist. Mother and daughter! Holy smoke!

You rock babes.

Keshi said...

MWAH! :)


Clyde said...

This was a family ticket without knowing about it
Look if you and your sister want to bob around, I reckon I could get over this shyness of mine

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde...I have 7 sisters but I reckon I can get one or three to join us. All my sisters are gorgeous. Really!

Will take next plane there. hehehe

ciao babes. have a fab Friday.

Clyde said...

Ok, I'll rest up til you get here------
Oooohhhh, 7 Spikies----the mind bogles

-eve- said...

*bursts out laughing*
Now THAT'S one helluva story! ;-)