Sunday, 18 May 2008


My father used to walk our dogs on the beach as often as he could.
He was a quiet little man of very simple pleasures and always came home with shells and pebbles----in the end he had beds of pebbles throughout his gardens

The first storm of autumn hit our beach this week bringing all new treasures of the sea up onto the sand. The pooch and I seem to have the beach to ourselves on days like this.-----A bit of wind and rain and most people look for a warm dry place to hibernate.

I have walked that beach thousands of times and have found plenty of bottles ----some of them left there and others washed up in the storms----but until two years ago I had never found that mystical message in a bottle.

There it was, bobbing in the shallows---a Jamacian rum bottle with paper rolled up inside---there was a little water which I emptied straight out but the damp paper was stuck to the sides.
The thoughts that went though my mind as pooch and I walked home with our bottle---someone is stuck on an island and I'm going to get them off---it will be a message from some spunk on the other side of the world, looking for love---someone from a cruise ship wants to know where this has ended up.

I dried the note in the bottle in the oven and pulled it out with a wire hook----it was so sad.

I dont think the bottle had floated too far.
It was a letter from a young girl who had written it on the beach while drinking half of that rum.
It was a letter declaring her undying love to another girl.
She was declaring her love and outing herself as gay.
They had been best friends through school but she had never been game to tell her friend how she felt.
They had virtually lived for each other through school and now three years on but then her girl had found a boyfriend.
This girl was being gradually squeezed out of her girlfriends life and was alone.
She had never told her friend that she loved her as more than a friend and now her chance was gone.
She wrote about wanting to die---about not wanting to go on without her friend.

It was her love letter and this was the only address she could send it to.

I hope the sea took her sadness----I hope it took her anger---I hope it gave her peace


Fanny said...

Unrequited love is heartbreaking.

Blogging is my message in a bottle.

Clyde said...
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Clyde said...

Ah Fanny, I doubt that you need a bottle or a Blog
Just keep getting out there
The world is waiting for you.
And if worst comes to worst, you could always come and walk on the beach


You are quite the romantic...and writer , Clyde.

Maybe I should write a letter in a bottle?

Clyde said...

Guess I had better get back to the smut

Keshi said...

wow its like a movie Clyde! I was in tears too.

**She wrote about wanting to die---about not wanting to go on without her friend.

thats so sad.

Like u said, I hope the sea took her sadness, I hope the sea washed away the pain in those raw emotions...I hope she found peace.

Really beautiful post!


Keshi said...

*Keshi prepares a msg in a bottle hoping it'll land up in a beach somewhere in South Australia*



Clyde said...

Geez, what have I done.
The sea will be full of bobbing bottles.
I'll keep a look out for yours

Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

haha plz do. Mine wud be be filled with rose petals too ;-)


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Fanny said it..."Unrequited love is heartbreaking."

I've always wanted to write a message (not quite like the one your mystery writer wrote) and toss it into the sea. Funny I haven't done it yet, considering I'm out on the ocean quite a bit...sometimes 30 miles off shore.

You've inspired me with your blog post today, Clyde. Next time I go out on the boat, I'm taking a bottle with me...;)

Clyde said...

I will walk the beach and wait for your message

bunny said...

I always wanted to right a message in a bottle but I worry about littering the sea.

Probably no one would get it anyway...

Clyde said...

It's like a lot of things in life-----if you dont try it, you never know.
As I read her letter, I actually wondered if it was supposed to be read or supposed to float forever