Monday, 31 August 2009


I own quite a large house near the sea valued valued well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars------------but I'm never going to sell it.
So it's actual value to me is as a roof over my head, a home for my dog and that it is very close to that beach I love to walk.

I have just bought a new car but its value to me is no more than that of my old car because it will get me to the same places and I'm not about to sell it.

I have heritage jewellery handed down for hundreds of years through my parents families but the value to me is only sentimental----my insurance company would beg to differ.

I have a small collection of Australia's most famous red wine but it's value is not what it would realise at auction but only that it belonged to my only brother who died 17 years ago.

I have always considered my situation to be on the better side of comfortable until I read something on the internasty-----and now I have realised how wealthy I am.

It has nothing to do with my possessions or their substantial monetary value.

I have FREEDOM--------------the most valuable thing of all
I can keep my possessions or I am free to sell them
I can stay in my house by the sea or I am free to move to anywhere in the world.
I am free to write about this or anything else that I want
I am now at an age where I can work or I am free not to
I am free to vote and elect my country's leaders

There are laws in this country that protect my freedoms---they even demand my freedoms.

If you don't think that freedom is of any great value, try living a country ruled by corruption---try living where fanatical religious laws override the laws of the land---try living where you have no rights because of gender

Oh, OK, love ran second


Jimmy Bastard said...

Someone has woken up in a philosophical mood this morning.

I hope they didn't wake you as they left!

Nice post.

mapstew said...

Clyde, you could almost be describing Ireland in that last paragraph!


Clyde said...

Ah Jimmy, I could wish---
But I came back from the beach thinking how wonderful this world was to read a story in the local paper about a woman going to jail and was to be lashed for having a beer----only because her fanatical religious laws overrid the laws of her country---
Bull Shit
Geez, you would never have had a conquest without women being allowed to drink

Clyde said...

Are you trying to tell me that your gender is holding you back?

No, I understand---the Irish conflicts have almost come down to the radicals who need to fight to make themselves feel important.

mapstew said...

Clyde pal, I do my best to make sure nothing holds me back!

I meant the corrupt leaders here, along with the corrupt religious orders. It's changing though.

Happy Monday.


Yeah, but wait until Islam takes over the wrold and takes the freedoms away from us.Then our future generations will talk about how it use to be.

Clyde said...

As long as the only things that hold you back are a lack of funding and morality, then the world is a great place

Clyde said...

They can keep on trying but as long as beer is brewed and girlie magazines are published, they will have a fight on their hands.

So which way is east ?

-eve- said...

Heheh... when I read your post, I thought of that model and her beer right off, and wondered if you were thinking of the same incident ;-) If I were her, I'd face the lash too, though - just to show I wasn't afraid.

Clyde said...

I was thinking of a lot of things.
But when a government allows a religion to override it's laws, I have to wonder about the Government.
They want to live on tourism so the tourists can drink, the Chinese can drink, but your neighbour or friend, because they are Muslim is going to gaol or get the ratan----sad
Hey, I got a choice at school of the cane or stay late and do gardening---I took the cane

-eve- said...

Heheheheh... you must hate gardening, Clyde! ;-)

Clyde said...

It wasn't the hate gardenning, it was the stay late at school---I had sport to play and a girlfriend to meet

Sister Christian said...

Right on, Brotha Clyde! Freedom is both a frightning and powerful thing, but work it your own way, I says.
Just be careful that people don't start snoopin around your property intending to take your stuff, especially your brothers' (may he rest in peace) wine collection.

Clyde said...

Hey Deb
I really don't care for a lot of my possessions
Your reply is of more value to me that the wine.
At least you and I live in countries of relative freedom