Saturday, 1 August 2009


Geez, I reckon it was back in about February---hey, you can check back if you like.
Ok, I had a very early morning walk on the beach with super pooch---she will drag you there any time.
I hear this yelping from a dog and yelling from a girl and being the good guy that I am (was) I went to investigate and found this beautiful golden retriever with a paw pad nearly sliced off from an encounter with broken glass and a very cute well endowed young lady owner in distress
OK, the story goes that I clean up the dog's wound and send her off to get her car to transport the dog----rip my own T shirt as a bandage, not hers----when she gets back and takes her dog, I am left with a ripped shirt and no idea who this absolute spunk is.

Fast forward about five months.

So this morning I cant sleep---hey, I'm retired and it is Saturday but I just cant stay in bed---it's a nice crisp clear morning so I decide to have an early one on the beach with the pooch---hey, and she is not complaining
Pooch had been in the water, I don't know how many times and we had been walking for about an hour, when she is joined by a golden retriever.
Geez, dogs make friends quickly---they were having a ball.

I was oblivious to my surroundings watching these two dogs enjoying each others company and splashing in the cold morning sea when I heard a voice saying "She is a lovely dog"

I turned to see a very attractive woman in her 40s who obviously was with the retriever.
I said "Yes, she is everyone's friend and she really enjoys playing with another dog"
She said "It's funny, my dog is not that friendly with other dogs but she has really taken a shine to yours"
I just smiled and was about to light a cigarette when she said "I don't suppose I could bludge(Aussie for steal, borrow, have) one of those---I don't usually smoke before breakfast but I just feel like one"----of course, I gave her a smoke and we wandered along just chatting about nothing----she was delightful company and I was becoming more aware of how attractive this woman was---looks and conversation.
We got to the point where she would leave the beach and I asked if she would like to have breakfast at the Marina-----of course she wouldn't---but she did---she accepted.

Hmm, Clyde, this early morning stuff is alright
So I arranged to meet her and took my dog home-----hey, who needs a pooch begging for your outdoors eggs and bacon.
I picked her up at the arranged spot and headed off for a delightful breakfast.

She was a lovely lady-----she didn't want to tell me much about herself but the company was great----the trust built a little and I could actually drop her at her house.
We stood outside talking when her daughter (very stunning looking young lady) walked out of the house, looked at me and said "you"
Her mother looked at me like I was some sort of perverted rapist----but then I breathed again and said "Hello, long time no see"
She said "Mum, this is that guy who bandaged Bonny's foot up on the beach and sat with her til I got the car.

Mummy looked at me and said "My god, my daughter has raved about you and has looked for you ever since"

Ok, the moral is that the daughter is only 16---whew, the thoughts I had about her and her tits----but mummy is only 42, very attractive and divorced.

Now I'm not sure where any of this is going but Mum and I are having dinner tomorrow night.

Geez, that bloody dog of mine will pick up anything on the beach


Barlinnie said...

Clyde, this particular tale is where I first came in. Since then we have kept up a very healthy, if not amusing rapport.

But so help me jaysus.. if the next post isnae about how you had one hell of a mother-clyde-daughter sexual encounter, I'm gonnae be on the next plane over and finish the job masel!

Nice guys rarely get laid!

mapstew said...

Clyde, ya oul dog!!
Ya still have it.

Fanny said...

A great outcome to your original story!! And you are good at mother/daughters, though I wouldn't recommend it in this case.

Good on you, Clyde. Go for it.



Clyde- It's nice to see your kindness rewarded. :)

Clyde said...

The girl is under the age and although a picture to well and truly stir the loins of many a man, is not a target for this jail fearing soul.
So I'll welcome you here and point the way

Clyde said...


I've never been sure what "IT" is and I have a doubt that I have any but it's a pleasure to be in the company of a lovely lady.
Hey, a little less of the old

Clyde said...


The mother and daughter was pure chance although it's a badge I'll wear with some pride.
Your right---not, never, no in this case-----well, not at least til the young lady comes of age.

So, you don't have a daughter ?

Clyde said...


I'm not sure of any reward but both mother and daughter are lovely ladies.
At least I know now that my diagnosis and what I did for the dog was right

-eve- said...

Oh, this is a beautiful story!
I remember how it ended before- this is a great sequel! :-)

Barlinnie said...

Fair enough pal, but do make sure you leave her mammy with a big smile on her face for me.

Ms Scarlet said...

Yes, I came to your blog when the original tale was posted!
Fantastic! Good luck!

Fanny said...

So how did the dinner go Clyde? And no, I don't have a daughter.

Clyde said...

Hello Eve
Good to see you
My god, I'm living a sequel
Maybe I can out do Rocky 5


Dinner went well and she left with a smile on her face---we will see

Ah Miss Blue

And you are still here---I hope there is some depth to this story


Hmmm, no daughters,---pity
Dinner conversation was good, the evening didn't grind to a halt and yes I will see her again----well, that's the plan


* Bows to DOCTOR. Eve.

mapstew said...

Clyde, Ma says many thanks for Her birthday congrats!

So, the dinner date went well. Sounds good!

I do hope things progress.

Avery nice weekend to you my friend!

A VERY nice time to you!

your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

so you got the daughter and the mother hot for ya eh? good work there clyde!

-eve- said...

Hey Clyde :-) I like sequels - I read this one aloud to my bro, and we enjoyed it :-) It's like the Enid Blyton stories of passing a good turn on - and it came around!

Hi ya uber! :-) Now I have my own stamp pad....heheheh! (except that I daren't use it yet for fear of medicolegal implications, in case I approve something I shouldn't - am still amazed that with our signature, the patient can take their prescription and get the medicine from the pharmacy... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow. This could have been really sweet, well-written tale of humnanity and chance encounter instead of a badly written tale from a tawdry mind. Alas...

Lee Bemrose said...

Sorry - that anonymous comment was mine. Bit harsh perhaps, but I stand by it.

Clyde said...

I doubt that I have anyone hot for me.
The daughter just thinks I'm a nice guy cos I helped out with the pooch and I don't think there is much more with mummy

Clyde said...

Hi Eve
I like to believe that you can do the right thing with out being repaid or even expecting to be repaid.
Ha, that signature is worth plenty.
I have a friend who is a GP--at social gatherings if he is asked what he does for a living he tells them he is a drug pusher

Clyde said...

But I will write what I want about what I want, when I want.
If my syle or content offends you, you do have choices