Wednesday, 19 August 2009

For Richer or Poorer

It is supposed to be the most memorable day of your life.
You only do it once so you should really go all out and make it memorable.
The brides parents are going to pay the bill


Oh, OK, some of you have been married forever and your wedding day is so memorable that you still get out the photos and play the video.
OK, I am going to admit that I cried on my wedding day----and it had nothing to do with pain or money.
I got married in the front yard of my inlaws house----we were going for cheap---the inlaws had no money, I had less in the bank than my blushing bride owed and I didn't think that my parents should front up for the lot.
I cried when I saw a beautiful woman in a white wedding gown walk though the crowd on the front lawn to marry me.
Hey, it was a great day and we partied in the back yard forever
Probably the most expensive individual item for the day was the wedding gown---although the kegs of beer cost me a bit.

Later I was to discover that was my wife's third wedding gown---yep, there they were---all along side each other in that locked cupboard
And of course, the guarantee ran out and it was all over and done with---beat the 7 year itch but not by much.

OK, the story

I'm reading the paper last weekend and find some average costs for a wedding.

Wedding---$49,202.---this is an average---
Reception---$10,476.---97 guests at $108 per head----come on--the cheapskates didn't spent that much on a gift and I don't know half of them
Dress----36% of brides spend $2,000 - $4,000----geez, and you are gonna wear it once.
Rings---Average for an engagement ring is $5116 and $1507 for a wedding band
Then there are cars, Grooms suit, bridesmaids dresses, groomsman's suits and the groom might have a wedding ring----a church / hall, a priest / celebrant.

Now that's all OK if you have the money but some people don't but want to impress the relatives and friends and go into all sorts of debt

My advice---cheap out on the wedding and spend it on the house or even the honeymoon.
Geez, you will remember the honeymoon more than the wedding.

But here is the best story
A young bride to be found her wedding dress in a shop in Australia---only $1500.00.
She asked that question---so this is made in Australia then?
When she was told that it would actually be made in China she thought she would go to the manufacturer
Now she was careful and did a lot of research on line before ordering the same dress from China
Result---got her dress---$162 in postage, $5 for insurance---and the dress---3 layers of silk and chiffon with embroidery, beading and the pleats across the bodice for the princely sum of $18.
Geez, maybe it could be a honeymoon in China and get the rest on the cheap

But is it all a rip off


-eve- said...

LOL! Yes, I'd say have the whole thing China-produced ;-)

Clyde said...

Hey have what you want---what you think you or your family can afford---
But buy it all in Asia---not just China----come on lucky lady, things are so cheap in Malaysia--cheaper in China, but a lot dearer in Australia
Send me the photos

Spiky Zora Jones said...

If we get married we have to get two wedding dresses and two wedding wedding bands.

But clyde...we can save money if I perform at the reception with the band...woohoo!

But I don't see that happening, unless I move to a state were same sex marriages are legal.

So clyde, you were her third husband? Was she a celeb or maybe sang or played in a rock band?

you didn't see that sign post my sweet friend...the one that read...'Run Faraway Ave.'

later sweetie. :)


And anything you buy with the word wedding in it is up to 50% more expensive.
I think it is insane to spend that kind of money on one day- one stressful day that the bride does not really enjoy anyway.

Being a romantic, I'd rather elope to some exotic local and only inform people after the fact that we got married.

But when I got married it was a small wedding,outdoors in an old stone gazebo by the St Lawrence River. The photos were beautiful,although not professional, and we had our reception at a beautiful restuarant followed by drinks and dancing at a piano bar.

I made my own beautiful bouquet from fresh exotic flowers and as I did it myself my bouquet was more abundant than a store bought one.

The only letdown actually was WHO I married! LOL

Clyde said...

Miss Jones
When you said we, my heart skipped a beat---then I realised the we was you and your girl.
No, my ex was no celeb--just a beautiful girl who liked to get married but wouldn't work on the relationship.
I still cant understand why same sex marriage isn't legal everywhere--if you are in love, why cant you marry

Clyde said...


I agree----the wedding seems like a competition--can I outdo my friends or relatives---can I make it a fairytale.
Save the money and have a holiday or a house.
Yep, the worst thing about a lot of weddings is who you marry

mapstew said...

Big weddings are still well, big over here.
(Thank fuck says the man who makes his living from entertaining at these events!!)
And a lot of it is competition. We've done weddings for friends who've been to other weddings of other friends weddings we've done. (If you know what I mean!)
And the next one will have just that little bit more than the last.

I hope all me girls elope if they ever decide to get married!

(Hey, the weekend is almost here!)

-eve- said...

guess you're right Clyde - at least i don't have to fight to buy things cheap in Malaysia; no bargaining needed, and you still get RM 10 clothes ($3). good place to live :-)

Clyde said...

Hey, you will always have work cos someone is always gonna want the big wedding----and of course, if you have been seen at one wedding there is always a propective brive or two among the guests----so the jobs roll on.
And the Irish love music, song and dance---it's traditional----thank god for traditions

I think you should make a deal with the girls---give them 10 grand to elope
Of course, your Mum wont be happy

Clyde said...

Oh, I agree---great place to live---I love the street hawkers---the non tourist food places---the little tailors, Anchor beer, the people.
A friend just came home after a cruise holiday----bought a suitcase full of summer dresses at about $A5.00 each ($M12.50)---all good stuff
Must come for another holiday soon

Sister Christian said...

Um, yes, China wedding for sure if it be cheap.
I personally like the idea of a nice wedding with the dress and the limo and blah, blah, blah, but whenever I think of the expenses, I just swat those pretty thoughts away and think that a semi-drunken wedding in Las Vegas is just as rosemantic PLUS newlyweds get like $50 worth in poker chips to gamble with.
Good investment, says I.

Clyde said...

Ah Deb, you should keep the dream
But when the time comes, if the finances wont allow for all of the glitz, then go for the semi-drunken option----
Good luck with the $50.00

Ponita in Real Life said...

In 1990, I married a man who was in the Army Reserves. We had a military wedding... with a retired RCMP officiating. The guys all wore their dress uniforms (scarlet jackets and midnight blue pants... with swords and spurs - very hot!). I made my dress - cost me $300 then - would have been about $2500 to buy then - can't imagine what it would be now. The girls in the wedding party all made their dresses. My mum and his mum and all the aunts made all the food. The flowers were silk and I made all the bouquets and boutonnieres myself.

I think our actually cash outlay was quite minimal. We got the hall for free. Used our own car. Didn't go on a honeymoon as I was due back at nursing college in three days so we spent the night at the local fancy hotel.

Had a blast! It was a great party!

Clyde said...

Sounds like a great show--right down to the spurs
Think I had the same caterers

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