Sunday, 8 February 2009


Mother nature is on a rampage across Australia.
Where we normally she shows this beautiful face that we are proud to show the world, she is angry.

For those who don't know, this country is split into six States and one Territory.

Queensland, our northern tropical state is noted for being God's waiting room---the retirees from other states move there for the sunshine----it's the sunshine state.
And it is flooding----the result of offshore cyclones
But who fucking cares----we do but

The State that the rest of us love to hate---Victoria----the southern most state of the east coast----is on fire.
My God, they are the most arrogant people----they believe that they are the best at everything----they believe that they are God's own country.

There are at least 85 people dead---others will or have died.
The total of horses, cattle, and wildlife dead is not counted

A fire fighter left home to protect his neighbours and his wife died in the fire
Some of the fires have been deliberately lit

We now don't care what State they are from
They are our neighbours, our friends---they are Australians
We will all be there for them

She may well have a beautiful face
But she can be ugly

Victoria, we pray for you



That's awful.It must be scary living near the bushfires, especially such a big place like Australia.

And all the poor animals.

Is this a freak thing or the norm, Clyde?

phishez said...

I hate bushfire season. I remember once, as a kid, going to stay with my grandparents. While I was up there a bushfire sprang up in their region. My parents range two, three times a day, always asking to speak to me, to make sure I was ok. I remember the phone calls, but not really being aware of any threat.

I also remember, at another stage, driving through an area of bush that had been burnt out. Utterly black. Even the air was grey.

That, in itself, was as scary as hell.

Mark said...

Thinking of Australia and Australians at the minute mate. You are our cousins on the other side of the world.

Clyde said...

Oh, it's not a normal thing
Each State gets bush fires during the summer season but this has been after days of 100d heat and with high winds----there are 130 people dead----the fires are still going

Clyde said...

It's not my State
They are not my friends
But I am feeling this.
I'm packing clothes to send
I'm maxing out a credit card to give money

Clyde said...

I guess we are not 10 feet under snow
We have had a shocking summer---10 or more days in a row of extreme heat----
Funny, one of my Scots friends at work said, well at least it's not snowing and we can enjoy a cold beer or two

scarlet-blue said...

Reports here say that some of the fires were started deliberately.
I will stop complaining about the UK climate.

Clyde said...

It is unbelievable---yes there are people who start these fires---or in this case they are saying that they re-started fires that had been put out
In Adelaide, there is a middle aged mother in custody for lighting 43 fires in her own bushland area over a few years of summer

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde: It's like that here every year now it seems. The fires blacken the sky and it become almost like night though it is day. So may homes and life lost and I'm including the animals that make the brush their home.

I don't think I've ever seen the amount of casualties here as there is there. It's heart breaking to see it in the news...all of those people that died and those that have lost everything and even loved ones.

I'm so sorry for them Clyde. I've seen several sites that help us that want to help make donations.

Ciao Clyde.

Kathryn said...

That is so incredibly scary. My thoughts are with Australia at this time. I'm moving to Melbourne next month and I'm a bit worried about everything and my friends who are there. Scary, scary. Hope you're well.

Clyde said...

Ah Miss Jones
Victoria is not alone
The wild fires in the US have been far too frequent
But the death toll here and the animals----it is sickening
Whole little communities gone


Hopefully the worst is over, although the fires are still burning.
I doubt that suburban Melbourne is in much danger
How lucky are we---another redhead to boost our numbers.

Mark said...

Clyde. Hopefully the worst is over mate. If anyone is interested, Melbourne based Sitepoint, who produce excellent web development books are doing a 5 for 1 sale of eBooks at the minute with all money going to the campaign. So far they have raised $75,000. If anyone fancies scoring some great books then visit them at

We've been buying them like crazy in the office here.

Keep fighting Australia. The UK is with you just like you are always with us when times are tough.