Saturday, 1 March 2008


What can you tell about someone from their shopping basket
Yes, we all do it---well unless you have someone to do it for you

Do you just dash in and get out as soon as you can or do you make it a social outing?
Are you that nice person who talks to the little old lady and gets something from the top shelf for her---or head down---it's a chore and I want out of here

Do you just grab what you want or do you notice what other shoppers are buying?

Do you notice that the chunky couple in the towelling tracksuits with the two chubby offspring have the extra large economy size bag of potato chips, three 2litre cokes, a gallon and a half of full cream milk, 5 chocolates, a large homebrand cheese and 2 large tubs of icecream, dont have one green thing in the basket

The single guy has 7 TV dinners ready for the microwave, the tall skinny girl have a box of cereal, six rolls of bog paper and 5 cans of cat food and that lovely old lady has her loaf of bread and two cans of sardines.
Of course the two gay guys have a basket full of vegetables and are busy sniffing rock melons to see if they are ripe.

Look in my basket and you will see that I have a dog, that I like fruit and vegetables and that there is actually some cooking going on at my place.

Do you get embarassed at the checkout while the litle 16 year old checkout chick scans your condoms and personal lubricant?

Will you buy your partners "products" or indeed, will she ask you to buy them?

So what's in your basket ?



I am so thrilled that you are 'one of us'!!!
Great first post Clyde. fantastsic and unique topic to cover.
I never do shopping as I hate it but mum's basket is full of vegetables, fruit and some junk food, but not much.
I love vegetables with a passion!
Even as a kid, I loved brussel sprouts, broccoli, spinach AND liver. :)

Bag said...

Well, I'm trying to work out if you have a dog or are a mix between the skinny girl and the gay guys.

btw : I have heard that dog biscuits have a really nice flavour and are chewy. Although I'm sure you know that.

Not sure what Uber means by 'one of us' but it sounds like something you would be better avoiding.

Good luck.

Clyde said...

One of us ? Does this make me a honorary member of the sisterhood of Lesbia?
It was only a play post. Maybe there is another one or two in there.
Oh, by the way---Liver is not a vegetable.

Gee, thanks--yep I have a dog but it could be an interesting mix--hmm, if will get me laid, I'll try it.
You're right, the dog bicuits are tasty especially with a spring onion dip or a little Salsa