Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I never wanted to write a blog of my own.

I'm not sure that I can I'm not sure that I want to now

I was quite content to be a "lurker" going from blog to blog reading about the lives and thoughts of a diverse gaggle of spruikers and talented story tellers.

Some wear their hearts on their sleeves almost pleading for reassuring comments from the blogasphere
Others can see the fun in life and invite you to join in, add to the fun and smile.
Political agendas seem to drive some posts
Sex is the central topic for many and voyeuristically we gravitate there---yep, me too
And those who live vicariously on their blog personas

Of course I couldn't help myself and started to comment and it was only frustration of not being able to access some blogs-(yes, you Steph) that I opened a Blog Account

Hey, long preamble but I'm getting there

So then I get these comments from two lovely ladies---ok, well female blogger (Uber and her Barbie) that maybe I should post myself

OOOOHHHEEE, an invitation from two beauties to come and play in the sand pit----what is a guy to do----a redhead and a blonde-----what a quinella
Sooo, half past a six pack and a half I scratched out my shoppers guide to personalities, exhibiting to the world a sheer lack of talent and lack of tollerance for excessive booze.

Now I wasnt going to do this again but that mongrel booze and some raving KKK fuckwit commenting on Stephs amazing publication, let the genie out of the box again.

I'm not so sure that these lovely ladies have invited me into the sand pit or if they have dragged me into the cess pit

What is it about bloggers with egos---they think that they have the right to try to destroy other bloggers----is it last man standing will win the big prize----but I cant see any prize if you cant read the diversity of any site that wants to publish---and they all have a right to publish on whatever subject they like.
If you dont agree with the post, make a comment but dont launch into a personal attack on the author. If you dont like the content or the author, dont go there

As for the Trolls---who fucking cares about you---you have no talent (even less than me), you are piss weak, ------so come and joust with me and leave these seriously talented people to enjoy the fruits of their labour

Thank you Uber and Steph, I'm a big boy but I really dont need to wallow in the same pit as these inane cretins


Steph said...

ohmyfuckingGod! You kept this from meeee?? I found out through Uber's blog that you were writing!!!!

Bend over let me smack you!
I'm so glad you've given yourself a bigger voice. You are piss funny, witty and intelligent too.
Let it shine through :)

Clyde said...

Hi Steph.
Oooh, whip me, beat me, I've been bad.
I came over to tell you but I was mesmerised by the tongue---another bit of the jigsaw---soon I'll have a whole Steph---with mask of course.
Not sure there is any more--see what life brings--I'm waiting for the Dazzler

Anonymous said...

I really liked this post.

(I'm not sure if you're one of the ones looking for reassuring comments so I thought I'd just leave one anyway...)

Clyde said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clyde said...

Thanks for the visit
No I'm not looking for reassurance or justification
I would just like to see posts from you and any other blogger without personal attacks from inane inbreds
I'll come over for a visit


Great to see you still up and running!
You are such a sweetie and you DO have talent and a big mouth ( like Barbie and me) and we need big mouths here- not mealy mouths !

Keep 'em coming! :)
I will be your first blog groupie!

Clyde said...

God, a groupie
I'll have to get in touch with Rod Stewart to find out what you do with groupies