Saturday, 15 March 2008


I've just been over playing with the redhead--UBERMOUTH-- who had disappeared off the scene for a while.
Of course I've been stalking Uber's blonde Barbie---Steph of Muchado and from there I've been checking out her Haroldnapping buddy, the brunette Kylie, a wasted young lady.

Hmm---does foursome come to mind----I'm only human

But on all three talented publication there has been trouble with TROLLS, WANKERS, FUCKWITS or whatever you want to call them.

Kylie chose to close down for a while because of some wankers threats
Uber was off air for what ever reason and Steph has chosen to fend off the attacks in her own style----and I mean style.

Ok, I dont have one cos just right now I'm only playing and dont know how, but most blogs have a ROLL of Bloggers they read themselves or they have some attachment to or admiration for.

What they all need to start is a BOG ROLL (yep, as in toilet roll) to list out all of the wankers, arseholes, inane cretins and c__nts---hang on, this is my place---that was CUNTS.

Why should anyone go into hiding because of the words of someone else
Why would you choose not to publish their comments---it gives them a thrill when you have deleted them----better to let the world judge them for their own inadequacies.
Why would you turn on comment moderation, ----they still comment and you dont publish and they get an extra snigger while they are masturbating under their rock.

They are not knocking on your door in the middle of the night with their baseball bat and their tiny willies in hand, so where is the big fright
Let them comment---do what you wish if you want to reply--jousting with cretins is fun


We all need to start a BOG ROLL---a list for the arseholes of the bloggersphere

And you only get a bog rolls for an arsehole----oh, ok ladies, you blot too---ah, but what are you blotting

I rest my case



LOL@ bog roll.
Myself, I think the usual stalkers can be fun to joust with, as you say. Some go too far and are just tedious.
I find it's the so called friends here that do a u turn and create a negative ambiance.

Steph said...

Ahh bless! You're such a newb. There is a saying, "Don't feed the trolls" because they crave and thrive on attention.
Take away their oxygen and they tend to go and play somewhere else.

I've just allowed anon comments so more of my friends/family can comment but if my brother tries to spill some beans his comment is not seeing the light of day :P

Clyde said...

I just figure its like any underground creature---let them see the light of day too often and they will die.

Hey, you dont give them any credence by acknowledging their post but let them display their inadequacies to the world.
Looking forward to your brother's comments
I guess Uber will call him Ken--does he have a mask ?