Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I can never understand why women go to extraordinary lengths to prove that they are equal to men.
Well, actually I can.
Because so many guys call them the weaker sex and actually believe it.
And I suppose that they are right if you are comparing muscles.

I am lucky that I was raised in a family where it was never in debate.
My parents were partners and both "played" to their strengths.
I never really noticed but now I can see it.

My mother lost an eye in a playground accident as a three year old----as a twelve year old she was torn from her extended family and emigrated to Australia with her parents and three younger siblings----she was the fat plain girl who helped her mother with the pretty young sisters and a little baby brother.
The only member of her family who held a job during the great depression and willingly supported them through hard times.

The same girl who fell in love with a man from a dysfunctional family who was torn away from her by a world war.
She was there for the young men returning from atrocities they should never have seen but when her man returned he was sent away again----he fought in the Middle East and North Africa, only to be sent off to Papua and New Guinea when Australia was attacked.

He came home but he could never talk of what he had seen----he never did----but he was proud that he had fought for his country, our freedom and that he had sent every penny of his pay home to start a new life with his love.
They didn't marry before he left because he didn't want to make her a widow---so his pay came home to his mother who spent every penny on her family who never served.
He never spoke of that
She had saved enough----they married and here I am.

Most women didn't work when the had a family but my beautiful mother became a teacher so that she would be there when her children were yet financially contribute to our lives.
My father was not good with children ----he could not relate---but my mother credited him with support beyond his contribution. He was a tradesman who I admired but couldn't understand my choices in life.
My mother supported me in every harebrained thing I every tried and was there to pick up the pieces.

Funny, I think all mothers do that yet there bloody stupid sons believe that males are stronger than females.
Is it because they think that while mum is there holding your hand that dad is never worried and happy to have a pint with his mates.
He cared but couldn't show it
Not til his dementia took him back to a childlike, non macho existence.

I saw the pain he went through that he hid from----the pain that hurt him later in life that he complained of.
I saw them both lose a son and she dealt with it better and supported him
I saw her go through the crippling pains of age with never a complaint.

I never understood the day to day and regular discomfort and pain that women went through until I married.
My wife put me through a lot of mental pain an anguish but I had to play that off against her perceptions and her actual pain.

I have no doubt that women are the stronger sex.
I have great admiration for a man who recently wrote about the discomfort and embarrassment of a finger in the bum from a doctor----the fear that men have of going to doctors----the fear that their image will be diminished.
My God---OK girls, feet in the stirrups, knees apart and smile with your girly bits---and that's fine----that's women's business

Just remember guys, besides being stronger than you, they have memories of everything that you have ever said in your life and they love you---so they have you by the balls.

'Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater.

If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby.

If you give her a house, she'll give you a home.

If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal.

If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart.

She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.'

WHY THE FUCK DO THEY TRY TO BE EQUAL-----they are in front now


Sister Christian said...

Aw, this is a really sweet post. I like hearing about how people got together so the story of your parents is very assuring, I'm not gonna lie. Your parents sound like they were amazing people who showed love in their own way. I also like the last part about how women multiply and enlarge what's been given to them.

EmmaK said...

Beautiful sentiments about women have made me adore you even more!

Ponita in Real Life said...

Hugs and kisses to you, Clyde... you are one of the rare men who has insight into women and I truly appreciate that in you. :-)

No, we are not equal... we are different but we are just as good as any man, and then possibly even a bit more. We aren't always physically strong enough to lift heavy things or pry open something stuck shut, but we certainly have lots of strength when it comes to dealing with physical discomfort, and the emotional end of life.

Without getting too long-winded here, I just want to say how much I treasure your views on this, and wish that all of the male population on this planet shared them. You're a special guy, Clyde... I'm not sure why I have met so many men through blogging who are more open minded and emotional in sync... perhaps that's the kind of guy who finds blogging an attractive outlet, I don't know.

Fanny said...

Lovely thoughts, Clyde. It looks like you inherited your wonderful outlook on life from your Mum.

Anonymous said...

Yin and Yang, both are different complements that need themselves to make everything in the Universe balanced. Everything.

Beautiful post. Thank you so much.


Wow great post Clyde. Reminiscent of your earliest writings.

Your Mum sounds like one in a million. Do they even make mums like that anymore?

You have a very healthy attitude towards women. I wish more men were like you.

Jimmy Bastard said...

There's nothing to compare witth the strength of a woman. I have only the deepest admiration for the women in my family who went through hell to bring me back from the same place.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde...I want you.

That was a beautiful piece of writing. One of the best I've read on line.

my dad was much like yours in that he didn't show his feeling very often.

My dad wasn't a good money maker.

My mother...she was so wonderful. She was everything I wanted to be in a mother., I loved this post. xxx

Shelly Rayedeane said...

Beautifully written Clyde, but I don't like all women who believe in feminism though.

I think there is a limit to it just as there is with everything.

What I mean by this is I love strong women, but I do not particularly care for a woman who says she is as strong as a man physically when in most cases that is impossible.

It has already been proven. Men have more muscle for a reason.

In my book, the proof is in the doing. Not in competing.

Clyde said...


I love my Mother's story of love and devotion to her family.
The amazing, simple things that woman did in her life---
I'm proud to be a product of her love


You dont see a woman unless you really look.
And for a guy, at stages in his life, he cant see past a pretty face and breasts---hey, and there is nothing wrong with that until you really want to know her.
They are so complex yet can make things so simple

Clyde said...


And maybe the guys who are blogging come here to find out all about secret women's business.
The hardest part is that neither men or women want to reveal everything---they always hold something back.
Hey, I'm me---I dont have to impress
People are people---who cares if they are male or female---they are strangers, aquaintances or friends

mapstew said...

Very well said pal!
Very well said!

Clyde said...


I inherited a lot from my mother but nothing more valuable than a philosophy that people are people, none better than the other, until they prove you wrong


I think that my mother taught me that you are both the Ying and the Yang---it depends on your relationship with someone as to which position you should comfortably take

Clyde said...


Oh, they make mums like that every day---maybe the interference of society has given them a new face.


I had no doubt that you knew
The love of a good woman, your mother, wife or daughter can bring you back to reality.
Amazing how your relationships change behind closed doors

Clyde said...


If you brush aside things said in anger, you will find that your foundation for life is both of your parents----but mre so your mother who spent more time with you.
You, young lady are a fine loving mother.

Clyde said...


I think that the feminist movements thrive because of the lack of respect shown to women in workplaces.
It is sad that some think that they need to take over the world to be respected


I know that you have a love and respect for the women in your life.

Macy said...

Clyde - looks like you've unlocked the mystery on how to Attract Women. Who needs internet dating when you can post like this, hey?

Clyde said...


If I've attracted you then my job is done---I am a winner.
What actually amazes me is that my ex wife thought that I was spying on the sisterhood because I tried to understand everything that she went through.
Funny that I live alone and don't have a partner

Anonymous said...

Hi Clyde, it's my first visit. You are a good writer, and you know women pretty well!

We are unequal, but yes we remember everything you do to us, everything you say! I'm following you now, thanks for visiting Secret Story Time, and please follow me there too!


Clyde said...

Ah sweet little Secretia
Women are not such complex creatures---soft, sweet, loveable, dangerous.
But we just cant live without them.
As long as you know that you are stronger, you can let them think that you need their help--they will believe you

The Peach Tart said...

What a spectacular post. I'm a new fan.

*S* said...

Lovely post. Your mum has raised a fine man.

Clyde said...

Little Peach
Not so spectacular---just another family secret.
Hope Mum doesnt mind me telling you

Clyde said...

Just like your Mum
And both Teachers---who would have thunk
All something to do with respect

-eve- said...

very good story about your parents. enjoyed this post. and being a teacher is an honourable calling - just that I'm too weak a disciplinarian to be good at it, I think - in my class, the kids started sitting on each other's laps and i didn't know what to do so just ignored them...

Scarlet Blue said...

Loving the last line, Mr clyde!

Clyde said...


Even though it was an era when corporal punnishment was a common form of disipline, my Mother would earn it by respect.
I still run into her students today and they all express love and respect for her

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet

It is very true----we try not to show it but you confuse and intimidate us
But we love you and cant live without you

pitusa said...

Hola Clyde, me ha encantado poner leerte aún en la traducción que siempre son malísimas, jajaja, pero no menospreció tu artículo, es muy bueno y cuentas una historias familar muy dura sí, pero bella, gracias por dejarnos leerla.
Cierto que una gran mayoría de mujeres luchan por esa igualdad, a su vez los machistas por la desigualdad, jajaja, pero es totalmente absurda la guerra, hoy día la machista se le están cortando las alas, pues la mujer ha avanzado mucho y se siente libre de los hombres así, por otro lado yo no soy feminista para nada, no deseo ser igual a nadie, para que quiero ser como un hombre si estamos bien así cada uno como somos, bien dices no tenemos la musculatura, pero el gran peso de la vida diaria a quedado bien claro que lo lleva la mujer, no el peso de un saco de patatas, eso igual no podemos con él, pero debemos acoplarnos unos a los otros, hombres y mujeres, dejar de luchar y unirnos es una sola lucha.
Gracias por tus visitas, me alegras mucho siempre.
Un besazo

tehkorah said...

Ok, dammit Spiky. You found someone else that made me cry.

Don't worry, Clyde. It was a good cry.

Seriously: can we just split you? Like an amoeba; just multiply you til we get a whole world of guys like you?

You may not be Superman, but damn, you're getting pretty darn close..

Clyde said...

Yes it is almost a war between men and women to be superior--it would be much simpler if we just accepted eachother as equals.
Hey, I'm glad you dont want to be a man---you are a fine looking woman---its better that you stick with that

Clyde said...

Why would you cry
Be proud that you are that strong woman--that woman who could love so many in her life and be there for them.

No capes or wearing of the underwear on the outside here---just a bloke who found his place in life