Monday, 2 November 2009


We shared a love of the sea and the shore

We would walk for hours leaving bare footprints in the sand and tell each other every little thought.

We shared secrets that no none else knew and I have never told to this day

There were more sand dunes then---we would climb to the top and watch the world as it passed us by.

We shared a love of horses, the power and the beauty as they worked along the beach in the early hours.

I would dream of her at night---we were going to be together forever

Her father didn't like me---he thought that I was to old for her and that she was too young to be in love.
Her mother always told us when her father would be there and aided us behind his back.

I never contemplated us being separated but how could it be so far and why did she have to go.
Her family followed the Mormon faith and like so many world wide had been convinced of the second coming in Salt Lake City----they sold everything and went---they had to be there for the event.
She told me that they would be back after the event

I never saw her again---and I doubt that any member of her family or faith saw any great event in Salt Lake City.
But I will remember her to the day I die

Maybe her father was right---maybe I was too old----after all she was only 5yo and I was 6yo

If you are out there Barbra Chambers, I hope you found comfort in your fathers faith, I hope you found someone who would love you as much as I did---I hope you have had a wonderful life.
But just in case, I still walk that beach and I have never told our secrets


Ponita in Real Life said...

Awwww.... So sweet!

You never forget your first love, do you? No matter the time or distance or differences, that special spark will always remain in your heart. I'll bet you still hold a special place in her heart too, Clyde. :-)

Macy said...

I'm going to hope that she reads this!
I want a happy ending.

mapstew said...

Wonderful story pal! :¬)

Shelly Rayedeane said...

Ok. After reading this post, you are now my new boy crush. How eloquently written!

Clyde said...


I've never forgotten her--I have a photo of us together at an animal farm on her 5th birthday.
I would like to know where she is and how she is---I hope she remembers

Clyde said...


A happy ending would be just knowing that she remembers and finding out that she has had a wonderful life

Clyde said...


It's funny that a couple of years later, girls became aliens and stayed that way for about 6 years

Clyde said...

Ha Shelly
If I wrote about the following 6 years, you would say "typical silly little boy"

Anonymous said...

I am weak today, reading that made me sad.


Jimmy Bastard said...

I married my first love, and I often blog with my second love. Say no more on that one!

Clyde said...

Why sad---it was that pure love of children and if she had stayed we probably would have gone separate ways---but this way I will always remember her


Ah, but did you meet her when you were 6---I almost hope so---and she is a wonderful woman.
I'll ask no more about your second

Dutch donut girl said...

Awww, lovely post. Children love with their whole heart. I have my own 'Barbra' but he was obviously not a girl ;) We were both 6 years old and promised to marry each other when we grew up. And then he moved far far away :(
Guess who I saw on my very first day in a new high school? He looked the same after all the years I hadn't seen him (ok, he was taller) Surely, it was kismet.

Clyde said...

Donut Girl

I'm glad you met your Barbra again---you dont say if you got tegether again
Hmm, kismet, I will hope

Sister Christian said...

Aww! That is so sweet! It sucks that she left 'cause Jesus or other was gonna make a comeback in Salt Lake City. Maybe Ms. Chambers will stumble across this and make her way back to you, or at least comment with a kind, "Dude! You remembered, too?" Except she would do it more eloquently than I did.
Oh, young love...

Clyde said...

Sister Deb
Hey, she left cos her parents wanted to see JC make his big comeback---there were hundreds from all over the world went and the bastard didn't turn up----you would have thought he would have sent a message.
A lot of them didn't have money to go home so they are still there.
Hey Dude, that was pretty eloquent

-eve- said...

Beautiful :-)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde: I love that story. Oh my, I've been to Salt lake a few times. you are awesome mister. I love your heart.

In my senior year in high school I fell in love with a Mormon girl. We would make love in the backseat of her dad's car or in mine.

clyde we were in love with each other...but we were young.

Her parents found out about us and she was transfered to BYU...

I worked with a guy...we became good friends and he happened to know the her brother. he told me she was married to a nice guy and that they have two kids...her oldest is a girl and Kathy named her Toni. are that Toni she named her daughter after.

She loved me clyde...didn't she?


Clyde said...

I still have a photo that my mother took of us at the animal farm---It was a lot of years ago

Clyde said...

Miss Jones
I have no doubt that she loved you.
After all, who doesn't love you
At least you know what happened to her
Bloody Mormons---they run away

tehkorah said...

Clyde, you have such a beautiful heart. I feel that there is more to say; but looking over the other posts, there are many who have expressed their love for your words.
Oh... oh. Tears again.
Why are you moving me so easily??
You touch on memories in the recesses of my mind; those corners that have gathered dust for so long, and they are now seeing the late of day again.
I'd like to think that I could be tough, but I'm really such a softy.
There are so few that really know that about me. You few know who you are.

So true... that love unfulfilled but felt so surely, so distinctly in the heart, is stronger than bonds separated by injustice.

Barbara was lucky to know you; though brief, she shared a special bond that will be heartfelt forever. Ahh, Young love; especially unrepentious, unchallenged, and unconditional love as a child. The most beautiful kind.

I loved my "best-est friend in the whooole world" named Carl. Carl was my everything at 7 years of age:
If I was going to the park, I had to call Carl. Going for a walk? Stop by and go with Carl. Ice cream truck stops; birthday parties... we would be found side-by-side, usually hand-on-hand.

We would set up our own play dates; every day was spent together in the summer, and we would try to see if we could sneak the other in for an overnight sleep-over. We would worry our parents to no end... that we would both cry if we ended up in different classes in Elementary school (you call it Primary, right?). I still have those pictures of our 1st and 2nd grade class portraits.

Eventually, my mom thought that I shouldn't spend so much time with Carl, being that I was SUPPOSED to be a girlie-girl... she thought that he was influencing my tendancy to be a tomboy. She never got over the fact that he was also "Mulatto"; basically, Spanish for "he's a little darker color than you, sweetie."
She stopped letting me see him, but I still tried anyways (he lived across the street, so it wasn't that hard); and when I was getting ready to move at 8, he confessed that he loved me and would think about me forever. He kissed my cheek, then I was gone.

I cried for weeks when we moved.
I never did see Carl again. I hope the same for him as well; a happy life and a loving spouse.

Clyde said...

I think if everyone looked back, they have a Barbara or a Carl in their life.
It would be wonderful if we knew where they were


Heartwarming stories of both you and Tehkora.

How sad we often don't marry the love of our lives.

Clyde said...

Hey, she may not have been the love of my life but she was my first
And maybe its a better ending than if she stayed----although I doubt it

Venom said...

How sweet.

Please, tell some stories about race horses and such? I'm a harness racing fanatic, but will watch any horse-related events.

Clyde said...

Seems more like a sweet poison
Ah, but if I posted about a passion for horses---and I'm a harness racing fanatic, it would be you and me only
But I'll email

Dutch donut girl said...

Yes, we get together again :) But it didn't last. He was a great friend, though. I wonder where he is now. But more importanly, where did I put my wallet? Geez, I'd lose my head if it wasn't stuck to my shoulders.

Clyde said...


Geez, dont lose that head
It is too pretty to lose

Hey, at least you got together again