Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I can't believe it
This world has gone fucking mad

A father cannot show affection to his daughter because it could be misinterpreted by some nosey fucking neighbour with a very perverse mind.

A grandfather cannot bounce his granddaughter or grandson on his lap because some weird fucker might find it sexual

The dear old bloke in the Santa suit has to get a police clearance and is under constant scutiny by every weird brainwashed do-gooder

But here we have it---the ultimate fucking Government interference and acceptance of grubby fucking minds.
My local Primary School (that's 5yo to 12yo) has banned hugging between year 6 and 7 students (that's 10 year olds to 12 year olds) because it might give the wrong impression to the younger students.

Get fucked you perverted old prudes----these are children
I don't care if the age of puberty is falling rapidly, this is hugging between friendly children, this is not sexual

God next thing they will be banning smoking and rooting behind the shed on the school oval.

How far is our advanced society going to go


mapstew said...

Hey Clyde, all my kids and their friends hug every time they meet, and when parting. I never leave the house for a gig without getting hugs all round.

I have some friends with young kids who have no problem with them sitting on my lap.

You are so right, some things can be taken to the extreme. I would hate my kids to grow up with a fear of intimacy.

Barlinnie said...

I have never once in my life refrained fae kissing my sons, my daughters, my grandbabies... and even my nieces, nephews, the whole bloody lot of them in fact.

I came from a shite background with much turmoil and general poverty. The one thing it taught me is the value of family, and showing your love to your kids.

Of course the world is full of twisted fuckers, we know that, but stopping contact between kids is just plain stupid.

What a lot of out of touch eejits these fuckwits really are.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi Clyde: This is in Oz right? I've not heard anything like that here in California.

I knew a man...he would sit with us and talk. He seemed grouchy most times. He cursed alot. He was an ex Viet Nam vet.

His wife died of cancer and he would go on drinking bouts. One night the police went to his house as they were looking for him...the rumor was his daughter couldn't find him.

the police found him but as they arrived he shot himself.

Four years later I spoke with two of my friends...I mention John and his sad death.

the true story...that grumpy old man was sexually abusing him grand-daughter. And his daughter caught him...the police were sent to asrrest him.

That Fucker...that worthless piece of shit.

I was so angrty at my friends for holding it in and not ever telling anyone the truth. Their reasoning was that they didn't want anyone to think badly of him.

FUCK THAT! he wasn't the victim...his grand daughter was. Everyone should know what he did...the bastard.

I would have shot him myself if I was his daughter.

Sorry for the vent...I don't know about what they're doing in your schools.

End of vent.

Sorry clyde. I'm no fun today.

Anonymous said...

With less affection, at the end, will be more easy to kill, how some cannot see that?.

Clyde said...

I don't know where these morons are comming from.
It is so natural to show affection to your loved ones and friends.
Maybe these people dont have love or friends---
Maybe they need a hug.

Clyde said...

I grew up in a family full of love but they really didn't show it.
It was probably the best thing of my marriage---marrying into a family of huggers and kissers---although, I have since found out that my father in law did take his affection too far with his own daughters.
But why should the twisted action of a few cast doubts on the true affections of others.

Clyde said...

Miss Jones
You are always fun and when I get my Santa suit on, you can sit on my knee anytime.
Toni---your story is sad but it is not the norm in this world and if we are suspicious of all exhibitions of affection because of the actions of a few twisted fuckers, we will end up in a world without love.
Are we to fear everything.
Now little Toni, what do you want for Xmas

Clyde said...

I hadn't thought of it in that context.
If there is no love then no one cares---then we can trim the population as we thing best.
I think I will stick with the hugging thing---makes me feel good

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde...I only want you for Christmas. :0) was just a something I had to tell someone about. I hate that I was fooled. I liked that grumpy guy...and I find that about him.

I know honey...the schools can't go to the extreme either.

Clyde baby...can I have a doggie too? :0)

Macy said...

The world has indeed gone mad. We are teaching children to distrust, not just strangers but all adults. And basically most people in this world are really good deep down.

Clyde said...

Miss Jones
Well OK then, I'll get started on the wrapping---hmm, might have to tape down a thing or two---
And a doggie---ok, so that's a collar and chain.

Hey, it's sad when you trust someone and you find out that they weren't the person that you trusted

Clyde said...

They call it progress----and I think that we have been progressively going backwards for years
It is sad when we are calling innocense dirty

Sister Christian said...

Kids are adorable when they hug! Oooh, they'll give the wrong impression-pff! Fuck that shit! How does the government know that it's giving the wrong impression? Youngin's are youngin's and they intrepret things in different ways. Life's too short to decide whether or not banning hugs is worth anyone's time.
Government needs to focus their time on more serious issues.

s said...

This is incredibly sad. What is wrong with the world????!!

Clyde said...

Ah Sister
Exactly the point
The innocence of children is being lost in the grubby minds of those who have too much time on their hands.

Clyde said...

I think that there are too many people in this world trying to justify their own existance by coming up with new rules for the rest of us to live by.
I think they all need a big hug.

Either that, or they need to fuck off out of our world

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

What are they going to ban next?
High fives? This hug ban is totally ridiculous.

Clyde said...

Donut Girl
Hey, I agree
When they start to see the innocent affection of children as something grubby or sexual the world is going mad.
Hey as long as they don't ban hot bread rolls

Ponita in Real Life said...

Here in my city, some of the kids' sports teams have banned high fives and shaking hands, not because of any connotations of wrongdoing, but because of the fear of spreading the H1N1 virus.

Personally, I think the whole germophobia thing has gone too far too. Ban antibacterial soaps and wipes from everywhere except health care setting, and making shaking hands and hugging your family and friends mandatory.

All this PC crap is just twisted sickness. What happened to good old honesty and trust? If everyone was raised with it in its purity, the world wouldn't be in such a mess.

Shelly Rayedeane said...

All I want to be able to make legal is to be able to beat their little asses when their being brat children. Temper tantrums hurt my eardrums. Why can't we put some children in jail for noise pollution?

Clyde said...

I couldn't agree with you more--PC has just come too far.
And this germaphobia is right over the top -----soon there will be no touching without germicide wipes---keep them in the top drawer alongside the condoms

Clyde said...

Sorry, I cant agree with you----parents need to learn control---I agree with smacking but not beating or locking them away

Shelly Rayedeane said...

I agree Clyde. I meant like hit on the diaper smacking. Not beat the living shit out of smacking.

It is all about discipline. Not abuse. lol.

Anonymous said...

Your observations are correct and your opinions are honest.


-eve- said...

no one banned hugging in my school, but no one ever did it either... ;-)
perhaps the culture, lol - I know i don't like it when girls hug me front on. an arm around the shoulder is acceptable, though...

Clyde said...


It is sad when the purity of childhood affection is questioned in the grubby minds of those in authority


It may well be different but it is what is an acceptable sign of innocent affection---what is a comfortable way to touch
Sad that something else is made of it