Saturday, 10 October 2009


Now I'm not sure if "Taking the piss" is an exclusively Australian saying but just in case, it's meaning is "having a joke at another persons expense".

Geez, funny language----take the piss is a joke but kick the shit is not----no, no, I'm not getting into the language again.

Now, I am not taking the piss here---no---but a lot of women in the world are.
It has a totally new meaning---

So here is the facts for you
Most Estrogen prescribed to menopausal women is derived from the urine of pregnant mares (female horses).
No bullshit---this is real---go on, google it.

Now obviously there is a lot of laboratory work and it comes in tablet or capsule form, but as per usual, you will be paying big money to some pharmaceutical company.

So what I am saying is that, if you need this medication, why don't you hang around the horse studs with your own bucket, take it home and put it in the fridge, mix it with your gin or vodka or just have a pint with your lamb chop on the BBQ.



Jimmy Bastard said...

I remember drinking the local brew on my last visit to Albury in NSW a few years back. The lads there were drinking Victoria Bitter mixed with liquidised fish bladders. It supposedly gave them a natural high.

It gave me the trots... funny lot them snag eaters.

Morven said...

That's pretty gross....hopefully by the time I reach that age they'll have found a new method...

Clyde said...

Anyone who drinks VB as a preferred beverage is a little strange----they probably had to mix it with something to get rid of the taste.
There is a lot of good beers in Australia---VB isn't one of them.

Clyde said...

There is probably a lot of medications derived from things we really don't want to know about.
Geez, Chinese medicine uses some good stuff

Sister Christian said...

Hahaha! That is pretty gross, but it makes me wonder about the stuff that's in my meds...then again, I have a pretty good idea of whats in there (mostly). Speed, meth and something or other...I dunno, the usual cocktail of uppers and downers for a hyperactive, bipolar, panic attack sufferer like myself.
But horse piss sounds a lot safer than the stuff I take, that's for damn fuckin' sure.

Clyde said...

You are not wrong.
A lot of people take regular medication and have no idea what is in it---and then they have to take other medication to counteract the first tablet--yep all sounds good.
I'm sure that some Doctors are in bed with the pharmacuetical companies and just keep prescribing whatever is easiest for them.
A friend of mine was taking 11 tablets a day but after going to a natural therapist and iridologist for 12 months, he now takes 1 pharecutical medication and 2 natural substance tablets and has never been healthier according to his new doctor

mapstew said...

And I thought I was sad drinkin' the Carlsberg!!

Clyde said...

Yer, well, you'll just have to put up with those night sweats.
There is a passage in the bible about drinking their own piss and eating their own dung----I aint going there

Shelly Rayedeane said...

I wonder if a pig could take a menopausal pill and cure swine flu?

Clyde said...

You just never know what medications can do----but I cant see a pig gargling a bucket of horse piss

S said...

Nice. When the time comes I think I may just prefer the hot flushes and blinding rage.

Clyde said...

But sweets, you already have the rage.
Hey, half the shit that people take has weird origins.
A little refined botulin from spoiled meat in the upper lip works wonders----a little too much unrefined and you're dead----so a little horse piss between friends is no biggy

-eve- said...

good point. possibly... don't take it, then. ;-) On one hand - females hormones sound like a good idea - on the other, there's the risk of breast cancer to consider...

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde: hello mister how yah been?

Oh my...I didn't know that. I've heard about a shot given once every so often that men and women take as a way to lose weight. I've heard it was piss from a pregnant woman. I just don't know if it is true.

No diet like that for me. :)
later sweetie. xxx

Clyde said...

Now there is the Doctor coming out in you.
There is probably a lot of medications with origins we would rather not know about.
Hey, me, if it helped, I'd take it

Clyde said...

Ah Miss Jones
I have no doubt that you don't require any dietary help----and you are a long way from contemplating any horse piss.
But you just don't know with any medication.
At least the Chinese herbalist tell you that it is powdered penis of an African animal

mapstew said...

Don't get me started on THAT piece of fiction!

Clyde said...

Now now Stew, it is the best selling piece of fiction of all times----but not a great read

Indigo said...

I sure won't be garggling with it, drink it, using it as a mouth wash or shoving it up any arifice of my body, this century or any other time.... It's totally GROSS!!

Clyde said...

You just don't know what your putting in your mouth anytime---well, sometimes you do---but medication wise----
They don't label things "Dirivitive of horse piss"


Yeah but what if the mare is pregnant and then we get pregnant to only to deliver us a horse?

There's no man in thw world who will fall for 'of course it's YOURS!'


Oh and 'taking the piss' is a pom saying which you guys stole from us btw.


Bunny it's the Estrogen in birth control pills.
You've already reached that age.

Clyde said...

Uber, Uber & Uber
Ha, did you have a little stutter there sweet.
Ah, you would have a lovely chestnut foal---ok, remember that we are a penal colony, we will steal anything---and how do you know Bunny is on any pills ?


It would seem she thought you were referring to HRT pills when you were also meaning birth control pills.

I was not saying she is on any pills only she is already 'that age'. :)