Monday, 28 September 2009


OK, look it up----if you don't know the language-----HAIRY

I don't think that I have any less hair than I had 20 years ago but it has shifted a bit.
I have no idea how much hair I had when I was born.
Geez I have seen some nude nut babies who seem to sprout hair very quickly, some that sprout hair fairly slowly and some that wouldn't be out of place in a litter of Cocker Spaniels but lose the hair and grow it again.
What ever colour it is, the hair is on the top of your head and that is it---and it is straight, curly, wavy or frizzy naturally.----luck of the draw

But then you get to be "that" age and hair starts to grow in other regions----
Now if you are female it is only three areas (hopefully) but with guys it can be anywhere---well OK, "those three girly areas plus your face, chest and some even on the back.

It really doesn't matter if your head hair is straight or curly, the hair in your nether regions is curly-----why ?----I have no fucking idea---work it out for yourself.

OK, a few years into this more hirsute life, some people start to trim, shave or wax this hair-----guys shave their faces, girls have a go at the armpits and legs and then start to have a little trim of the bush----some keep on trimming, some shape, some shave completely some wax----all a personal choice----OK, and there are those who have to chop a gap in the mono brow and give the top lip a little grooming.

Of course there are those guys who who look like they are wearing King Kong's T shirt who decide to get the chest and back defoliated-----give them a few years and it becomes the back, crack and sack

Now here is my point------and mainly for guys-----you get to about half way through your life span and that hair on the top of your head starts to thin out----why---geez, I don't know---but it does-----and people start to say "Hey are you losing your hair"
Well I have to tell you----it ain't happening---you're losing nothing---it's just relocating--cos all of that hair that isn't growing on your head is finding other ways out----it's coming down your nose, out of your ears, its on your knuckles and I reckon there is a bit more around your but.
All of a sudden you are plucking and trimming more than your lady

Now one thing here guys-----I have never seen a good comb over---it might look OK to you and you might think that you are fooling everyone but you are not.
I have never seen a good rug yet.
If it gets to a stage where a regular hair cut just doesn't do it, have a number one all over or shave it.
And those eyebrows----if you can comb them, trim them---get your barber to do it

Ladies---just keep on doing what you are doing----you are beautiful---


Sister Christian said...

Keep doin' what we doin'? Lord, Clyde, us women have to do a lot of trimmin' and waxin' and shavin'. As much as it either groses me out or amuses me, I actually feel a good dose of satisfaction at seein' the mens having to deal with hairs in places that really aren't flattering. They get to know what it's like having to deal with unsightly hairs, though yes, there is the shaving of the unibrow and the upkeep of those whiskers, but really...I guess it's just karmic retribution in the form of body hair.
Also, comb overs are just too funny. I'm not a fan of windy days, but when you add a comb over or two, it makes it all worth it.

Clyde said...

Geez, I never looked at it as payback for all of those years the ladies have been trimming.
At least they have those little rotary trimmers for the nose and the ears.
Yeh, gotta love a comb over in the wind or the rug that starts to lift around the edges

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hello hello...I was walking across the huge parking lot....youcould land a plane on to the logistics center when a gust of wind came. he was talking to me so my head was turned to him as we walked...his comb over hair was flying up.

It was like a comedy when he tried to plaster it down. hehehe. I couldn't help laughing. He was a shit of a boss...but he let me run the show and I made him look good. It was the best decision he ever made.

But at the same time I saw a lady with so much hair above her lips that I wanted to say something, nothing to make her feel bad...but in saying anything would had made her feel bad. I kept quiet. to her like.

clyde. honey...thank you sweetie. You know why. :0)


Clyde said...

The lovely Miss Jones
Maybe the comb overs and hairy top lips are there to ebtertain us.
The comb overs are pure vanity but bearded ladies are just wrong---I know a mole on your face is not your fault but letting long hair grow out of it is gross

Oh, it's a pleasure

mapstew said...

I don't mind no longer having hair on the head, actually most people tell me I look younger than I did before I decided to shave the remnants of the 80's Mohawk off!

I don't even mind the extra nose/ear/butt/back hair. (Except for the grey ones, which are increasing by the week!)

But what I effing hate are the 'ingrowing' hairs on my face! Does anybody else get these? At least one every week, which usually end up being 'dug out' with a tweesers! OUC fucking H!

(I also found a grey one in me pubes last week! I pulled it out of course! Too much info?)


Clyde said...

Yep, too much info there Stew

The bastards just sprout from wherever on the body----I'm sure it's to do with not having it on your head, so they go elsewhere.

Of course, you can save yourself from getting those greys---shave/wax the bloody lot----but don't tell Jimmy

mapstew said...

Just keeping the head shaved is enough body maintenance for me, the rest can sprout away to it's hearts content!

(And no, don't think Jimmy would approve of all that malarkey!)

Clyde said...

Yep, I'll stick with the head and face

*s* said...

Trimming, plucking, wazing, it all gets tiresome. I'm gonna grow my hairs in protest one day.
I'll be like a female big foot!

Clyde said...

Ah *S*
You should be in the comfort zone by now----not having to impress with the far too regular mowing and weeding during the cooler months.
But the warm weather is comming, so ya better get the Victa tuned up ready for the kini.
Hmm, I wonder why they haven't made roundup for pubicles


I like hairy men[except on the back]

Clyde said...

It's easy then----get them off your back