Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Today's daily paper Crossword
28 Across

Sexual acts between people too closely related-----
Six letters and the third letter is "C"

Exciting---no, one too many letters
Taboo----of course not, there is no C
Uncle---no, only five letters and a silly answer
Dirty---no C again and only five letters
Threesome---well, they didn't mention how many

Well OK, what is too closely related ?
Now there is no Mother, Father, Son, Daughter----that is nasty----I don't care if you say that the family that plays together stays together---that is not on---no, no, not never, no.
And get past the grandfather stuff---too old, too nasty

But from there, where is your relationship
Your Aunt is only your Aunt because she married your Mothers brother----so there is no blood for you----but you could piss your uncle off
Your cousins----well they do share the half blood of you so it's probably not a great idea (and all of my good looking female cousins were a fair bit older)

OK, so we are at second cousins---geez, where is the relationship---how are they blood related to you-----do you know them----could you meet them on a night out and not know til they mention Great Aunt Mary.

What is closely related ?

Hey, not that I want to go there but it was a question in my crossword---
And there is the British Royals----a bit of cross pollination going on there---look at those ears.
Italians are still into marrying cousins (Geez, Church of Rome)
Small remote tribes---well you have to bonk someone.
We have a saying in Australia----pointed at one little island State----"Well, if he's not good enough for his own family, he's not good enough for ours"

Ah, your sister's best friend is fair game

What a stupid clue
Now 11 Across-----Skin irritation


Spiky Zora Jones said... west virginia there is a saying, if you're old enough to sit at the kitchen table, you're old enough to eat.

Um...bad joke huh? 1st cousin is beautiful. We get along wonderfully. We kissed lots this one summer when we wee in high school. And now when I go to family reunions...she looks at me from across the rented hall. that look...that smile. She loves me and I love her. I go to her and we hug and I kiss her lips quickly, don;t want the family to freak out...hehehe.

She always...always tells me she wished we weren't cousins.

god me too.

But it would not ever go past that. Damn we have fun when we are together. She is the funnest person I know.

MY GOD my family would had gone crazy if we were an item back then...DEVOUT CATHOLIC FAMILY!!!

I mean it's not we would have had kids...but still. I wish she was not my cousin.

damn...I miss her.
ciao clyde...I'm calling her today, I miss her more, now...suddenly. Clyde I have stories of me and her...when we out world.

Jimmy Bastard said...

I keep seeing an image of Burt Reynolds going through rapids in a small canoe... strange just how haunting those banjoes can be!

Clyde said...

West Virginia sound like an area in most countries of the world---
Ah, kissing cousins and no harm would be done except in your own family----can't wait for those stories.
Hey, I have two cousins, both 8 years older than me---used to love family gatherings on warm sunny days-----God, they are old women now---what did I see---hmmmm

Clyde said...

And the vacant look on that wee lads face, sitting on the bridge.
Hmm, did seem to be a theme of inbreeding.
Can Charlie play the banjo ?


God, don't even get me started.

Clyde said...

Ya just have to look down the street----you have to wonder how closely there parents are related

Anonymous said...

I was totally in love with my cousin Kevin when I was growing up. He was damn handsome and was really sweet. I so would have kissed him...I admit it.

Sister Christian said...

That Australian saying is pretty awesome. Second cousins would be weird, but I mean, not THAT much of a blood relation.
But I don't really think I'm one to talk. Me and my cousin were each others' first kiss when we were 4.

Clyde said...

You cheeky girl
And I bet Kevin would have kissed you
Of course, you were only 7 at the time

Clyde said...

Ah Deb
Didn't we all
But if there is no tongue involved and you are not at least teenagers, I don't think that you have crossed the family lines.
Oh, you didn't mention---boy or girl cousin ?

Sister Christian said...

No tongue involved. I didn't have my first tongue kiss until I was 6 by this boy all the girls in class adored. And the cousin is a boy.

Clyde said...

Oh, you are a good girl
Waited til you were 6----but you only kissed him to beat the rest of the girls----you little tart---ha

Steph said...

I pashed my cousin once. I was 13 he was 16. He's still hot too. Hrmmmm

Clyde said...

And he still remembers---better keep Kylie away from him---after all, she is adopted into the family

Lord T said...


Go for it. As Bill said 'Who will ever find out?'

The real reason its taboo is to stop genetic issues. That will never be the case here.

Send pictures.

Clyde said...

Oh, sorry, I thought it was for me.

Miss Jones, can you get off your knees and answer the man.
I think he is royalty and knows about genetics---so he knows about cousins