Thursday, 17 April 2008


Ok, so I've told you about the medicinal values of semen and now there seems to be a bit of a run on it at the tap.
Once informed, every female health freak wants to drink from the fountain of youth or bathe in the milk of the asp--(geez, do I really have to explain--ok---asp---small snake as in one eyed trouser snake---remember Cleopatra)

Now the guys are starting to complain because they have to keep up the supplies and performance is being demanded on an unprecedented level.

Guys, there is some very good news for you in this deal.

The male hormone that keeps all of your tackle in good working order and gives you a good lift is called Testosterone. Now that's no news to anyone and they are always talking about testosterone levels in teenagers and athletes.
Here is the good bit. If you keep on pumping----that's having a root or wanking or that lovely lady of yours sips from the straw, you will keep your testosterone level up to a reasonable degree.

Big fucking deal you say---well you should say that too.
Because an elevated testosterone level ensures that you dont suffer from brittle bones in later life and that your memory level is enhanced.
Bullshit you say---well sorry, it has been proven---so keep on rooting and not only will you be able to remember when you had your last root, you wont break your leg in the dismount.

Now I am not sure if there is actually any testosterone in semen but I would assume so. So guys, just to be the genltlemen that we know you are, make sure at some stage you deposit a full blast or at least some residue on your lady's breasticles.
Ok, you can read up on this bit---testosterone or a man made derivitive of testosterone is commonly used in the treatment of breast cancer.
See---you only did it for her own good

God, I feel like Dr Phil


ann said...

Good to know, I am passing this info along to all of my guy friends. You are hilarious.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

So, it does a body good both taken orally AND topically then, huh?

Good to know...;)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh, and just so you know, I'm tagging you in my post tomorrow...;)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

ha...a good splash on the girls is fine with me as long a the fella saves a little for me...especially if he has been eating Italian...yum. hehehe.

Ciao Docter Clyde...I love the post. I so didn't know that.

Clyde said...

Should I bow or curtsy--ooh, a visit from the Queen.
Yep, I reckon the guys need to know how to do the right thing.
Geez, my first time, I needed a road map.

Of course it does. That's why you are so healthy and have a great complexion.

Spiky Z
You just take it anyway it comes and you will be the life of the party.
It's almost a fountain of youth.
No wonder our parents and grandparents died younger--only had sex to produce childen and never tried the joys of oral.

Wait. What? said...

Ohh the benefits of topical treatments obviously the bonus is you can take it orally as well! Nice blog! Cat