Thursday, 17 June 2010


Every season, yep I mean season---so that's four times a year, there are releases of new fashions for the stylish to empty their wallets and fill their wardrobes.
It seems like a girl into fashion has to have at least one new item every season and that's not counting the shoes or the underwear.
Underwear has become a fashion of its own and even though most of it will never be displayed to anyone who will appreciate it, it just makes a girl feel good.

Of course, if you are a hoarder / collector, you will notice that fashion that is old will make a comeback and you are back in fashion again with that stuff you have stored in the spare room.

OK, I know that guys are fashion dags---we will wear everything til it wears out and even then, keep on wearing it with a rip or tear because there is some fashion to the ripped or torn.

But it is not just clothes that maketh the man or the woman.
Just have a look at your family photos----it's the hair styles or lack there of.

For years the ladies have been heading for the hair stylists and reinventing their look on a regular basis but most guys have stayed with the regular neat and trimmed hair.
But now it seems that the guys are joining in on the hair fashions---but the fashion seems to be minimal.
No longer are there the comb overs or the heads of thinning hair around town.
Now it's the shaved heads or or very close cuts taking over----and the clean shaved is giving way to the three day growth of facial hair-----all of a sudden, I am fashionable.

But now it's going all the way.
It used to be just the ladies waxing legs, armpits and any other region that may be exposed by the latest fashion in swim wear--or shaping it up as a fashion statement, or removing it all.
Now it's the guys---
I can understand that the guys who look like they're wearing a King Kong T-shirts would want to get the mower out on their back and chest hair----who wants to look like a primate---but going all the way with a back, crack and sack seems to be going overboard to the name of fashion----or is it fashion.

OK, I don't mind neat and tidy and I am not that hairy that I need the chest or back wax but I have no intention of letting someone loose with wax around my dangly bits.
And I really don't have any fixed views on how far anyone else should go in the name of fashion or comfort.
Ladies, all I know is that defoliated legs and armpits do look better---what you do with the rest is fine and fashionable with me.
Guys, well if you are closely related to king kong, I would think about either keeping your shirt on---but that foliage over the top of your collar does not look good----or maybe keep up with the latest in fashions and get the grass mowed.

Oh, head hair for the ladies----long, short, shaven, blonde, brunette or redhead, whatever is fine with me
Fashion--well, I have always measured a lady by the way she can wear a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt---simple


The Invisible Seductress said...

The pic is perfectly horrible. Eeeeep.. :} !!

Clyde said...


Yep, aint he cute----I am sure that I would be into waxing with foliage like that

mapstew said...

Well ye know what ma heid is like!

As for the rest of the body, well, ye know what the heid is like! :¬)

Anonymous said...


I'll have nightmares :(

Clyde said...


A very fashionable head---
I really don't need to know about the rest

Clyde said...


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet----as a 28yo Sojourner.

Ha, yes, you can see that it can be a scary world out there.

rebecca said...

Hm, visions of Robin Williams come to mind. Eh, yeah, hair on men, it's natural, let it all hang out. It's sexy and great. However, when it crosses the line over to primate, chicks have a problem.

Clyde said...


That sounds about right for the average guy---trimming is not a priority but if you're looking a little like King Kong, then a regular mowing would be a good thing

Marnie said...

I wonder if he shaves a shamrock on St. Paddy's day...hmmmm?

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

Never been much into fashion, but I don't say no to nice underwear.

I wouldn't like guys who shave everything. Why would you do that?
As long as they're clean and well-kept I dont care how much hair they have.

Clyde said...


And what does he decorate for Christmas

Clyde said...


Every girl wants to feel good about themselves--and even though its usually not on display, nice underwear usually does the trick.
I had a girlfriend who probably had more underwear than clothes, yet at times liked to wear none just to make herself feel sexy

Hey, I agree with the not shaving everything--girls and guys--as long as its neat---and you say clean--with all of the perfumes and fashions in the world, I like nothing better than a girl in jeans and a T-shirt and that fresh smell of soap

Ms Scarlet said...

Ha! I'm so with you on the jeans and T-shirt thing!

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

Just read your comment on my blog.
You're funny, Mr. passionfruit.

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet

It seems like a comfort thing----if a girl can feel comfortable in jeans and T-shirt, then she is comfortable in her own skin

Clyde said...


Isn't life supposed to be fun ?

Just telling it like it is said...

I heart the that picture! Where are the braids?

Clyde said...


You are a very liberal woman
I'm sure you could do the braids for him---just before you set fire to him


I like hairy men. Not back hair though,but other than that King Kong PLEASE!

Clyde said...

I think most women are happy with a bit of manly hair---but the shagpile needs a good mowing

Sister Christian said...

Fashion entertains me. When I was younger I was all into what looked good at the time, what was cool etc., but for the past couple of years, I haven't been so crazy about what's in. I go for what tickles my funny bone/whatever's cheapest.
Hiar is hair. That shit's gonna happen on your body whether you wax or shave. For the guys that wax-now you know the shit we have to put up with and perhaps now you understand feminism a bit more.

Clyde said...

Sister Deb
I think everyone goes through that fashion/ competition stage and we finally get to that comfortable stage----when we are happy with what we wear or how we look---we are not trying to impress the world.
Hey, no one ever said that you had to wax---it's up to you