Friday, 11 June 2010


There is two epidemics sweeping the world and although no one else has said so, I think that they are related.

But then again, maybe they are not sweeping the world but more so what they like the call the "western world"

Obesity seems to be taking over our communities.

On a daily basis people send me emails of "the people of Wallmart"---and every one of them has photos of these extra large economy size people who don't seem to realise that they are obese. They have bits hanging out of their clothes, front, back and side and it is not a sexy or titillating look.
There are G-strings/ thongs on both males and females, with the T-bar clearly shown and you just have to wonder, between fits of vomiting, where the hell that string is and will it hold.
You only have to walk the streets to see these people in tracksuit bottoms / sweat pants and tights / leggings, to get this view of something that looks like two rather large animals fighting in a sack----of course, the shirt has to be long enough to prevent the protrusion of excess stomach that dangles over the top of the waist band of the pants.

The saddest thing is that we see their children hiding under a pile of fries and burgers, trying to avoid the sports coaches who might press gang them into some healthy sporting pastime.
Just imagine the finished product at 25 with a start like that

Geez, China has this one child per family ruling----The "Western World" could to do something similar but limit it by a maximum of kilograms or pounds of offspring.

OK, so I said there was a second epidemic and that it could be related---well, you've got the remote control, start channel surfing.

Where the fuck did all of these cooking shows and Chef competitions come from on free to air television.
Is this it's own subliminal epidemic luring the sedentary food voyeurs---lip lickers--midnight grazers.
We used to have the occasional mother of four, showing her skills at cooking breakfast lunch and dinner to satisfy her family and backing a few biscuits of cakes for special treats---but now.
Now they are "celebrities".
We have an arrogant Scotsman who has a limited command of the English language and substitutes the word fuck for all and sundry meanings. I doubt that Scotland claims him being that he was raised in England from the age of five, but he has won so many awards.-----but I have never been fascinated by his cooking and none of it seems to be overly healthy.
The Naked Chef has been applauded for trying to get health menus into British schools but every time I see him cooking up a storm it seems to consist of loads of meat cooked under gallons of animal fat products with three varieties of potatoes and a few wilted greens
Then we have the competitions---amateur chefs competing against each other under the watchful eyes of abusive overweight professionals, producing menus of calorie exploding, sugar coated, chocolate filled goodies for the chunky judges to taste.

Wouldn't it be nice if they could produce something that didn't include a Mars Bar salad with chocolate fudge topping.

Even the food we cook at home is fast food---ah, the microwave oven---the destroyed of anything green or orange. When did vegetables have the consistency of mush and all have that same taste of paper glue.

OK, I'm not the thinnest guy in the world and I do love a feed of that tasty fast food, but I limit it to a weekly treat---and I walk the beach every day ---and I take notice of how my waistline feels in my jeans.
Sport was something that was not only on offer to me at school but one full lesson a week was compulsory
Although not great sporting people, my parents made sure that fresh air and exercise were part of my daily menu.

I am horrified to think that we have come this way, but more I can see it getting worse.

I can see it being the end of the human race. Unless the future brings proportionately larger dangley bits, I can't see the sexes being able to get together to breed another generation.

OK, I'm off for a chocolate wagon wheel and a thick shake---or maybe that delightful Dutch girl will come visiting with some donuts


Macy said...

But the wee kid at the top of your post is cute!
No?? Just me???

Yeah... probably..... :)

The Invisible Seductress said...

I think it is very sad that the Michelin Man claimed that this was NOT HIS KID on the Maury Show..The results are in.....

Michelin Man when it comes to fat little Western World baby....


(uh, Macy,,he is a little cute it's not just you!!:) ...)

Dutch Sugar Babe said...
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Dutch Sugar Babe said...

Oh man, that poor boy. It really angers me when I see parents feeding their children crap.
My mom MADE us eat vegetables – what's so hard about saying "this is what's for dinner, deal with it?" It's not rocket science.
If you don't have junk in the house your kids will eat whatever is provided at mealtime. I don't believe in forcing them to eat anything. If all you have in the house is real food, just let their hunger take care of it.

BTW, I'm on my way!
I've minimized my sugar intake so no donuts, but I will make my low-fat and 'healthy' apple cake. You do eat apple cake don't you?
See you in a bit.

Clyde said...

No, not just you, but the poor wee bairn is going to grow and not be so cute.
Needs to grab Ned's lead and take him for a long walk

Clyde said...

Oh, I think his mother may well have been inflated by Mr Michelin.
Maybe Mr Michelin needs a little more tread on his rubber

Clyde said...

Yep, my Mom was the same---but she woked out that there were a few vegetables that we would eat raw and enjoy more--carrots, peas, cauliflower, cabbage---so we got more of those---still love a feed of raw vegetables---
Apple cake sounds fantastic---I'll do a banana cake with passionfruit icing---I'll pick you up at the airport

Venom said...

Passionfruit icing, eh. Is that a euphemism Clyde, you devil.

Clyde said...

Now now, come on---
I just happen to like the bite of passionfruit with a banana cake---it's one of those once a year things.
You have a naughty mind----and that's why I like you

Just telling it like it is said...

I for one love the cooking shows...but I also love the dancing shows...put them to gether and what do you have? Dance your ass off!!! All I know are those girls are flexible!

Clyde said...


Hey, there are some good cooking shows but some of the cooks / chefs have become bigger than their shows and dont put a lot of thought into what they are displaying----
Hey babe, don't dance "that" arse off

Just telling it like it is said...

Clyde no worries my ass will never go away!! trust me on that one!!!!

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

Venom's comment made me burst out laughing.
But I would love your banana cake with... ahum... passionfruit icing ;)

Have a nice Monday.

Sister Christian said...

Oh my Jebus those pictures are shocking! But congratulations on being a genius cause I never put those 2 together. It makes total and complete sense.
My heart aches whenever I see kids eating fatty foods as they struggle to breathe through their chewing. How can people let their kids do that to themselves? Then again, behaviour is learned, so they saw it somewhere and they saw it often enough to find it acceptable.
I come from a family of thin people with fast metabolisms, so I've always been able to eat whateverthefuck I want and it wouldn't do much (other than add more junk to my trunk which I do not mind at all). Being adventurous by nature, I go on walks and dance by myself in the living room at least once a week. Maybe people should do more of that?

Clyde said...


I'll keep you to that

Clyde said...


Now now now---it is real passionfruit icing, but if you would the ahum passionfruit, that can be arranged
Hmm, they tell me that it can taste like what you eat--I love passionfruit

Clyde said...

Sister Deb

We are in a fast food society---unfortunately, unlike Asia, our fast food is fatty food.
And all of these "Chef" shows and competitions seem to cook up menus of fat.
Lucky lady---unfortunately I inherited a very slow metabolism, so I just have to walk past my pantry and 3 kgs jump out and grab me----so walk walk and walk and wheatgrass smoothies for breakfast.
Hmm, maybe I'll dance more.
Maybe you can start up an online "Debs, dance your arse off"

Anonymous said...

The fat kid at the top.. I'm guessing he carries a puncture repair kit with him?



Clyde said...


You just have to hope he grows into it

rebecca said...

I'm always intrigued at the supermarket on what people buy. The "my, aren't we healthy" types (PC version) fill their carts with sodas and chips and cakes and every form of food that has trans fat and every other kind of fat. Sugar and fat seem to be the only two things on their food pyramid. It bothers me to see that they don't see this as a form of "inevitable suicide." It's sad. You just hope that when they get their wake-up call that tells them that if they don't shape up, they won't be around much longer, that they do indeed listen. I'm not much for reality tv, but do watch The Biggest Loser because I find that they not only help them lose the weight the natural way, but also get in their psyche to have them learn what got them there in the first place. Addiction with foods, I believe, all stems from the brain and whatever is hidden inside.

Marnie said...

I would love to eat all the junkfood that life has to offer, but I don't as I realize that it will do more to harm me than just my appearance. I have a treat day once a week. My daughter is lean, she is fed home cooked food. Since she is small, she is given a treat here and there, but not on a constant daily basis.

What concerns me about today's youth is how big they are...what is that doing to their hearts at such young age. Will they die young? I hope not.

great post.

Clyde said...

I love the supermarket---
Watch how quickly people race through the fruit and vegetable area and stock up in the cheese, chip and salami aisles.
I'm sure that some people don't know that vegetables don't all come in cans.
My biggest laugh is people stocking up on orange juice---ha ha, there is more sugar that a can of coke-----and most boxes of cereal have more sugar and fat than potato chips---
It's all healthy----just get off your arses and do some exercise

Clyde said...


There are so many things declared bad for us but then taken off the list.
Everything is OK in moderation as long as there is some exercise involved
We just have to realise4 how many of those processed health foods are bad for us----orange juice, breakfast cereals, processed meats----my greatest problem is that I am a cheese-aholic