Monday, 29 March 2010


You look like you are from Persia---I don't trust you

You have a suntan, a scruffy beard and your wife has a hood over her head and I cant check out her tits so you have to be a suicide bomber or some sort of terrorist. Your children look different and I don't want them mixing with mine.

You want to face the East and pray at certain times of the day---I don't know anything about that so I am suspicious of you.

How sad is our world
We live in fear of what we don't understand but because someone claims it to be Muslim, our level of fear increases.

They talk about terrorists being Muslim fundamentalists but if ask your average follower of the Muslim faith and they have no idea of of what a fundamentalist is or may look like.

OK, it took a bit but I decided to read the Koran / Quoran-(fuck you Microsoft on your spelling).
Now according to this book of faith, this religion has nothing against the Christian religion and suggests nothing about waring with the infidels.

So what is this shit.

Is it no more than some "persons" radical interpretation of a religious book.
Is this like the Catholics versus the Christadelphians versus the Jehovah's Witnesses versus the Anglicans----but this is another book.
Is this book any worse than the Book of Mormon or anything published by those weird cunts, the Scientologists ----oops, sorry--4 letter word, but tell me there is another description for them.

Was there not a world war started by some little Austrian born German dictator with an agenda to wipe out those of another religion in Europe.

Are we going to be intimidated by people who are strong in their beliefs, or are we going to be suspicious of them because of their beliefs, just because the rebels against our beliefs happen to have the same religion as they do.

The people threatening our way of life are terrorists----gutless morons who attack innocent people because they don't have the bravado to come out and fight in hand to hand combat.
They hide behind a peace loving religion and make us suspicious of all who follow that faith.
Love your neighbour because they are your neighbour, not because they are Catholic, Muslim or Buddhist.
Hate your neighbour because they are arrogant, ignorant, antisocial morons, not because of their race, colour or religion.

I hope we can fix it---why not try---tolerance and understanding



Ponita in Real Life said...

I second that Amen... and I'm an atheist. Intolerance of religion is what just about every war on the face of this planet has ever been about.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, their own beliefs... and they also need to agree to disagree... so that each person can be entitled to those opinions and beliefs. It would be so simple if everyone stuck to that principle, wouldn't it?

Clyde said...


I'm a lapsed Prebyterian---but I follow my father's beliefs.
As a young man, he lived just off a main road that had a church of every denomination.
He tried a diferent church every Sunday----why
Hey, they were basically the same but there were new girls.
But he was tolerant of everyones beliefs

Jimmy Bastard said...

I believe in me... no one else.

Dutch donut girl said...

Stereotyping is indeed rampant in the world today. The trick is to strive to look at a person on their own merits, and make our own little corners of the world a better place.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde: I only want everyone to worship me. be a deciple of the cult Spiky Zora...mkay?

really though...religion has taught so many to hate. It overshadows the message religion should be sending entirely.

how does one kill in the name of god? How does one hurt those in the name of god...isn;t that the question a person shold be asking themselves when they are asked to do that?

Totally agree with you sweets...
and people hate me because I fell in love with a woman.


Clyde said...


You lie
You believe in that beautiful lady who stands beside you----you believe in your children---you believe in life---you believe in a fair go for everyone

Clyde said...


Accept people for who they are and how they treat you---they are no scary because they don't look like you----hmmm, what a great world it would be if the all looked like you

Clyde said...

Miss Jones

We all worship at your feet.
No one could hate you for falling in love---the men of the world are in mourning, but no hate

Sister Christian said...

True say, brotha!
People these days are more interested in ignorance and selective tolerance rather than tolerance for all.
They forget that there's more to a person than they're religion or physical appearance.

Heff said...

I hear ya, but "tolerance and understanding" OFTEN gets you BITTEN IN THE ASS.

- Amen

Just telling it like it is said...

I just hope that we can live without war...without the worry of our boys seeing their buddies blown apart...i have not hate...I don't want to see anyone fight for can't take it with us...and then What would God say to us...You killed for something that is not worth the breath that we breath...I have seen death and it is not pretty...

Clyde said...

Sister Deb

If you dont look like the majority, eat like the majority, speak like the majority or prey like the majority, a minority of that majority finds you a danger to society.
It even comes down to your relationships and sex life---if it's not like the majority, then you are wrong---not

Clyde said...


The problem is that we dont want to learn and affraid to take a chance on people----no wonder they dont become intergrated, we alienate them

Clyde said...


Oh, the world would be a far better place without any conflict.
The sad thing is that if people don't live like we think they should do and don't have our beliefs, we are suspicious of them.

Maybe we cause part of the conflict by our lack of tollerance.

Death will never be pretty----at times a peaceful release but never pretty.I have held too many hands at the last breath.

Memphis Steve said...

I live in Memphis. We fear the one who has the gun pointed at us and is shooting. I don't give a fuck if they're shouting "Praise to Allah" or not.

Clyde said...


I would hope that is true but we all have a fear of the unknown and the unusual-----we have learned to suspect anyone who is not like us.

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful and extremely well written, Clyde!
Thanks for thinking of me too.


The Invisible Seductress said...

Negativity breeds negativity. Everyone gets on the "bandwagon" parked out front in the media. When a new wagon arrives, they get off and board the new one piously. And our kids are being steered to follow like lemmings..Sad.

Clyde said...


It is sad that we want to label people in our own fear or suspicion of anyone who doesnt look or live like us

Clyde said...

The media has a lot to answer for as does the WEB.
Emails circulating tell us all how many Muslims there are in each country---the word extemist being used with everything associated with Muslim countries