Tuesday, 16 March 2010


The green monster will eat you right up.

OK, for the guys who just got a twitch in their jocks and the ladies who just had a quick flaps down landing, I have to explain this eating.

I'm not sure if all parts of the English speaking world understand that the "Green Monster" is a euphemism for jealousy.-----Geez, who knew that I could spell euphemism.

From my experience of life, which is fairly considerable, jealousy tears into more psyches than any other emotion.

Of course we all suffer from petty jealousies----some of them caused by varying degrees of vanity.
I don't want to get sexist here but I think that the ladies suffer with a few more of these petty jealousies than the average guy.----better shaped, smaller, bigger, perkier chest flesh----longer legs, firmer arse, hair colour. It is funny that those with the most insecurities have the most.

Guys really only have two common jealousies / insecurities / vanities----they want more to fill their jocks and a better car------there used to be a third---hair---but now a shaved head is a fine thing---the comb over is dead.

All of these insecurities will nag at us to certain degrees until we really start to obsess over something and then all logic goes out the window.
In relationships, jealousies cause a loss of trust and without trust, there is no basis for the relationship to survive.

I had no idea how insecure, obsessive, controlling and jealous my ex wife could be until I married her-----of course I didn't, I wouldn't have married her--right.

Well, maybe---sometimes we see these things but because of out trust, belief and love, we ignore them.

The night before my wedding, my best mate told me that his wife was uncomfortable about all of the questions my future bride was asking about my previous relationships----especially one-----one that had ended some three years before.
I laughed about it at the time----I would have told her anything that she wanted to know.
The day after the wedding, driving to an interstate honeymoon, the subject came up---she brought it up----it was like an inquisition---and then accusations because I hadn't volunteered a blow by blow account of every day of my life.
For 9 years of marriage, that green monster ate the love, ate the trust but until it ate my soul, I thought we could survive.

Be careful of the green monster---it will eat you all up

Hmm, this started off so well, but I'm not sure that it was worth writing----but I had to post because some pushy woman told me---god, and she hasn't even showed me her bits


mapstew said...

It's the 'Green-Eyed Monster' here, and yes, I agree, it can eat you up! And sometimes, when we are in love, we can't see the woods for the trees, so to speak!

As for men's insecurities/jealousies, well I'm quite happy with my 'jock-filling' as is missus map! I have never cared what a car looks like, as long as it gets me there and back! And as for the hair, well you've seen photies!

And yes, this was worth posting!
(No bits eh?)

Take care mate, have a drink on me tomorrow, and best wishes with the new lady! :¬)

savannah said...

it's truly a wonder we've survived as a species, sugar! xoxoxo

Macy said...

Jealous of a fling when she'd already got a ring???
The words "well" and "shot" come to mind.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Jealousy only comes about because of insecurities within one's self...

She obviously felt unable to keep you with just love, and so had to resort to bullying you into staying...

That always backfires, doesn't it?

You're much better off without someone like that... it kills your heart and soul.

A new lady? Oh my! Best!!! xoxo

fingers said...

Beware the Pink-Bitted Monster which doth mock the meat that feed it...

Clyde said...


Yep, he is called both green and green eyed here.
Never thought that you would have the insecurities being a man with a beautiful wife and family---ha, who needs hair---saves on the product

Not that I need an excuse but I've had a couple on that Scottish saint of yours

Clyde said...


We have survived but have we evolved ?
I am pleased for my friends who think that they have more than I and quite happy to help those who don't to get more.
Me---I'm happy

Clyde said...


Such a beautiful woman with such a lack of confidence----
I could understand some of it---she had been married before to a guy who had more than his fair share of dalliances

Clyde said...


For sure, it is insecurity---
I never gave her reason to be insecure----I had three jobs and no time for any outside distractions.

Ha, new woman----no no---new pushy commenter

Clyde said...


Is this Pink monster something that intimidates you ?
Maybe it could be placated by a more appropriate size offering

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde: Maybe she was green because she was really the she-hulk or maybe she thought everyday was Saint Patrick's Day.

I think I've heard it as the 'green eyed monster'...not to be confused with the 'one eyed monster.' and really it's easy to tell the difference.

I'm off the subject huh...ahem.

I say you should had told the bitch what she wanted to know then tell her to get over it and if she can't...then what?

Then it's she put it all to rest...go or stay were her options...but you don't need to put up with her crap about ex-g/fs. I don't suffer fools well, huh?

later sweets. xxx

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

Nothing can ruin a relationship faster than jealously. No one thinks clearly when jealous.

Having a relationship with a jealous person is tough.

No thanks!

Sister Christian said...

Ugh, the green eyed monster. I am all to familiar. When you're a female with a close-knit group of other females, the green eyed monster becomes a mutual friend and it doesn't always work out to everyone's advantage.
Actually, it never does.

Clyde said...

Miss Jones

Hey, I told her everything that she wanted to know---but of course, that wasn't enough---I had to be hiding something.
I wanted to be honest with her but it didn't matter---she had this problem----sad
Funny, the girl that she really obsessed over, I have now reconnected with

Clyde said...


I really can't understand jealousy in a relationship----it doesn't work---there is no trust----and without trust, there is no relationship

Clyde said...

Sister Deb

I don't think it works in anyones interest
It is totally destructive

Just telling it like it is said...

clyde: The green eye monster doesn't usually live in my heart and I don't tolerate Jealousy in a relationship...I just can't ...Somethings are better just left alone...I don't want to hear about past relationships..Not to say anything bad about the ex- but she was the one getting to Marry you...WTF? Not the 3 year relationship in the past...

Clyde said...


You said "Usually"----I hope it's not an overpowering usually.
I really don't care what people have done in their lives before my relationships with them----as long as they have not harmed animals or children

Just telling it like it is said...

Clyde: usually means that if I love someone...I have enough respect to be thankful for past relationships because it helped make them the person they are now. I once dated a firefighter for 7 months he practically lived with me and when he wasn't with me I was a the fire station with him..Went to mexico with him 2 times with his fire captain and wife. Everyone at the station knew that he was married except for me..seems that he left his wife a month before he met me while I was in nursing school...I got that call from his wife one faithful day and I loved him so much that I could only have love for her...I never treated her with anything but respect and she could not understand how I could be so loving to her...eve teared up and told her how very sorry I was and if I had known I would have never dated him and he knew that...why he never told me...Captains wife never told me for goodness sakes... I tearfully told him to do the right thing...I never had jealousy or hate for him and I miss him till this how is that for love?

Clyde said...


I want you

Just telling it like it is said...

clyde: I am looking for a sex partner

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde...i'm looking for a sex partner too...

so what do you think. Could a great gal like Just telling it...ever.

I'm dreaming huh?

that's okay...I'm a lone kitty. I'm a rolling stone but lots...lots....lots....lots younger than Mick.

latewr sweetie. xx

Clyde said...

The beautiful Just and Miss Jones
Ah, what a wonderful life it could be with either or both of you.
I have this feeling that you could realy enjoy each other and may be able to find some time, individually or together for some poor soul.
I'm not sure that my heart could handle that but I would be glad to have that as a memory of my last breath
The key is under the mat

Anonymous said...

The green monster lives because of insecurities between couples that one partner will reconnect, hookup, and start fucking an old flame. The best thing is no contact with old lovers. Also wives do not trust their men-ha ha, I wonder why?