Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I've never really thought about it before.

There were so many things that you did so innocently as a child, that if you repeated them today, you would be arrested.

But as I head for what they say is a second childhood for men, can my new found innocence protect me from prosecution.


Barlinnie said...

Classic! A great way to start my day with a good laugh.

Clyde said...

I saw the video and it set me to thinking.
Those innocent things we did--and then no so innocent---and then.
I suppose as a little old man on a walking frame, I'll get a little latitude

mapstew said...

Clyde, you dirty ol'man!

Made me laugh pal. Thank you.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde>>>ha! that last little guy aat the end of the video...I just did that...sans the clothes and didn't get int a bit of trouble.

And you won't long as you do it right. I trust that you do clyde. :0)

have a fab day baby. xxx

Clyde said...

We dont have dirty old men in Australia
They are sexy senior citizens
Hey, you have to make life a laugh

Clyde said...

Ah Miss Jones
If only I could get lost in a young lady's skirt.
Oh, oh, I dont need a road map anymore---I know where everything is and how it works, so I will do it right
Have a great day sweets

Ms Scarlet said...

Men learn early, don't they?

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet
It is all so innocent
We all go through stages
Women confuse us
At 5yo, the little girl next door wants to show her girlie bits---then we dont want to see them, then they grow breasts, so we want to see them again---then they want to share everything, then they dont, then they do again---then they want to know whay you dont want to see it any more