Tuesday, 9 June 2009


"OK Clyde, it's time"

Time for what ?

"Well time for another post at least---you have been very slack lately"

OK, I guess I have but this computer is infected----wont hold settings---I've lost all of my contacts, can't access two of my mail accounts---It's time for a new one.

"So why haven't you bought a new one or at least had this one deloused ?"

Well I figure it's not worth having this one deloused if I'm gonna buy a new one and I'm about to get a fairly big pay out from work, so I'm waiting til then.

"Ooh, a pay out---so what is the deal with that ?"

OK, I guess it's time to elaborate on a few personal details

"What details---like what you have told us so far ?"

Yep, that's the ones

"Alrighty then, lets have the goss on Clyde"

Well, I have always admitted to being on the wrong side of 35----well, I am well and truly on the wrong side----I had one of those big birthdays back in April

"So you are 40 then ?"


"Not 50 ?"


"Jebus H Christ Clyde, you are not bloody 60 ?"

Yep, scary isn't it ?

"Well OK, but what is this pay out thingy ?"

Alright--well back in the dark ages, when I was 17, I started paying into a Superannuation pension scheme and elected to have it mature at 60----so what that gives me is 75% of my wage indexed for the rest of my life as soon as I retire from work after I turn 60-----
Well, I am now 60 so I am going to retire on the 10th of July
Not retire from life but from my Government employer of the past 43years

"Ah, Government, so you are going to get a big golden handshake then ?"

Hah, the Government will not give me one cent that I have not earned----they don't even pay up for a farewell gift----
No,in Australia, on average, workers get 4 weeks paid leave per year---but on top of that the earn long service leave---so, after 10 years of service with an employer, you get an extra 90 days of leave---then 9 days per year til you have completed 15 years of service and then 15 days per year.
So if you retire and have not taken any part of that long service leave, they will pay you out------and I have 505 days and I get a lump sum pay out for that.
That's my pay out

"So we have to wait til after 10th July for you to buy a new computer ?"

Well, I could buy it now but I want to keep my ready cash on hand because my investments halved in the Stock Market crash.
Any way, now that I have been outed as a 60 year old nearly retired Government worker, I doubt that anyone will be flocking to read the word according to Clyde.

"I'll still be reading Clyde"

Ok, I'll keep trying to write then----but maybe not before July

"See you then"


mapstew said...

Hey Clyde, good to have you back.
And you don't look 60!

Fanny said...

I'll still be reading Clyde, that's for sure Sweetie.

Barlinnie said...

I thought for a moment that you was gonnae try and get out of buying the next round.

60 or 70, it makes no odds to me.

Clyde said...

I'm thinking that I should get that laptop deloused just so I can keep up with the world---til I buy the new car and computer
Funny about being 60---doesn't feel any older than 30 or 40 or 50.
Must be that walking on the beach and young women

Spiky Zora Jones said...

baby...60 huh...that's hot.

I've taken to older men. know you are in my heart. I will always read you.

And I'll wait right here till July...or when you get your new computer. baby...cause I love you. :0)

Hey...what happen to bunny? She was here then she was gone...oh boo!

ciao sweetie.

Clyde said...

Dear Fanny
Well if you aren't reading here, you know I'm going to be lurking around wherever you appear
I still have those photos

Clyde said...

Och Jimmy
I would nae welch on buying my round.
Tis a wee cool here at the moment so it may be a wee dram or twa
Ok, I'll keep on keeping on til I'm 70---if I remember

Clyde said...

Miss Jones
You have taken to older men---my god, why didn't I reveal this before.
Tell you a secret sweet---I've taken to younger women

I think Bunny is well and truly in love and has better things to do than talk to us
I miss her

bunny said...

Maybe Bunny isn't all that gone....maybe she just had a make over ;)

I would never have placed you at 60 Clyde :) You have a timeless mind


Clyde said...


You have a familiar accent
It's good to see you


60 is the new 40, Clyde.
Happy retirement.

Clyde said...

Funny, but that is the way I feel.
Sometimes you get forced into growing up but no one is pushing you to get old.
So dont

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