Thursday, 25 June 2009


All anyone wants in the world is to be loved.

Ok, I've told you that I am now 60 and I have been waiting for this long time friend and that is still a work in progress---oh, and it is progressing

But out of the blue I get this email

"Hello, I like your profile on this Indian introduction service and I like you"
Geez, hang on---Indian what service---I've really gotta to stop drinking and surfing around on the internasty---no wonder I've got this bloody infection.
But then again it was a Saturday night and a little cool so a bourbon or two wasn't going to harm anyone----and if someone sends you an email, ya have to reply.

Ok,well I replied and of course back comes a whole lot of detail, like---
"I'm 24 from The Congo living in a refugee camp in Dakar Senegal and getting access via some christian minister's computer"

Alright---I started it so I replied with a quick---hey girl, take note I'm 60 years old and don't think a 24 year old should be looking my way

She replied again and now it started----
"Age is no problem---my parents were murdered in a coup in the Congo---I'm stuck in this camp---I'm only allowed out on Mondays and Fridays."

After another quick reply I get.
"I need your help--my dead father left me with a statement from a leading European bank and I have his death certificate---I need your help to get access to the $6.5 million in the bank and then we can live happily ever after----here is my photo"

And all I have to do is send her my bank account details and access codes and she will be here with her $6.5 million and she will be eternally grateful.

How lucky can I be


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hey I can send her my old B of A info. I have like ZERO dollars in it.

Clyde the thing is some idiot will fall for it. They go with the odds...send out a million requests and you are bound to get at least one idiot.

Have a fab weekend Clyde. xxx

You leave those 24 years olds alone...I'll be there in a few months. Woo!

ciao baby...xxxx

Clyde said...

Miss Jones
Ya do have to love them
I couldn't help but reply to the emails from her/him/it.
But she/he/it seems to have run off when I said I could arrange and account in her own name with no funds if she could sent me a tits out photo for my pervert bank manager.----Ha

Oooh, I had better save my energy

Barlinnie said...

I do love having fun with these scrounging bastarts. I'm sure that if you put your mind to it you will come up with so many ways of having fun at their expense.

Enjoy my friend... enjoy.

savannah said...

isn't love grand, sugar? ;~D

Clyde said...

It has been a bit of fun
I hate to think some poor old soul would believe them.
Ah well, retirement in two weeks and a new computer coming up
No infections

Clyde said...

Ah yes, there is nothing like loving and being loved.
That's how these cretins prey on the vulnerable
And I'm guessing that you're not vulnerable
Good to see you

Ms Scarlet said...

Send all your bank details to me instead... you know it makes sense.

Clyde said...

Honey, it makes no sense at all.
I dont want to put you to all of that trouble
I'll just withraw it all and send you a cheque
Just send your address and telephone number----oh, and bust size